No matter how good the education is, it is not worth a mother who has seen the world.

No matter how good the education is, it is not worth a mother who has seen the world.

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I have a female friend. When I see her in the crowd, she exudes a different temperament, gentle but powerful, humble but connotative.

she has never been angry about anything, never complained or showed off in moments, never met a scumbag, and spoke softly and forcefully.

I asked that friend, why is it always like this?

she looked at me faintly and replied, "that's what my mother is like."

such a group, represented by my friends, are calm and calm, knowing the world without weariness, mocking themselves without mocking others, knowing injustice but not complaining about injustice, while striving to seek a better life for themselves, they also know how to be themselves without forgetting their original ideals and aspirations.

looking into the reason, the answer we wait for often seems to be related to parents, especially mothers.

there is a saying: "A successful person must have a mother who knows superman."

Zheng Yuanjie also said: "when a child grows up, success is the mother, but failure is the mother."

it can be seen that the literacy of the mother will affect the fate of the child's life.

so, what kind of mother is the ideal mother who will bring love to her children and help them succeed?


how important is the mother's insight to her child?

many of us are unwilling to face this problem squarely, thinking that if we work hard, we will gain something, and if we study hard, we will certainly be able to do so.

but what kind of parents can let their children outperform their peers?

is the insight, vision, and world that their parents imperceptibly influence them.

A friend has worked very hard since she had a baby. He is simply a model of "never too old to learn".

asked her why she worked so hard, and she said it was for the children.

not to accumulate wealth for children, but to increase their own knowledge and avoid delaying the child because of her ignorance, because she is a living example.

remembering that Yang Jiang, who grew up in a bookish family, said:

"my mother often likes to read novels after sewing, and she often giggles when she reads old novels such as White Qiu." her sisters were infected by her and regarded reading as a kind of fun from an early age. "

Jim Trellis wrote in the Reading Handbook:

A mother with rich knowledge, shining, is the luck of her child's life!


A mother with vulgar taste cannot teach temperamental children

netizen @ Wang Yueyi once told a story:

I think the best woman I have ever seen is my mother, with a particularly good figure and skin, and shows a girlish look from time to time.

my father loves my mother very much, so my mother spends a lot of time and energy on self-cultivation. She is a really beautiful and decent hostess, not a babysitter or a mother of two children.

when I was a child after school, when my mother came to pick me up, all the students' eyes lit up, and then I proudly said to the other children, you see, this is my mother.

Children actually have a feeling for beautiful things when they are young. A good-looking mother means to them a sense of touch that goes deep into the bone marrow from an early age.

this sense of touch will naturally reveal itself when you grow up, and it will become an advantage that others envy.

some children are vaguely rustic because their parents lack a sense of beauty.

in childhood, adults' attitude towards "beauty" will affect the child's life.

A mother who pays attention to taste is not only beautiful but also conveys an attitude towards life: to be with good things and live well every day.

We can't stay with our children for long, and we may not always be able to keep up with the times, but at least we can change our minds first.


the mother's vision determines the height of her child's future life

two mothers encounter the same thing and have a completely different impact on their son.

A mother, in order to enable her child to see the hardship of the poor, thus motivates her child to work harder to make money.

she took the child to a very prosperous square, pointed to one of the beggars and said to her son, "you see, this beggar is so dirty, underfed, unsettled and wandering everywhere."

before leaving, he warned his son viciously: "if you don't work hard in the future, you will be despised like this beggar."

after listening to his mother, the son secretly made up his mind to work hard and earn a lot of money.

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as a result, the son earned a house, car and savings before the age of 30, but he was so tired that he had to rest at home at the age of 30.

but also a mother, she also brought her son to the square and also saw a beggar.

and she looked at the old man gently, bought him a hot hamburger, squatted down, took the child, and began to talk to the old man.

in the process, she learned that the old man had lost his home and children because of the flood disaster. She was very sad, and her son cried sympathetically.

she turned and told her son, "you see, there are so many poor people in life who need everyone's help. If you study hard, you can help more people like this grandfather when you grow up, right?"

my son nodded very seriously and set a goal in his mind: to become the greatest industrialist and philanthropist in the world, to provide more job opportunities and to help the weak have something to eat and clothes to wear!

in the same scene, different mothers give different inspiration to their children and lead their children to a completely different path.

there is a saying that parents are the first schools for children to know the world and acquire knowledge.

mothers' perception of the world and their understanding of the world will form their horizons, which in turn determine the way they behave and what kind of educational behavior they give to their children.

A mother's vision is her child's world, and all the people we see who are independent, calm and elegant are because they have a parent who has seen the world.


when I went back to my hometown last week, a common phenomenon is:

men go out to work or do business, women take care of the children at home, women cook, the children are full, they go to school, and the rest of the time is playing mahjong.

the children come back from school, get them something to eat, and then go to play mahjong, ignoring the children and keeping them free.

and these children, without their mother's interruptions and nagging, are also happy to brush their cell phones for hours.

but children who grow up in such an environment usually drop out of school early and go out to work to earn money like their fathers, thinking that this is the whole of life.

the last thing we should do is to live the life of adults as what children think.

it is not enough for a mother to bring her child into the world, and it is not enough to raise her child with her own milk.

as Fromm said:

mothers can not only give milk, but also give their children honey in life-that is, to realize their children's dreams in life.