No matter how difficult life is, get through it and you will win!

No matter how difficult life is, get through it and you will win!

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

many people have seen the inspirational story of bamboo:

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Bamboo took four years and only grew 3cm.

but from the fifth year, every day at the rate of 30cm, crazy growth.

it took only six weeks to grow to 15 meters tall.

in fact, in the first four years, bamboo has taken root in the soil of hundreds of square meters.

the same is true of being a man and doing things. Don't be afraid that the future is hopeless and the consequences are hard to find. Your silence at the moment is to take deeper roots.

Life is like a marathon, he who runs the fastest does not necessarily make it to the end.

most of the time, you still need to go through it slowly in order to taste the sweetness of life.


emotional wounds can only be overcome before they can return to the same place.

Zhang ailing once said:

I don't know whether the time is not long enough or the new love is not good enough. It is impossible to forget someone who has really loved.

those comforting truths abound in my ears, but the pain is not on me, and I never know how uncomfortable it is.

therefore, there are often no shortcuts to talk about except death.

an anonymous netizen on Zhihu once told his story:

"We have gone through the so-called 'seven-year itch', but we still choose to part in the eighth year.

those days were very difficult. I cried when I walked and ate. I made myself neither human nor ghost. Any comforting words seemed meaningless to me, and my mother would secretly wipe away her tears.

I blame myself, but I can't wake myself up.

in this way, I spent almost half a year working during the day and sleepless at night, and suddenly one day all these feelings disappeared. I knew I got over it.

I began to take a serious look at this relationship. In fact, he was selfish and cowardly, and his family was heavily in debt. Even if we did make it to the end, there might be an endless abyss waiting for me.

I'm glad I've only been decadent for a few months, so as not to lose my life. "

many people feel painful when they break up because you suspect that you will never get out of the haze.

but no one can help you, so you have to live on your own. It's only a matter of time.

the luckiest thing in life is to have a bosom lover who can share joys and sorrows, joys and sorrows, joys and sorrows.

but you have to allow someone to miss you in order to catch up with the best encounter.

there is no special reason to fall in love and let go.

just like you are a Phoenix, you fall in love with a locust tree when you pass through the forest, but the plane tree is your destination, and you have to leave if you don't want to give up.

there are always some people who need to forget that there is always a way to walk alone. Just get through it.

believe that there is always a person in the world who will love you like life. He may still be on his way, so you don't have to worry.

everything will be perfect in the end.


the accumulation of work

there are many unbearable times in life, but it is precisely the beginning of success.

you always have to cross the hill to find someone waiting.

Huang Bo has been in show business for nearly 20 years, and has made enviable achievements from an unknown supporting role to an actor with billions at the box office.

but no one knows that he has experienced troughs and confusion just like ordinary people.

just entered the show business, he has no background and no resources, he can only play some supporting roles.

when filming Crazy Stone, he needed to perform "because he was so hungry that he robbed a roadside shop for bread." he really starved himself for a few days and choked several times while running.

when filming "Bull fighting", he needs to stick five kinds of glue on his face every day; sprinkle watermelon juice on his head and let the cow lick his head; run for hours and even break 37 pairs of shoes.

those seemingly unbearable moments, he clenched his teeth and let everyone see his acting skills, which became popular later.

whether it is bitter before sweet or sweet before bitter is probably the difference between success and failure.

everyone will encounter grievances and unwillingness in one way or another at work.

when the job is not so satisfactory, don't just think about getting a new job.

A new job doesn't mean there is no trouble or intrigue.

if a person does not have a skill, it is very difficult for him to gain a foothold in society, which cannot be changed by changing more jobs.

when you learn to work hard, be patient, and focus all your thoughts on improving yourself, you will find that compared with the grievances and unhappiness you receive at work, the skills that accompany your life are the most precious asset in life.

as Zeng Guofan said:

this world is full of people who work hard and endure all kinds of hardships and tiredness in order to make a living.

Please don't give up no matter how difficult it is. Get through it. No matter how dark the night is, you are not afraid to walk alone, and no matter how fast the river is, you can easily cross it.


the difficulties of life

nevertheless, we still have to move forward in the process of climbing and rolling, because life is a process of carrying weight.

just get over it.

it has been three years since the nanny arson in Hangzhou.

Lin Shengbin finally changed his original Weibo nickname "wife and children in heaven" to his own name.

three years ago, a fire took Lin Shengbin's wife and three children. His friends still remember that Lin Shengbin yelled like a madman on the night of the accident.

A man in his late forties leaned against the corner, crying bitterly and wailing.

in the past three years, Lin Shengbin lived in pain every day:

he couldn't eat or sleep. It was normal to stay up until four or five o'clock. Sometimes he didn't sleep for a few minutes. He suddenly woke up and then lay down and cried.

he tried to end his life and fell off a cliff in a trance.

countless times he stood in the burned house and cried bitterly.

three years, for ordinary people, may be in the blink of an eye.

but for some people, it is as long as half a life, and every day is an ordeal.

after the fire, while Lin Shengbin sought justice for his wife and children, he was also forced to embark on a road of self-redemption.

he had his wife and children tattooed on his body.

he began to try to quit smoking and run in the morning.

he called on society to pay attention to fire prevention and disaster reduction in high-rise residential buildings.

he participated in various public welfare undertakings. He also set up the "Tong Zhi Lifetime" public welfare foundation, donating 10% of the clothes sold for public welfare.

for three years, Lin Shengbin slowly walked out of his inner haze, and he chose to reconcile with the past a little bit in his own way.

everyone will experience unpleasant things more or less in their life, and the key lies in suffering.

suffering is not a compromise and helplessness to fate, but energy accumulation and the sublimation of life.

No matter how painful you are, others can't empathize with you; no matter how difficult you are, it doesn't matter to others.

Life is always on your own. After all, you have to live on your own. No one can go through this for you.

Life is really hard, but please believe enough that there is no eternal winter, and once the ice begins to recede, everything will break out of the earth.

the more sad the moment, the more you have to survive by yourself; the more difficult the time, the more you have to survive by yourself.

just as Xi Murong said:

Please believe that if you get through it, you will win

the poet Rilke once said:

in this world, there is no absolute satisfaction or easy success, and behind those smiles and scenery, there are so many bitterness and pain that no one knows.

the hurt of feelings, the tiredness of work, the difficulty of life. Everything is a required course in life.

people who do not "endure" emotional injuries, how can they understand the advice of "giving up the wrong to meet the right person";

those who do not "endure" setbacks, how can they perceive the motto that "heaven will fall to others";

people who do not "endure" hardships, how can they realize the truth of "standing up and talking without backache"?

suffering is the opportunity that God gives you to talk to your soul, and it is the wall that builds your strong heart.

Life always suffers for a while, but not for a lifetime.

if you can stand it, the willow is dark and the flowers are bright; if you can't stand it, depression becomes a disease.

the rest of my life is still long, so let's go through it slowly with the gentle fire of the years.

would like to have someone to stay up with you in this long night.