No matter how busy you are every day: reflection, reading and exercise

No matter how busy you are every day: reflection, reading and exercise

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.


first, reflect on it every day.

there is an old saying: "I examine myself three times a day."

everyone has more or less shortcomings, and there are also places where they are not done well enough.If we do not pay attention to them and correct them, it will easily add up and lead to major disasters.

sometimes you say the wrong thing, but you don't care. Sometimes, you do something wrong, it is difficult to detect, only by keeping the habit of daily reflection, can you better correct yourself.

you can keep a diary, write down your mistakes, hang famous aphorisms in your study or office, and even remind yourself and warn yourself silently.

every word you say, even if it seems insignificant, should be taken seriously, and everything you do, even if it seems insignificant, should not be taken lightly.

because your words and deeds, every move, will imperceptibly shape your character, influence your habits, and even determine your destiny.

A person who doesn't know how to reflect is just repeating his bad self day after day, month after month, year after year.

but a person who loves self-reflection, today's self is always a little more progressive than yesterday's self, and tomorrow's self is always a little better than today's self.

learn to face up to your shortcomings and look for reasons for everything from yourself.

when your thinking gets better, your behavior will get better, and then you will meet a self who is constantly getting better.


second, read books every day.

nowadays, more and more people find it difficult to calm down and read a book, or even give up the habit of reading completely.

maybe reading doesn't bring you any utilitarian benefits.

but a person who does not read will lose a wider world, greater freedom, and a better self.

after reading such a paragraph, I was deeply impressed.

"if you wake up in the middle of the night to find that you haven't read for a long time and don't feel guilty, you must know that you have fallen.

it's not that the book itself is great, but the act of reading means that you don't fully agree with this world and reality.

you still pursue, you struggle, you are dissatisfied, you are still looking for another possibility, another way of life. "

it is hard to imagine what a person who does not read books can use to enrich his spiritual life and what to enrich his experience and life.

it is hard to imagine what a person who does not read can use to broaden his horizons, broaden his horizons, and understand the world and others.

it is hard to imagine what kind of capital and courage a person who does not study has to pursue ideals and truth, and how to talk and communicate with the ancients and sages.

if one does not read for a day, one will not be hungry, but the language will become boring, the thought will become mediocre, and life will become boring.

set aside a little time to read every day, and over time, you will find a new and more different yourself.


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third, exercise every day.

there is a saying: "Life lies in movement."

many people refuse to exercise and keep fit for all kinds of reasons and excuses.

in fact, exercise and non-exercise lead the same life.

maybe people who run for half an hour every day seem no different from you, but they have better immunity and stronger body than you.

maybe people who walk for half an hour every day seem no different from you, but they may be more stressful and more open and happy than you.

maybe people who exercise for half an hour every day may seem no different from you, but they are more persevering, more persistent, and easier to get things done.

sometimes, it's not that you don't have time to exercise, but you're too lazy and lazy.

sometimes, it's not that you don't have the energy to exercise, but you don't want to bear hardships and sweat.

if you really want to exercise, you must be able to make time.

every day, setting aside a little time to watch your phone, chat and watch TV shows, even if it's just half an hour of exercise, will benefit you a lot.

Don't want to exercise when you don't feel well, or when something goes wrong, it may be too late, or even you will pay a higher price for it.

Don't consume your body blindly, and don't work hard with your body. Only when you are in good health, can you have more possibilities and opportunities, and live the life you like and want.


everyone's day is only 24 hours.

but the difference between people lies in how you make good use of this time, what you do, and what you grow and gain.

some people repeat the day for a lifetime, always standing still, or even constantly retrogressing, without reflection or progress at all.

while some people live every day as a new day, and every day can see themselves moving forward and getting better.

some people, always say the same monotonous words, have the same narrow thinking, their thoughts remain the same, and even covered with dust and dirt.

some people, however, will have extraordinary speech and elegant temperament as they get older, as well as independent thinking and judgment.

some people sit still for a long time every day and do not exercise at all, so their bodies gradually become no longer flexible and will have all kinds of problems.

some people spend a fixed amount of time exercising every day, so their bodies become better and better and stay away from disease.

take the time every day to reflect, read books and do exercise, and you will meet better and better yourself in constant persistence.