Lost in Hong Kong | Hong Kong movies are our first love, right?

Lost in Hong Kong | Hong Kong movies are our first love, right?

But why do I like you?

"Why do I wonder why you didn't remember at all in the past?"

Liu Tong went to school for a sharing meeting on the 14th. He happened to have two tickets in his hand, so he asked his friends to watch it, and ended up with a screening of "lost in Hong Kong." After walking with friends from afar, from the auditorium to the basketball court, around the gymnasium, through the real grass and fake grass, a meal, the wheat commune, and the sinking square, she said, "it's good to feel young with regrets."

I went on with her: when I wrote a manuscript at 85 yesterday, I talked a little bit about your thoughts. One day in the next 10 or 20 years, we may be saddened by regret because we always think that if we had fought for it or changed our approach, we would have changed the outcome and life. Have you ever thought that things would not go the way you want them to? You regret that you didn't confess to the person you like, because you always thought that if you confessed, you could live happily and happily together, or you could take a vigorous, completely handsome stride after your confession failed, but there is still a possibility, ah, or you are together, and you are separated two months later, because everything is 108000 miles away from what you imagined. It is far better than the story to evolve according to the trajectory of reality. But it's not like you said, it's good to have regrets when you're young, just for things that have happened that can't be undone and unwilling to let go. What you can do now is to try not to regret yourself.

I asked her, have you ever thought about the significance of Bauer playing that silly lesbian who chased her brother-in-law with DV to make a documentary? She gave me a puzzled look and was waiting for me to go on. "he ran after his brother-in-law from beginning to end, and even did not have to jump off the bridge to save DV, who was thrown off the overpass. He said,'I am a director'at that time. Have you ever seen the King of Comedy? Yin Tianqiu's acting is actually not good, he is not a good actor, but he still insists that he is an actor. On the other hand, is Baubel a good lesbian? not at all, but why does he insist on becoming a director? In fact, this is a tribute to the king of comedy and Stephen Chow.

she suddenly realized: "how can you look so carefully? I haven't paid close attention to Baubel yet."

"because I grew up watching the fighting, killing and feud in Hong Kong movies!" My serious Hong Kong complex stems from my fascination with the fireworks of life in Hong Kong. I believe Xu Zheng is the same. He chose to talk about his first love in Hong Kong rather than anywhere else. It must be because Hong Kong films are the first love of most mainland directors. The video hall where I skipped classes and the pirated DVDs bought by roadside stalls seem to represent my entire boyhood.

for me, the feature film starts with Chen Baiqiang's "who can change", followed by Alan Tan's "who can change". The first song by Leslie Cheung in the film is "Love for you", the second is "refuse to play again", the third is "the Ghost of Beautiful Girls", and the fourth is a prelude to "Love in that year". I heard that at other screenings, how many Zhang Guorong songs appeared in the film? Too bad I wasn't there. The Hong Kong part is drawn from Jacky Cheung's "the Legend of the hungry Wolf". (as far as the relationship between Chen Baiqiang, Alan Tam and Leslie Cheung is concerned, it is too good to put their songs in the top three. I don't know if they are deliberately arranged or the plot needs. )

Xu Lai (Xu Zheng) and his first love Yang Yi (cuckoo) all go through the same scene from falling in love to being separated to falling in love with spinach (Zhao Wei). Did you notice the poster at the back of the scene? it changed a few, representing the passage of time, "Rouge buckle", "Alfie", "Sweet Honey" and "Glass Love" (only remember these). During the "Sweet Honey" period, Xu Lai was madly in love with Yang Yi, which was the witness of their feelings. Later, when middle-aged Xu came to pick up a sweet video disc on the road, he had the poster of "Sweet Honey" he brought when he went to meet his old lover. Coincidentally, in "Sweet Honey", Maggie Cheung and Liming are reunited after being separated for many years. Xu Lai is probably looking forward to the day of reunion day and night.

what other plots are embedded in Hong Kong movies, funny or nostalgic? some words are secretly hidden in it for individuals to slowly understand, but some people have taken it too seriously. For example, when lesbians follow Xu, they have a conversation of "I will remember this minute, and you will be my friend from this minute". This is the classic passage of Zhang Guorong accosting Maggie Cheung in the True Story of Ah Fei, and canned pineapple, a classic of Chongqing Forest. Xu Lai was forced to wear an iron helmet when he met his first love, but he could not be recognized in his first love. When he fled the scene in shame and embarrassment, what was the purpose of the "Love of Life" in "the Great Holy Marriage of A Chinese Odyssey"? I still remember that after losing that memory, Zixia fairy did not recognize not only the supreme treasure, but also said with a smile, "that man is like a dog". At that time, the supreme treasure left behind only his back with endless regret, and the background music was the "love of a lifetime".

They all use photos of the old TVB actor Zhong Jinghui. They are really "everywhere in Hong Kong, everywhere in memories." The last perfect implant was reunited many years later. My first love met Xu Lai's hotel room, room number: 2046. This is another classic movie by Wong Kar-wai.

when Xu came to college, he dreamed of becoming a painter, but ended up selling women's underwear in spinach home. when the woman's family kept exerting pressure on her son-in-law for many years, she seemed to see the epitome of countless people around her.Family members or friends around us always tell us that this dream is not practical, that this major is not good for employment, that this job cannot make money, and that it is hard to persuade us to give up and keep hitting us. We do not know that the so-called "golden advice" is all "sugar-coated shells" after all. Xu Lai mocks that his ideal is like a D-cup, while life is an airport. Most people feel the same way.

he insisted on going to his first love, no matter how many people stopped him from being killed. "she was my first love. We talked about music and movies together and cried and laughed together. I waited for 20 years just to wait for an opportunity, not to prove anything, but to tell myself that my youth really existed." This is the line of "heroic character". When he stood on the sightseeing bus in Hong Kong, he shouted these words. I think it was really not an obsession with his first love, but rather that he was unwilling to realize his dream when he was young. We will make up for it because of regret, but we don't need to make up for it. He said, I have a knot in my heart. In fact, we all have a knot in our hearts, but what are the consequences of making up for it? The consequence is that when Xu Lai can finally have sex with his first love, he can't kiss. What I like most about the whole film is the entanglement of whether or not to kiss. When you chase it for so long, when you dream of having sex for so long, on this day it is placed in front of you, but you may not be really happy, you may not want it, and the reality may not develop according to your predetermined plot. When Xu said, "I can't even kiss", everyone in the court was laughing, but I couldn't laugh.

Xu, I have nothing to regret. I gave it all to you from the first time to the 100th time, in my dream. This sentence steps on the sore spot of many people. Do you know how good things are? spinach and Yang Yi are like the cinnabar moles and white moonlight written by Zhang ailing. What we can't get is either the bright and unreachable white moonlight in front of the window, or an eternally marked cinnabar mole on the chest, and once we get it, it will only be mosquito blood and rice grains. I can't guarantee that what you can't get is not the best. I can only say that what you can't get may not be the best for you. Faye Wong sang in "Breeze Xu Lai": maybe perfection and completeness are not the same thing.

maybe white moonlight and cinnabar nevus are just rice grains and mosquito blood

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maybe it's just because--

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Alan Tan

Zhang Guorong "falls in love with you"

Zhang Xueyou

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Ye Liyi "Shanghai Beach"

Zhang Guorong "refuses to play again"

Zhang Guorong "Beautiful Ghost"

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Luo Wen

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