"Mom, why are you going to work?" Your answer determines the pattern of the child.

"Mom, why are you going to work?" Your answer determines the pattern of the child.

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when your child asks you this question, how should you answer it?

I once saw such a video on the Internet:

A child asked, "Mom, why are you going to work?"

the mother replied:

the child bowed her head silently: "I made my mother so tired."

another child asked, "Mom, why are you going to work?"

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the mother replied:

two different answers reflect two different values.

it is true that for many parents, picking up work can not accompany you, leaving work can not support you;

for young children, however, parents' answers will be like the golden rule. affect their children's initial views on career and even life.

Adele Farber, a famous American adolescent scientist, once said:

when a child asks the question "Why do you go to work?" it reflects the child's thinking about the outside world. At this time, the parents' answer is very important.

your answer determines the future of the child.


different answers

Children see a different world

maybe, when they first see this question, many parents will find it funny.

even, after hearing this question, some parents will feel that their children are making trouble for no reason, and then begin to yell at their children:

"I don't work, where does the money come from, your snack toys fall from the sky!"

"I don't go to work, what do you eat? What to drink? The books you read, the clothes you wear, the house you live in, and the toys you play with are all bought with money! If I don't work, how can I get the money to support you? "

it is undeniable that all parents want their children to understand themselves, that it is not easy to make money and that life is not easy, and that the starting point is good.

but think about it. How will your child feel when he or she listens to your answer?

Children will intuitively think: "work is to make money!" To make money is to eat and drink! "

even children who are emotionally shocked may feel that their parents have to work because of their own burden.

in this way, children will no longer dare to ask for the company of their parents.

A 5-year-old girl cried out not to let her parents go to work.

her mother advised her, "Mom is going to make money, otherwise where will she get the money to buy you candy?"

when the girl heard this, she cried even more. She threw away the candy in her hand and cried, "I'll never eat candy again."

such a scene makes people sad.

in the child's mind, the problem is that the child yearns for more company.

if parents are not at home and do not accompany themselves, the child will lack sense of security inside.

in fact, you can tell your children:

"parents like to work, and work can learn new knowledge and bring happiness to others.

parents can't accompany you at work, but they will always think of you. "

such an answer does not satisfy the child's desire for companionship, but it will give the child a huge sense of security.

and parents can also send a positive signal to their children:

since they are so happy at work, their children will look forward to their future career and life, and try their best to do their own things well.

in this way, children will also be more active in their studies.

A father once said in a letter to his daughter:

money is very important;

but it is more important to help children improve their thinking and expand their ideas.

in the face of children's questions, parents' different answers are enough to determine their children's different levels of thinking.


Let your children know that

parents still love you even if they work!

in Juvenile talk, a girl yells to her mother on the rooftop:

"Mom, do you love me less?

Why can you talk so much to strangers but not to me? "

"once I called you and your phone was busy. When I finally got through, what did you ask me in a cold tone?"

do you love me less? if so, can you love me again.

the crying of the girl moved the audience to tears.

in fact, parents get up early in the morning and stay up late at night so that their families can have a better life and their children can have better educational conditions.

however, sometimes parents' efforts may not necessarily be forgiven by their children.

because what children see is: "parents only see work and don't love me at all."

in the eyes of children, parents are their own world.

what parents need to do is not to ignore or turn a cold eye to their children's longing for companionship, but to gently say to their children:

"Mom is busy at work." but you will always be mom's favorite baby. "


parents' attitude towards work

hides their children's life pattern

there is a video on the Internet: what is the impact that parents often complain about hard work in front of their children?

the parents of their children often complain in front of their daughters that they are tired at work, and the new leader is a pervert who makes them work overtime all day. The thought of overtime makes them have so many headaches every day.

one day, the daughter said to her mother,

"Mom, can I not go to school today? it gives me a headache to think that we have so many classes.

and we are good at math.Teacher, I especially like to assign homework. I want to cry when I think about it. I wish I could not go to school. I really hate going to school. "

the mother was very angry and refused her daughter very harshly, no.

yelled at her daughter:

then the daughter asked her mother why:

it is inevitable to be tired or even angry at work. Passing on the work pressure to the child will only plant a cancer in the child's young heart.

Let children have a fear of work, it will make children feel that work is like a scourge, which is a very painful thing.

it may even deepen children's aversion to learning and affect their future.

No matter how tired you are, don't pass on the negative energy of life to your children.

once I saw the story of a cleaner:

one winter morning, it was just dawn and a mother was ready to go out to work.

my 5-year-old son, with sleepy eyes, cried and said to his mother,

the cleaner mother replied, "do you have to walk a long road to kindergarten every day?" Will you be happy if the road is dirty and full of rubbish? "

the child said: "unhappy, the mother said, the child who loves hygiene is a good child."

Mom continued: "so, Mom should go out early and clean up the road." In this way, children can be happy when they walk across that road every day. "

the child was very happy to hear this. He gave his mother a thumbs up in a gentle voice:

sometimes, parents' attitude towards work is their attitude towards life.

narrow-minded people always indulge in their own status quo, feel sorry for themselves and complain about social injustice;

on the contrary, people with broad knowledge, even in ordinary and ordinary positions, can make achievements beyond the understanding of ordinary people and get the happiness they want.

Children are parents' mirrors; parents are children's role models.

parents' perception of work determines the vision and pattern of their children's view of things.

as Elon's mother, Meyer Musk, said in an interview:


parents are the leaders of their children's lives;

any word that parents say will leave its unique mark on the child's journey of growth.

so, when the child asks, "Mom, why do you have to go to work?", please bend over, bend over, and say patiently to the child.

your answer and your attitude towards work will determine your child's attitude and pattern towards career and life in the future.

even if you are a little bit tired, you should also create a beautiful fairy tale for your child, so that he can embrace the future world with love and expectation.