Mentality is the best capital.

Mentality is the best capital.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

there are no people who can't let go, things that can't be forgotten, hurdles that can't be overcome, and everything will pass in a different state of mind.

mindset is the best capital.


if you think too much, you will fall into negative emotions

those who are willing are tired, and those who don't care don't care.

80% of the troubles in life are due to thinking too much.

have a friend, introverted, like to think a lot, easy to be sensitive.

she says she thinks a lot about even small things.

for example, when someone tells a joke, she feels that they deliberately laugh at her;

when others point out her problems, she thinks they don't like her;

when others reply messages slowly, she thinks whether she has said the wrong thing.

in the long run, she becomes more and more closed and negative.

and the friends around her gradually moved away from her.

thinking too much is a kind of suffering and torture, a self-directed and self-acting disaster.

I have heard such a saying:

most of the disappointments in life are actually caused by myself.

people live a lifetime, don't embarrass yourself, look aside and look down on everything, how to live simply.

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if you walk too fast, your feet will hurt; if you think too much, your heart will be tired.

if you have too much self-friction, you will be tired.

take a look at life, and life will be gentle to you.

Don't think too much and become the main theme of your life.


lower expectations and let nature take its course

most of the time, it is not others who really hurt you, but your expectations.

A blogger shared such a story.

he and his friends were once in the mall, playing with a lucky box, in which the special prize was a new mobile phone.

the blogger thought that the possibility of the special prize was too low, so he just tried the box and finally got an umbrella.

when it was raining outside, he thought it was lucky and a surprise.

and his friend expected to win the special prize, but finally got an umbrella, so his friend kept nagging about it in the following chat.

finally, the blogger came up with a revelation: "you really can't expect too much about life. If you expect more, you will be disappointed."

the greater the expectation, once the expectation fails, the huge sense of gap will cause great psychological harm to you.

when you lower your expectations, all you can see is good.

you can't change the weather, but you can control your mood;

you can't control the environment, but you can adjust your mindset;

you can't extend the length of life, but you can expand its width.

as the writer Mudd said, "I have come to understand why I am unhappy, because I always expect a result."

instead of expecting, it is better to rely on yourself.

Don't always think about changing others, the most important thing should be to change yourself and constantly improve your knowledge and ability. on the way to become stronger and better, there will naturally be beautiful things to come.


if you have a good mindset, you will not be tired

Kazuo Inamori, a world-famous entrepreneur. When he was young, he failed in the entrance examination and got tuberculosis.

when everything went wrong, he began to be depressed and was on the verge of collapse.

after getting better from his illness, he still failed in the exam.

after graduation, he interviewed many companies, none of which hired him.

"Why am I always the unfortunate one?" He asked himself again and again.

I finally found a company, and soon the company was facing bankruptcy.

when he watched his colleagues leave one by one, and finally he was left alone, he decided to give it a try and stop complaining.

he told himself: "if you really want to devote yourself to R & D, you might as well change your mindset, stop complaining and do it positively and optimistically."

he kept a positive attitude, kept learning, working hard and improving, and then his career flourished day by day.

now he is a famous entrepreneur. Looking back on his life, he thinks that the most important thing to change his mind is to change his mindset: from complaining to positive response.

he said that the important thing in life is to keep the "way of thinking" in a good, positive, positive, sound and healthy state.

the most magical part of life is that you always reach the willow and flowers through the dark caves.

when you encounter something that feels insurmountable and even affects your life and mood, why not stop, be more calm, think more, change your perspective, change your space, change your approach, change your way of thinking, maybe things will be a lot easier.

standing still, circling, or being too persistent will only make you fall into an abyss of pain. There are always setbacks in life, but it's not the end, it's just a reminder that it's time to turn!

as Roman Roland said: "resentment, gas hostility, open-minded regain hope."

if there is sunshine in your heart, you will see that there are many beautiful things to look forward to and yearn for in this world.

Don't cover your eyes for trifles. We have a bigger world.

Life is hard, but don't give up love and hope.