On the way to getting old, you must get better.

On the way to getting old, you must get better.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

years do not forgive people, sideburns stars do not know, trance, half life has passed, can not help but sigh, young is really good.

people's life is fleeting, and it has come to an end unwittingly, and years of spring and autumn have passed in a flash.

I've experienced too much. I've seen too much, and I've seen through it. On the way to getting old, don't care too much about what others think. Be kind to yourself.

keep your heart, watch your mouth, don't say what is right or wrong, cultivate your mind, exercise more, cherish your healthy body, live in the present, and cherish the people in front of you.

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on the way to getting old, you must be kind to yourself and strive to be better!


on the way to getting old, less anger

is actually an unwise behavior, which will do no harm to others or to yourself.

how many good feelings, because they can't control their temper, finally go their separate ways? How much does it matter, because it cares too much, and finally drifts away?

on the way to getting old, please be kind to yourself, be less angry, and punish yourself with other people's mistakes.

those who are kind to you, learn to give back and cherish them, and those who don't trust you are not worthy of your anger.

as the saying goes: take a step back and be patient.

less angry, learn to be calm, if you are angry with shameless villains, you will end up angry with yourself, and the loss outweighs the gain. If you are angry with people close to you, it will only make them feel cold and affect their feelings, so why bother?

in life, less angry, less angry, relax, don't care about others, learn to be tolerant, learn to be considerate, and you will live comfortably.

A person's heart is as wide as the stage of life. On the way to getting old, be kind to yourself, be less angry, calm and calm, don't worry about trifles, don't embarrass others, and learn to let go of yourself.


on the way to getting old, we are grateful for the gift of God

, so that we have the privilege to live in this world, feel the beauty of the world, feel worthy of the world, learn to be grateful, and live with our hearts.

Thanksgiving, parents give us life, grateful parents for their upbringing, good company, no regrets.

Thanksgiving lovers always support each other, understand and understand each other, and will cherish and care for the rest of their lives.

Thanksgiving, when we are down, the friends who lend a helping hand not only give us encouragement and support, but also give us the courage to stand up again.

learn to be grateful, know how to give back, know how to cherish, is the source of happiness.

when walking on the road of life, we must learn to be grateful, be grateful, thank the people who accompany us, and cherish it, leaving no regrets for life.

many people, can meet is fate, once missed, once turned, it will be a lifetime, and then there will be no period of time.

cherish the person who is kind to you, because he is not so kind to everyone, but you are more important in his heart.

leave the person who makes you sad and disappointed, love yourself well, love yourself is the beginning of lifelong romance.

the writer also has a saying: in this world, if you meet one person who is really good to you, there will be one less. When people live in the world, they must know how to be grateful.

people's hearts are mutual. Only when we are sincere and sincere can we get others to treat each other sincerely, know how to be grateful, take the initiative to pay, and only later, we know how to cherish and deserve to have it.

in this world, there is no taking it for granted, let alone being good for no reason. if someone treats you, you must be grateful and cherish it. Don't consume the good of others, let alone be unfaithful!


in the way of getting old, do not insist

there is a Buddhist saying: no fate can not stay, predestination does not force.

Yes, fate is arranged by God. The gains and losses in life are beyond the control of you and me.

in the way of getting old, learn to be bearish, not to entangle, not to force, calm your mind.

there is too much helplessness in life. If you cling to it too deeply, you will eventually hurt and disappoint yourself.

sometimes you have to have it in your life. Don't force it all the time. If it doesn't belong to you, no matter how hard it is, it doesn't belong to you. If you give from the bottom of your heart, others will not appreciate it, so why force it and humiliate yourself?

if Mingli is predestined with you, even if you don't argue or ask, it will come close to you.

on the way to getting old, do not insist on things that do not belong to you, look down on the gains and losses, and calm my heart in order to find the best balance of life.

A lot of people, many things, do not explain clearly, do not understand, demand too much, will only add to the trouble, it is better to let go as soon as possible, let go as soon as possible, love yourself well, and one's days should sparkle.


on the way to getting old, loving yourself

has experienced too much over the years, and the strong winds and heavy rain have also been carried by one person. All these years of grievances have been dispelled silently, no one to rely on for you, no one to comfort you, dear yourself, it is really not easy for you, on the road to getting old, you must love yourself well.

people's life is not long. You must be kind to yourself, be your own sun, shine your own light, don't care about what others think, and just have a clear conscience.

Don't give up being yourself for whom, don't keep a low profile for whom, you have to love yourself so that others will love you.

Dear self, allow yourself not to be omnipotent, allow yourself to have things you can't do, don't be too hard on yourself, embarrass yourself, life is not perfect, the most important thing is to live comfortably.

in this life, only once in this life, you must have a wonderful life and a comfortable life, so that you can live up to yourself and live up to this life.