May your kindness be sharp, gentle and powerful.

May your kindness be sharp, gentle and powerful.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

gentleness is the ultimate charm of a person, with a gentle heart, gentle manner, gentle treatment of the world, gentle treatment of the people around, can quietly spread love and sunshine, can harvest beauty and happiness.

however, the bitterness and vicissitudes of reality make people in addition to tenderness, have to be wrapped in a layer of sharp armor, this layer of armor, like the thorns of roses, sharp, but protect the tender flowers.

"roses bloom heartily in the sun because they have thorns." therefore, when we love the gentle fragrance and romance of roses, we have to beware of those thorns.

A man should be like a rose, who can grow proudly and bloom gently, striving not only to produce gentle and fragrant flowers, but also to grow long thorns to withstand wind and rain.

when someone ignores the value of life and tenderness, he will pierce the defiant's hand with a long thorn without mercy. And when we meet the warm sunshine and the beloved, we will give our tenderness, fragrance and beauty without stinginess.

in this world, kindness is precious, but not everyone deserves to be kind. In this world, it is gentle and beautiful, but not everyone is worthy of tenderness.

through the vicissitudes of life and through the ups and downs of life, fate always teaches us to choose our friends and like-minded lovers. Different ambitions do not conspire with each other, and the Tao does not meet and do not become friends. Stay away from dirt, escape from right and wrong, grow in a quiet place and open in the sun, can make life blossom and fragrant all the way.

for roses, a sharp thorn may be its armor, but for people, most of the time, those "thorns" growing on our bodies are the weakness of our lives and our fatal weakness. it's a flaw we can't talk about. Sometimes it hurts not only the hands of kind people, but also the hearts of kind people.

the defects in life make people feel like a pain in the throat and greatly reduce the beauty of life. Just don't forget that long thorns are often the key to our counterattack, and most of the time, imperfections are also the best way for us to move towards perfection.

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as long as we face up to our shortcomings and make full use of our strengths and avoid our weaknesses, we can also make them glow with endless charm like Venus' broken arm, and bring out the beauty of a city like a red plum in the snow.

there are no perfect flowers in this world, maybe you are not bright enough, maybe you are not fragrant enough, maybe you are not enchanting enough, but what does it matter? besides your long thorns, you also have unique flowers and beauty. Even if you are a nameless grass, you have the dream to decorate the world and the confidence to grow proudly.

on the road of life, the flowers of life grow long thorns, most of the time, they have to. Who would be willing to treat others with a long thorn unless they have seen all the vicissitudes of life? If it is not sad to read, who is willing to give up tenderness? Just hope, carrying a long thorn, firm forward of us, do not forget all of life, do not forget the tenderness of life, full of pain, do not forget to look to the future.

Life is beautiful, the world is worthy, proud to grow, gently blooming, like a rose, bathed in the wind and rain, not afraid of the vicissitudes of life, always leave the best to the loved ones and the world, the world will be everywhere bright and fragrant.