Make yourself at home and live a small life (deep and good article)

Make yourself at home and live a small life (deep and good article)

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it is easy to advance or retreat, which is called freedom.

writer Yang Dezhen said:

to be free is to be myself.

A person who is not disturbed by mundane things and is in a leisurely mood to be the master of his own heart is to have a "sense of freedom".

when TA has no hindrance in mind and no bondage in mind, he will get a state of joy away from bitterness and happiness.

naturally you will reap a comfortable life.


people who are uncomfortable live a uncomfortable life.

the "unease" of many people is actually a fetter that comes out of their own mind.

Wu Zhihong, a psychological counselor, said: "the essence of spiritual growth is not to be perfect, but to be real."

Nina is a girl in the movie Black Swan. She is obsessed with perfection on the surface, but she is like an empty box inside.

her present situation is closely related to her mother, who has not allowed her to have any defects since she was a child.

in order to be beautiful, her mother does not allow her to scratch the rash on her back;

does not allow her to lock her room or socialize with boys;

does not allow her to gain weight, even if she can eat a piece of cake. Ask your mother.

the inner space of Nina, who grew up in such an environment for a long time, is extremely small.

in order to maintain superficial perfection, she lives a very uncomfortable life.

she could not stand the slightest mistake she made, a look in the eyes of her companion, a few words of criticism from the teacher, or even a flesh thorn in her fingernails. She felt that she was making a mistake.

Nina spends too much of her energy on unimportant things.

although it looks "perfect" on the outside, the inner and real life is already riddled with holes, and such people are often fettered by superfluous thoughts inside.

there are many similar examples around us.

when it comes to changing seasons, friends really want to buy some clothes of good quality, so they make an appointment to go to a large shopping mall nearby on the weekend.

but after entering, the whole person becomes embarrassed and coy in gorgeous clothes and high-end stores.

when I saw a favorite dress, I touched it several times and tried it several times, but finally I frowned and shook my head and gave up.

when I asked her why, she whispered in a slightly nervous voice, "I'm afraid this dress is too flashy and too different from the previous style."

this state of friends is not only reflected in buying clothes, but also tiptoes in the face of a new environment.

this kind of fear, dare not do their own state, completely fettered her life.

it is difficult for her to "do what she wants".

although this is a small thing in life, I believe many people have encountered this state of unease.

people who are uncomfortable may be calm on the surface, but they have already speculated into a mess inside.

after a "worry", I felt tired all over.

Mr. Lin Yutang once said, "I want the freedom and courage to be myself."

those who dare to be themselves are naturally free.

every day, if you speculate too much about what others think and care too much about other people's eyes, you will not be able to straighten out your own life.

put your eyes and energy on the track of your life, and you will really see how you really feel.

so that you can accept yourself, attach importance to your inner thoughts, identify with yourself, and finally lead a comfortable life.


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the more comfortable people are, the more leisurely they live

Mr. Cai Zhizhong, the famous cartoonist, lives in a state of freedom.

even Sanmao feels that he has a "free soul", and his way of speaking, painting, and "ancient books and new theories" all comes from a kind of nature.

when things happen, they are gentle and calm, calm and calm, giving people a feeling of comfort and complacency.

Cai Zhizhong said that it was his parents' loose way of education that made him successful.

every child is a genius, but some mothers don't know it.

and he is lucky that his mother has recognized him since he was a child.

respect his ideas and be lenient. There were no rules in the family from childhood to the age of 15.

with regard to Cai Zhizhong's studies, his parents did not require him to be admitted to a famous school, but simply expected to "read the newspaper."

when he was four and a half years old, Cai's father gave him a small blackboard, and he began to like to paint on it.

and his parents just stood by quietly and never interfered.

when he gave up his studies and left home at the age of fifteen, his parents didn't specifically try to stop him.

when he decided to leave Changhua and go to Taipei, he didn't specifically ask his father if he could, but told him, "Dad, I'm going to Taipei to draw cartoons tomorrow."

my father read the newspaper and asked, "do you have a job?" "got it!" "then go!"

Father did not look up and continued to read the newspaper.

and it is precisely because of such a generous family and seemingly inactive parents that Cai Zhizhong is casual and open-minded.

he has both the freedom to be himself and the courage to be himself. The whole person is full of innocence and easygoing.

he has no doubt and firmly loves himself every time.

finally achieved a lifetime legend, alsoGot today's "great freedom".

the influence of environment on a person is imperceptible and huge.

We can get close to people who are at ease and learn from them. Even simple contact can be tainted with this sense of relief.

some Confucian scholars said: "Freedom is an external sign of a person's broad and full spirit."

A person who is free is a completely open person;

he can accept everything that happens around him, they have a clear understanding of their future, and they know what kind of life they want to pursue in the future.

just take a simple belief and embark on the path that only belongs to you.

Life is really hard, get close to people who are at ease; if you live in a comfortable environment, people will gradually become comfortable.


how to have true freedom

Zen cloud: "Freedom is not to make others like you." But whether others like it or not, I am happy with myself. "

if we face the changes in the world, we can deal with it calmly and figure it out, and we can be at ease in any situation.

We can't be the masters of the environment, but we can be the masters of our own hearts.

if one wants to be comfortable, one can start with the following three things:

"broaden your horizons with money"

I once knew such a girl who worked hard and lived a simple life. I am not willing to spend too much money on clothes.

but will not hesitate to spend money on self-growth, buy classes or attend related offline courses, and will not hesitate to invest in themselves.

she once said that she would do it even if she spent more money on her studies.

because these investments can broaden her horizons and broaden her life path.

is also because she is getting stronger and stronger. Even when she meets a new field, the girl is never timid and can cope with it well.

within your ability, isn't it a way to make yourself stronger and more comfortable through money?

A sentence on the Internet: "in fact, lack of heart is the source of people being hard on themselves, and it prevents us from leading to happiness to a certain extent."

to be "generous" to yourself, to enrich yourself and get rid of your uncomfortable state of mind, can you be really happy in your heart.

adjust your mindset

Young people go to visit a Zen master.

on the road, I saw a cow tied to a tree. The cow wanted to graze nearby, but he couldn't get away.

the young man was thoughtful. as soon as he saw the Zen master, he blurted out and asked, "Why is that cow turning around?"

the Zen master said, "it's all because the rope is not broken."

the human heart cannot be freed from being disturbed by inner distractions. Is it the same as a cow bound by a rope?

A cow's rope is tied to his nose, while a man's rope is tied to his heart.

if a person often feels uncomfortable and embarrassed, in the final analysis, there is no unity between what he thinks and what he does, and he often destroys himself.

Zhuangzi said: "enlightened people regard their hearts as a mirror, things are fully reflected, things come back to nothing, and they do not judge good or bad circumstances from their own standpoint. His heart only truthfully reflects the present, so it will not be hurt."

if a person wants to learn to be sincere to himself, accept and analyze every state of mind, what we really need to relax is the state of mind.

accept yourself completely, most of the trouble is that you don't let go of yourself.

adjust your mindset so that you can enjoy all kinds of freedom.