Never underestimate anyone.

Never underestimate anyone.

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the late basketball superstar Kobe Bryant once told a story in a certain program.

at that time, he, who was not yet famous, went to a summer training camp, and when filling out the application form, there was a column asking for ambition.

Kobe Bryant wrote down firmly: I want to be an NBA player.

after seeing this, the counselor of the training camp said to Kobe Bryant, "change to a more realistic goal."

Bryant said: "I think it's very practical."

the consultant disdained

the consultant disdained:

perhaps the mockery of him would not have imagined that Kobe Bryant would not only become an NBA player, but also the world's leading star.

there is an old saying: "Thirty years east of the river, thirty years west of the river."

as an adult, you should understand:

there are mountains outside the mountains, there are people outside the people, never easily underestimate anyone.


the lower the level, the more he likes to judge people by their appearance

actor Zhang Songwen has had such an experience.

at the age of 25, he became the oldest freshman in the acting department of Beijing Film Academy.

as soon as he entered school, the students looked down on him because of his old age and Cantonese accent:

"because of your inarticulate and inaccurate pronunciation, it is hard to read your lines, and it is even more annoying to be an actor."

"I think you'd better make yourself clear first. You can't even speak clearly. You don't have the basic qualities of an actor."

Zhang Songwen is defined as an "unqualified actor" by his classmates because of his appearance and accent.

after graduation, Zhang Songwen went to audition and was underestimated because his appearance was too ordinary:

"he looks so ordinary that he doesn't have a role for you."

"you are too short to play the leading role, only the supporting role suits you."

the entertainment circle gathered by beautiful girls and handsome boys, Zhang Songwen was rejected again and again because of his mediocre appearance.

in the two years after graduation, he ran more than 300 troupes and tried countless plays, but he couldn't get a single one.

once, during his interview, an assistant director directly laughed at him: "he is short and has a big forehead. He certainly can't be an actor with such an appearance."

during that time, many industry leaders said that he was not suitable for the industry and advised him to change his profession as soon as possible.

what happened later is already known to everyone.

he won awards such as "supporting actor of the 11th Youth Film Manual", "Best supporting Actor of the Asian Film critics Union" and "Actor of the second Sir Film Entertainment Conference" for his film "Cloud made of Rain in the Wind".

I have read a sentence on the Internet:

A person cannot be judged by appearance, and one's ability can not be judged by appearances alone.

A few days ago, a Beijing man became angry.

this man is dressed in ordinary, short-sleeved shorts and lives in a house of only 27 square meters.

who would have thought that such an ordinary-looking, ordinary-looking person, through half a lifetime of hard work and accumulation, owns a 1300-square-meter mansion?

in this world, there are always some people who like to judge the situation and ability of others by appearances.

when you see a "untidy" man with steamed bread and mineral water in his hand, you conclude that he is a loser;

when you see a plainly dressed man with gray hair and riding an old-fashioned bicycle made in 1982, you think his life is not satisfactory.

in fact, what the eye sees is not necessarily accurate.

most of those who are really capable will not pay too much attention to superficial appearance, but pay attention to the improvement of ability.

you know, the more you like to judge the abilities of others by appearances, the more you expose your own narrowness and ignorance.


the higher the level, the more respect for others

during a touring performance, the famous comedian Charlie Chaplin met an audience who had admired him for a long time.

when chatting, the two talked happily with each other and soon became good friends.

after the performance, the friend invited Chaplin to his home.

as a baseball fan, a good friend takes Chaplin to see his various baseball collections.

in the face of his cheerful friends, Chaplin smiled and listened carefully.

later, Chaplin came home and went to great pains to find the baseball star his friend liked.

ask him to sign a baseball cap and give it to the friend as a gift.

Chaplin's behavior puzzled the people around him.

because everyone knows that Chaplin has never been interested in baseball.

however, Chaplin said:

later, the friend heard Chaplin's words and treasured the baseball cap he sent him forever.

the friendship between two people lasts a whole life.

A truly mature person will never judge the level and hobby of others by his own values.

on the contrary, while they stand firm, they can also respect others.

Kant once said:

this kind of thing often happens in life:

when you run outdoors, he says that if you run more low outside, you have to go to the gym to be advanced enough;

you work hard for several months and take annual leave to plan a trip to a city. He complains that you are too idle and pretending to be unrestrained.

you know, the world is not based on someone's values, everyone has their own standards.

the higher the level of people, the less likely they are to look down on others. On the contrary, they are more humble and respect differences.


not to underestimate others at will is the most basic accomplishment of a person

I have seen a short film in Thailand.

this short film interviewed parents and children of three ordinary families.

the first family, the father was in prison and is now a motorcycle driver;

the second family, the mother was born disabled;

the third family, the daughter is about to go to college, but the mother earns low income and earns money by mending buttons.

they do not have decent jobs and high incomes, have been ridiculed by many others, and even regarded as "inferior people".

for this reason, they are deeply confused and question the value of being alive.

the father of the first family said:

the mother of the second family said:

the mother of the third family cried and said:

by secular standards, none of them are successful people, have no decent jobs, no money, no power.

they are ordinary and struggling in the quagmire of life, just like most of us.

so, are they really that bad?

the children of these three families gave the answer.

the daughter of the first family said, "Dad is a great man. I really want to tell him that I love him until the end of my life."

the son of the second family said, "what if the mother has a defective foot?" Even if people laugh at her for being lame, that's their business. In my heart, my mother is the greatest hero. "

the daughter of the third family said:

"I don't want my mother to think that I will be better off as a child of someone else. Although she doesn't have much money, she has given me a lot of love. In my eyes, my mother is the most powerful person in the world, and being her daughter is the happiest thing."

you see, not having a glorious job or a carefree life is advanced.

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never underestimate anyone. Everyone has their own value, is not in the situation of others, and is never qualified to judge whether they are high or low, good or bad.

everyone is playing the greatest value within their own ability.

just like all kinds of flowers grow on the earth, they have different types and images, but each has its own beauty.

there is a saying:

what you see is actually you.

you think that others are not hierarchical enough, but it is precisely your own lack of cognition.

A really good person will never underestimate anyone.

Buddha said: "there is water in a thousand rivers and months in a thousand rivers, but there are no clouds in thousands of miles."

No matter the scenery or wealth, don't be defiant or belittle yourself, the world will be friendly to you.