My Zhang Shihao and Li Daren.

My Zhang Shihao and Li Daren.

Zhang Shihao in the Blue Gate, the big brother in I may not love you.

recently, because of Yu Wenle and Chen Bolin, I also watched "Let's get married". But I always think of Li Daren in "I may not love you". Maybe the character is so perfect that everyone can't help calling him "Big Brother" when he sees Chen Bolin.

in fact, I am not a loyal fan of Chen Bolin. I only remember two of his roles, one is the bold and green Zhang Shihao in his debut novel Blue Gate, and the other is Li Daren in I may not Love you.

I want to write "Li Daren" and Zero want to write "Zhang Shihao".

Chen Bolin in our memory, go to sleep after watching it. Good night.

@ Zero

"my name is Zhang Shihao, Scorpio O, swimming team guitar club."

every time I think of Blue Gate, I think of Zhang Shihao, who was smiling and sunny at that time, just like the sun bathed in the shadow of trees on a summer afternoon, bright and clean.

the first impression left on me by Chen Bolin was this bright and speeding teenager, Zhang Shihao.

that was the first Taiwanese youth film I saw, and it still feels light when I think about it. The time when cycling down the road wearing a school uniform was full of light pure love and touching.

Chen Bolin in the play almost accords with all my fantasies about boys when I was young.

A neat hairstyle, with a bright smile, is furry.

tall figure, simple white shirt. The background of youth always does not need any decoration, the plainest white can evoke the most beautiful posture.

if I play basketball well, I will secretly go to the swimming pool at night.

in the campus era, it is easy to fall in love with boys who play basketball. It may be that the shooting posture is particularly good-looking, or it is possible that the boy who is exercising will have a natural charm. At night, when Zhang Shihao opened his arms alone in the pool, it seemed that the pool in the background was special.

can play the guitar and take off on the road on a bike.

when I was young, it seemed that everyone had a guitar dream. Boys will feel that playing the guitar is very romantic; girls will feel that playing the guitar is very fresh. Although such an idea seems a bit old-fashioned to me now. But in the simplest time, playing the guitar and humming songs is such a beautiful thing.

riding a bike, the shirt turned into a white sail in the wind. Under the shadow of the trees, the sun mottled and skipped, along the white line of the road, light as if to fly. In such a scene, there is a narration in the movie-

"what kind of adults will we become in three years, five years, or more years from now, a PE teacher or my mother?"

I like Zhang Shihao, the innocence and heat in the blue gate, and the longing for the future.

Zhang Shihao has a frank and direct expression of love at the same time. Maybe that's the innocence of the youngest days? Now we don't seem to have the courage to make such a frank confession, and we even feel so childish that we can't say it.

while watching Chen Bolin's sincere face in the play, he was moved again and again.

"what do you want?" "I'm from the guitar club of the swimming team, and I look good. What's wrong with me? " "what on earth do you want?" "just chasing you."

persistent and pure lovely dialogue.

because she likes Meng Ke-rou, she always follows her cyclist after school; because she likes Meng Ke-rou, she goes all the way to her mother's dumpling shop for midnight snacks; because she likes Meng Ke-rou, she will tell her directly, "I just want to chase you."

Eason has a song that says, "the end of my long journey is like my first love". The "first love" I want is just like opening my heart and risking my life without reservation. Let people look at the joy, think of will laugh, hurt also unforgettable, cry also miss, in fact, "first love" as innocent ah.

I like the scene of Chen Bolin and Gui Lun mg riding bicycles on the road.

as pure as without a trace of impurities, unscrupulous. Stop at the intersection of the relative smile, close mouth to catch up with the small stubbornness, bow to skip the shallow smile, every frame is so beautiful.

in such a chase, Zhang Shihao said:

"but there is always something left behind." What we leave behind, we become adults. "

Searching for modest long sleeve dresses for bridesmaid to add a dash of grace to your outfit? Our full range has all figures catered.

what is left behind in youth will be what we will become in the future.

Zhang Shihao in the Blue Gate lives forever in his high school years. And the little girl in my heart will always wear my white high school uniform.

@ Zhang Jingshi

have you ever wondered why Li Daren only likes Cheng Youqing?

Maggie is beautiful and active and doesn't mind that he is an unemotional man, but Li Daren just doesn't like Maggie. Because he and Maggie have nothing to talk about, they don't have the same hobbies or aspirations. Maggie's goal is to find a man who fits his "THE ONE" image, while Li Daren is looking for someone who really knows him and who doesn't have to take care of him all the time.

Li Daren's family, a princess in a boudoir and a rock girl, which one is not living in his own world. They never took care of his feelings. Li Daren was always a doormat, supporting role and green leaf at home.

so why did Big Brother break up with Maggie? because Maggie has been asking for it, she wants Daren to give her enough "love" and "sense of security". Cheng Youqing seems to want Li Daren to hold it everywhere, butI don't know if you have found that when Li Daren is about to scratch his scalp, only Cheng Youqing can help him.

only Cheng Youqing can control the two princesses in his family, find a balance between water and fire, or go to the convenience store to help him make the "super difficult" forms.

Maggie can't do all this, not because she's incompetent, but because she doesn't think about what the other person really needs.

what Li Daren wants is not intimate, what he wants is real understanding. "understanding" is not the "indicators" that can be listed, but the "needs" that even he cannot express.

"only you know" is never a provocative word,

because it is every man's highest opinion of his or her partner.

in fact, it is not a good thing to become Li Daren. The whole play did not talk about Li Daren's father from beginning to end, so we can learn that he may have lost his father from urination, and his mother naturally has to play the role of strict father for the growth of her two children.

so Li Daren's good temper may be due to the fact that he received so little attention in his childhood that he could only get attention through constant "obedience" and "no mistakes". This is not a wild guess, constantly giving in or taking is a sign of lack of love.

he is used to obedience, concession, and being a green leaf in other people's lives.

so he only likes Cheng Youqing, because she is independent enough and doesn't need him to be his foil.

A lot of girls I know want to be girls like Maggie, beautiful, lovely, with a decent job, and their goal is to be considerate, good-looking and responsible "The One" like Big Brother.

it's not "can you give me what I want",

it's "what you want I can give you",

it's giving, not taking.

the greatest advantage of Cheng Youqing is that she will not ask Li Daren for anything, because she has everything he can give. She likes Li Daren because she likes Li Daren, not because of how good Li Daren is or how good he is to her. She needs him not because she needs his "accessories", but because they need each other.

charcoal burns itself when it warms others.

the saddest thing is that charcoal knows it's called sacrifice, but finds no one to stop him.

Li Daren knows that he is charcoal, and Cheng Youqing knows it too, except Maggie.

so no matter how good the Maggie is, Li Daren still likes Cheng Youqing.

if two people in love can only be described as "match", it will be a very sad thing, because it is just taking advantage of each other, not liking each other.

it's really important to learn to think independently, whether in life or in love.