Not staying up late is the highest level of self-discipline.

Not staying up late is the highest level of self-discipline.

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how long has it been since you had a good night's sleep?

are you also a party who stays up late all the year round?

I do not know since when, "do not want to sleep at night, do not think of it in the morning" has become a common problem of contemporary people.

going to bed early has become the exclusive property of the elderly;

staying up late has become a sign of young people.

Life is short. The more you sleep, the later you sleep. The more you stay up late, the more chaotic your life is.

Shakespeare wrote in Macbeth:

all living things must be conditioned by sleep.

without good sleep ability, it is difficult to embrace a bright life.

not staying up late is the highest level of self-discipline.


not staying up late, is responsible for the body

A few days ago, the well-known Internet celebrity "Da Simi Jun" updated a video with the following article: "stay up late!" It almost killed me. "

on July 10th, Simi played with his friends all night, which ended at 10:00 the next morning.

after parting with her friends, she didn't have a rest and went straight to the dental clinic to see the dentist.

at this time, she had been awake for 40 hours.

one day, Simi, who was still chasing the play at one o'clock in the morning, suddenly felt a chill, and his body trembled involuntarily.

she turned off the air conditioner and wrapped herself in a thick quilt, but to no avail.

all of a sudden, Simi's body began to burn again, and her sanity gradually blurred and began to talk nonsense.

when she was admitted to the hospital, the index of bacteria and viruses in her blood was 500 times higher than the normal index. She was diagnosed with sepsis and was admitted to ICU immediately.

Simi lies on the hospital bed, covered with labels of various vital signs, and draws eight tubes of blood every day.

after three weeks of treatment, Simi was found to have a vegetative growth in the heart just after a slight improvement.

only by performing thoracotomy to remove vegetations can life danger be avoided in the later stage, and the whole process will take nearly half a year.

she asked the doctor what caused it.

the doctor said, "your immunity is too poor and your resistance is very weak. You must often stay up late."

Simi was speechless and full of remorse.

in the video, she sighs and warns fans: "Don't stay up late."

most of the time, we don't stay up at night, but our lives.

coincidentally, 22-year-old Xiao Hu stayed up until 5: 00 or 6: 00 in the morning in order to become a contestant of e-sports, and was finally diagnosed with malignant lymphoma.

Sunshine teenagers have to shave their heads and undergo chemotherapy again and again.

Xiao Yuzhong, a 31-year-old doctor from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, fainted in the laboratory after staying up late for a long time and died after being rushed to hospital.

his seven-day-old child has lost his father ever since.

China Sleep Medicine Association has shown that

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90% of sudden death, cerebral hemorrhage, myocardial infarction and other diseases in young people are related to staying up late.

behind staying up late, there is a hidden cost of shortening your life.

staying up late is the connivance of disease;

not staying up late is responsible for the body.

Haruki Murakami said in 1Q84:

it's no good staying up late at all.

it's better to get into bed as soon as it gets dark and wake up with the sun in the morning.

No one blossoms because they stay up late, go to bed early and get up early to see the sunrise the next day.


not staying up late is control of life

Junichi Watanabe said:

if you don't have the ability to sleep, people can't keep healthy and concentrate on their work.

if you get lost in the night, you will be ashamed of the day.

finally, the time is reversed and the years are in chaos.

netizen @ Ziqiao talked about the story of his friend Xiaowen.

Xiaowen likes to stay up late, staying up until the wee hours of the morning every night, and getting up the next day is always dizzy and tired. Before

, Xiaowen was the receptionist of the company, but she could barely cope because there were not many visitors.

later, the company asked the security guard to work for the receptionist and transferred Xiaowen to the sales department.

Xiaowen is difficult to adapt to in the sales department. He complains about the pressure every day and pines away a lot.

the family loves Xiaowen. In order to relieve her stress and prevent her from worrying about housework and children, she only needs to go to bed early with her children at 9 o'clock every night.

the child fell asleep, but Xiaowen didn't sleep at all. Instead, he browsed Weibo, browsed moments and watched dramas until two or three o'clock in the morning.

the next day, Xiaowen continued to drag his tired body to work.

in this way, Xiaowen was transferred to the sales department for several months, but there was no breakthrough in business and was finally fired.

staying up late without restraint is the greatest consumption of energy;

and lack of energy is the beginning of the decline of life.

Wang Zhuang, co-founder of listed company 36 Krypton, shared his feelings about going to bed early in an interview.

after a busy day, Wang Zhuang will go to bed early and specially put his mobile phone to the living room to recharge.

then read and think on the bed, and put a notebook and pen at the head of the bed to make it easy to record the key points.

for going to bed early, Wang Zhuang summed up two benefits:

first, going to bed early gives him time to think and improve himself.

second, when he gets up in the morning, his eyes are no longer dry and his mind is clearer, so he can fight energetically.

Mr. Nan Huaijin once said jokingly:

you ask me what I believe in, and I believe in sleep.

day and night change, all things need to sleep.

people's energy is limited.Stay up late to enjoy a short period of pleasure, but lose the whole life.

sleep well in the middle of the night and control the rest of your life.

the most important thing in life is to sleep well and live hard.


the best lives are good at time management

the Daily Mail once published the schedule of contemporary female writer Maya Angelou.

at 05:30 in the morning, Maya Angelou woke up with a sunrise to start a vibrant day for herself to make a cup of coffee.

from 8am to 2pm, it is her time to concentrate on her creative work, and she likes to write in the empty room of the hotel.

when writing is over, she will spend an hour reading and checking the first draft.