Not staying up late is the highest form of self-discipline

Not staying up late is the highest form of self-discipline

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first, don't stay up late to play with your cell phone.

many people have the habit of staying up late to play with their mobile phones.

or watching TV dramas, playing games, or browsing moments, I have to stay up until I can't keep my eyes open until I put down my phone when I am extremely sleepy. There are even some people who fall asleep with their cell phones every night.

maybe many people use playing with their mobile phones as a way to rest and relax after a hard day's work, but staying up late is a kind of internal friction.

it not only hurts your body, but also does not help and improve your life. On the contrary, it will make you more and more lazy and lazy.

maybe the content in the phone is fun, interesting and novel.

but spending too much time and energy every day in the virtual entertainment world will not bring you much happiness and happiness.

it can even make you anxious, make you lazy and stop working hard for a better life.

there are many ways to rest, but it must be beneficial.

Reading is rest, exercise is rest, even if a person, write a diary, listen to music, stay quietly for a while, is also a rest.

but spending all your spare time at night looking at your phone will not only hurt your eyes and body, but also slowly make you decadent.

in fact, the life you want is not in your phone, the achievement you want is not in your phone, or even the future you want is not in your phone.

going to bed early and going to bed early and working hard on the ground every day are far more useful than looking at your mobile phone.


second, don't stay up late and think too much.

do you have this experience:

maybe during the day, no matter how busy your work is, no matter how tired your life is, no matter how bad your relationship is, you should always pretend to be strong,

try to do everything in your hand well, live your daily life well, and force your face to smile even when your heart is at its hardest.

but in the dead of night, it is also a person's most vulnerable moment.

because at this time, you may be alone, or you may have nothing to do, or when there is no one around you, you can drop all your defenses.

in fact, everyone has their own sufferings, their own difficulties, their own stories and their own worries.

at night, people are most likely to be paranoid.

in fact, let bygones be bygones, and it's no use thinking too much. What should have come has not come yet, and it is useless to think too much.

if you keep worrying about it, you will only make yourself more and more sad. If you are always anxious, you will only make yourself more and more anxious.

I have read such a passage:

in fact, there is no impassable road in life, only those who can't let it go, there is no tomorrow that cannot be reached in life, and only today that cannot be passed.

at night, let go of too many thoughts and don't immerse yourself in the dead end of your mind.

it is better to have a good sleep and get enough rest, so that you can have better confidence and strive for a better tomorrow.


third, don't stay up late to win or lose.

1/3 of one's life is spent in sleep.

only a good sleep can provide a good physical condition and have a better struggle capital and confidence.

but now there are too many people, always too eager for success.

some overtime, perhaps because they have to, but more overtime is actually to make up for slackness during the day, or to frantically catch up with progress and strive for performance.

in fact, you should try your best during the day and go to bed at night.

there is no need to rush to finish something that is not urgent. In some unnecessary things, there is no need to spend too much energy.

I have read such a passage:

many times, we always ignore the importance of sleep.

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always think that it doesn't matter whether you take a rest or not, and even often overdraw your body in exchange for temporary benefits and benefits.

in fact, you can earn money without money, you can find business without business, but if you lose your body, you lose everything.

We work hard to live a better life, not to spoil it with a good health, or even at the price of sacrifice.

if you blindly stay up late, don't lose your rest time, and do something in pursuit of fame and fortune, then even if you get everything in the end, it will only come to nothing.


maybe the habit of staying up late can not be felt in one or two days or two, and there is no obvious harm.

but for a long time, staying up late may bring you the complete abolition of your life.

if you stay up late to check your phone for a long time, you will become more and more undisciplined and even completely depressed in a lazy and numb life.

if you stay up late for a long time and think too much, you will become more and more pessimistic and depressed, and bring more unnecessary troubles and pain to your life.

staying up too hard for a long time will not only hurt your body, but also make you lose the motivation to continue to work hard, and even make you lose your life.

A truly self-disciplined person will not stay up late.

they will not consume themselves by staying up late, nor will they hurt themselves by staying up late, let alone by staying up late to prove their excellence.

only good sleep and regular rest can make you go farther and farther and get better and better.

after eating every meal and sleeping well every night, you will have better strength and energy to live the life you want.

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