No one has an obligation to accommodate you.

No one has an obligation to accommodate you.

When you wake up, put on your armor and fight alone.

Wen /Tongc

I heard that every girl who can open the express delivery with her bare hands, once she falls in love, she can't even unscrew the lid of the water bottle.

because we are used to being dependent on people who are close to us, because you know that no matter how much you can't do something, she /he will do it for you, but, this relationship should be limited to family or couples, because there are enough feelings to drive each other to be willing to give.

but life is destined to deal with others, and I always remember the saying

"in this world, no one has an obligation to accommodate you except those who like you."

so when I want to ask others for help "what to do", I always want to ask myself: can I solve it myself.

stop asking for help if you can. In the end, I found that everything could be "solved in person".

before college, almost every time I spoke on the phone with my family, there was only one kind of content, that is, complaining about the school, and the person on the other end of the phone received the signal, "what can they do for their children?" I thought I would always be like a child who was cared for and spoiled indefinitely. But when I got to college, I found that at first I only reported the good news but not the bad news. I never complained again, and I wouldn't give them a signal that "I need you to help me solve it."

because I know that the freedom of people who leave home is in our hands, but people at home are kidnapped by a habit of "worry". They will worry about what to do if we get sick, whether they will not wear thick clothes for the sake of good appearance when it is cold, and worry about making bad friends. What I want to do is to manage my life well, and when I talk to others about the current situation, I will say, "Don't worry, I'm fine."

you can still be self-willed in your dreams, such as when you were a child, you should put on your armor and be a rational warrior.

I find that there is no way for people to stand still. Everyone wants learned help without hard work, but the later stage of growth, when you tend to mature, you encounter more and more things that need to be solved. The more you solve, the more your personal ability can be improved. At this time, both the independence of personality and the goodness of handling things will be improved. This is where the reason for growth lies. If your problems are not solved, there will be no new breakthroughs in the process. You comfort yourself with the excuse of procrastination every day, and then feel distressed and ashamed every night. Why bother so much? why is life so unfair? there are only so many things that you can't solve.

I think the original "procrastination" is not really attached to the things we planned, just because the term does exist in a small number of people, and we move it here. I try to find a plausible excuse to reduce my sense of guilt, and in the end, things are "to be continued." Put off things you don't want to solve, and then blame yourself and ask others, "what should I do?"

most of the time, I am very scared, because I can clearly feel and witness my own change in the breakthroughs or achievements of various things, and this change often means that I gradually have a stronger ability to take care of the people I need to take care of and solve the things I need to solve. Because of this, I am losing the ability to rely on others and the tenderness called sense of security. I was used to sitting alone by the window in the middle of the bus tonight. Looking out of the window, I was still thinking of a question written by the eel whale, "I want to be as fragile as porcelain."

but is there anything I can do?

because I am alone, I am more and more alone.

I think a lot of you, too, always give anyone a feeling of "don't worry". Everyone can see your ability, your ability, your achievements, and you, like me, have never been seen. When you take off your armor and put down your spear when the night comes, you curl up like a baby when the lights go out, and you tell no one in the dark night, but you also need to rely on. No one can hear you.

I was covered in rain on the way back from tutoring, and my hands were so cold that I opened the door shaking the keys. I really wanted to complain to someone. I accidentally sprained my ankle and fell to the floor when I was walking down the stairs with a pile of books in the teaching building. I want to pretend to be calm when nothing happens when it hurts so much that I grin Watching a family of three or young couples talking and laughing at the sugar shop, I also think there is someone opposite me so that I can drink two kinds of sugar water without having to change the taste of mango and watermelon every time I am embarrassed.

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getting used to saying "I'm fine" is not the most sad, but the listeners are used to thinking that you're really okay.