Manage your 35-55 years old (no matter how busy you are)

Manage your 35-55 years old (no matter how busy you are)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.


this age no longer allows you to be immature

when you are unable to grasp a certain love, a certain fate, a certain reality in your destiny, learn to let go.

give your body and mind a fresh start, as long as confidence is there, courage is there; effort is there, success is there.


Save friendship

sincere friendship is the warmest coat in life.

it is built on your character and temperament. At this age, you must cherish it and store it with your heart.


sow goodness

you must try your best to make those who are more bitter and more difficult than you feel the sunshine and beauty of the world.

this kind of kindness is often sown, and inadvertently, the most beautiful flowers of human nature will blossom.


know music

Music can cultivate sentiment, it will wash your body and mind.

will open your memory and imagination, devote yourself to it, and bring you unexpected peace.

it is the monosodium glutamate in the day, which gives us a taste of life.


avoid two kinds of suffering

there are two sufferings in the dust, one is the suffering that you can't get, the other is the suffering of love.

under the premise of your efforts, everything you want is treated as a gamble.

victory is calm; defeat is indifferent.

fortunately, we still have some capital at this age, so we can make a comeback.

the hardest thing in the world is love. If you still have such feelings at this time, you must clear it out of your heart like cleaning the dust.


learn to bear

some things need to be forgotten silently, after once, you will grow wisdom; some pains and troubles need to be borne in silence; experience once; enrich once.


keep the heart of gratitude

the heart of gratitude must be kept at all times. It not only makes you pity every stone or grass, but also makes you indifferent to some invisible pressure and appease your desire and struggle. More often, some feelings of happiness often come from this.


Love work

although it is by no means as comfortable as drinking tea or chatting, it tests our wisdom and ability, and is a necessary content for us to embody our values and achievements.

be sure to love it wholeheartedly. It gives you something to do and something to eat for most of your life.


be good at learning

both reading and learning are chatting with wisdom, which not only ensures your memory and perception.

some of your ideas come from this, and some of your opinions come from this.

and can cure fools, but also will maintain your personality charm for a long time, this is the practice of yoga beauty can not achieve the effect, why not do it.


enjoy sports

many people think they are fat and ugly.

as a result, some people go on a desperate diet to lose weight and operate on cosmetic surgery.

instead of wasting most of your time in such a situation, you might as well enjoy sports and nature.

your weight will not rise as a result of laziness, and your appearance will not become less vivid with time.

then you preserve your youth, your happiness, your health to some extent.

when you get old, find a small town with a loved one, live quietly, watch the sun at the entrance of the alley in the morning, and hit the sunset with crutches at night.

there are two kinds of feelings in the world: one is to help each other, but tired to the end of life; the other is to forget each other, but miss crying.

leave a place, the scenery no longer belongs to you; miss a person, that person has nothing to do with you. This is the way life is, concerned, vexed, free and restricted.

walk a long way and look back, but it is also vivid and beautiful; there are people you love and people who love you, things you like and things you need to do, people who care about you and people you care about.

people's life is short, so keep yourself healthy, happy, happy, and occasionally drunk.

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Happiness is to find a warm person to live a lifetime.

that's what life should be like.