No blame is the best feng shui for a family.

No blame is the best feng shui for a family.

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have you ever found that people are always like this:

leave politeness to outsiders, bring temper to your family, give kindness to others, and give all the blame to your lover.

everything seems to be taken for granted.

but looking back, this is not the greatest stupidity of a person.

what we have been striving for all our lives is not to hope that the whole family will be happy and healthy and live in harmony.

but in blaming again and again, they have destroyed each other's hard-built homes.


between husband and wife, comfort is the antistaling agent for marriage

A few days ago, I saw a piece of news.

A couple in Henan Province quarreled over family chores on the highway, but their angry husband went in the wrong direction.

as a result, the wife criticized her husband several times, and the two men quarreled all the way, and no one noticed that the car ran out of fuel and was forced to stop on the way.

as a result, the two men sat in the car and continued to quarrel, and finally they were dodged by a big truck behind and hit them directly.

now looking back, the source of the quarrel may have been a trivial matter, but it made the whole incident uncontrollable.

if there had been a person who could not say a word at that time, or if the wife had chosen to communicate well when her husband went the wrong way, she would have arrived home safely.

now not only the vehicle is damaged, but two people also have to be punished.

in fact, when something happens, blame is the most ineffective way, not only can not solve the problem, but will intensify the contradiction.

moreover, every time we are not considerate and every sentence is not forgiven, there will be cracks in our feelings, and there will be more cracks, and we do not know when they will collapse.

in Xiao Shude, Nanli shifts the pressure to her children after suffering a series of blows such as demotion.

Xia Junshan felt sorry for her child, and the two had a fierce quarrel:

"you are not satisfied with your life, you have to compete with your parents and your children, but you refuse to find a reason from yourself."

Nanli is not to be outdone:

"Don't you have a fight with your parents? Your relationship with your mother is no better than that of strangers. "

the couple, who were originally in love, got red eyes and broke up in discord.

until later, Nan Li mistakenly thought she had COVID-19 and didn't regret her previous behavior until she left her husband for life and death.

the last two people reflect on their own and have a frank dialogue and reconciliation.

Old people often say that there is no such thing as husband and wife without quarreling.

but no matter how good the relationship is, he can't stand the accusation every time he quarrels.

whether a marriage can last or not is not caused by problems.

but, now that things have happened, it is the most sensible choice to encourage each other and work together to find solutions.

A person's tolerance and understanding, a person's enough is enough, marriage can last for a long time.

Let him go through the ups and downs, and he will always share the same life and embrace more happiness.


Family members are more considerate of others to get closer

I have seen a lot of people who feel guilty for not showing their best to outsiders.

however, few people will regret taking their temper on their family members.

We are getting older, but our parents are getting impatient.

the reader Shaddock once told his own story.

Shaddock has been engaged in the new media industry in big cities since graduation, looking gorgeous, staying up late and working overtime, and there are often emergencies.

her parents do not understand her career choice and feel that she should find a stable, institutional job.

when she came home for the Spring Festival, the mother wanted to know more about her daughter's daily life. It happened that Shaddock was working overtime.

Shaddock, who was unhappy at work, lost her temper:

"Oh, you don't know, don't ask." Rarely during the holiday, I want to have a good rest, and I still want to be quarreled by you. I knew I wouldn't come back. "

since then, her parents have never disturbed her when she is busy.

prepare the meal more carefully and wash the fruit so that she can eat it as soon as she walks out of the room.

later, when a relative's family highlighted the urgent need for help, her parents knocked on the door of her room carefully and hastened to explain the causes and consequences.

Shaddock looked at her parents' nervousness and fell into deep remorse and remorse.

I don't know since when, our attitudes towards outsiders and parents began to be different.

We can be nice to our customers, laugh to our friends, and criticize and complain in front of our parents as soon as we get home.

because of the parents' inadvertent mistakes, they yelled harshly, and their efforts seemed to be completely ignored.

how many times, parents leave seemingly understanding, but secretly sad in the house.

We always say that home is a warm haven.

but it is because home is a place of love that every sentence should be said more carefully.

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when something happens, if you criticize them less, you will be more happy; if you complain less, you will be happy more.

Life comes and goes, and the days to come are not long. The greatest filial piety to parents is to be kind.

strive to let them live a happy old age, not for anything else, but to thank their parents for their selfless contribution to us.


between parents and children, more encouragement is the best way to nourish their children.

there is no parent who does not love his child, but in many families, there is a sad thing.In fact, they are not very good at expressing love.

clearly love each other, but in the scope of not talking well, destroy the hope of the child's life.

some time ago, the incident of a girl jumping into the river in Jiangxi attracted the attention of the whole network.

on a ferry in Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province, a 22-year-old girl had an argument with her father.

then a shocking scene happened, the girl opened the car door, climbed into the fence, and jumped directly into the river without hesitation.

after the father chased him out, he jumped into the river desperate to rescue his daughter.

fortunately, onlookers shouted for help one after another, and father and daughter were rescued in time and their lives were not in danger.

afterwards, some people accused the girl of being psychologically fragile and playing games with her life, but as netizens commented:

"jumping is by no means an instant emotion." This should be an emotion that has been endured for a long time. "

the most wrong way for parents to communicate is to regard blame as love.

Children who are often beaten by their parents will have a bias in my perception, become less and less confident, and are more likely to collapse in the event of setbacks.

as many people may not have imagined, Academician Zhong Nanshan was not a top student when he was young.

in an exam, he accidentally got good grades, and his mother said to him happily:

"Nanshan, you can still do it!"

but just such a simple sentence changed Zhong Nanshan's life, and he began to have confidence and study hard.

even today, Academician Zhong Nanshan has made great achievements, but when it comes to family education, he still cannot forget his mother's encouragement.

it is said that the mouth of parents determines the fate of their children.

A really good parent-child relationship should be the acceptance of companionship rather than blaming.

parents should provide both intellectual support and emotional comfort to their children.

when a child does something wrong, what parents should do is to pull the child in time to guide the child to move forward correctly, rather than step on one foot and let the child suffer the second injury.

only by loving and reasonable can we raise children who are equally confident, optimistic and sunny.


there is a family style of not blaming

A good family atmosphere may have various factors.

but all happy families have one thing in common, that is, they do not blame when things go wrong.

never hurt our families twice for the mistakes you have made, let alone casually criticize the people who love you and those you love.

Happy families, the more they need to treat every family member well.

when something happens, it is not easy to blame, which is not only the most precious family style of a family, but also the best feng shui.

with a heart of tolerance and gratitude, encourage more understanding of the people close to you, so that the family will become more and more warm.