Living happily is more important than anything else.

Living happily is more important than anything else.

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all kinds of life are always accompanied by imperfections, without the trivialities of strange days, demonstrating the weight of life.

every setback experienced, experienced people's will and maturity, every step is a unique landscape of life, in which the ups and downs, let people have a deeper understanding of life.

gradually learned that the meaning of life is not to be rich, but to enjoy the beautiful process and the mood of seeing the scenery all the way.

only by keeping your feet on the ground and living every ordinary day is the best life.


Life lies not in external possession, but in inner abundance.

to be a human being, if you want to live well, you must work hard and work hard, but you must be strict with those unrealistic beauties. No matter how big the storm is, you must overcome the obstacles and try your best to ride through both wind and rain.

if you always expect something that is out of reach, it will only lead to mental haggard and make life more and more heavy.

Life is to face everything in front of you, to face it calmly, to grasp it actively, not to indulge and fantasize, and not to be at a loss in the future.

learn to be content, live every moment with the best state of mind, and live every dull day calmly and calmly. In this way, why not worry about life is not happy!


it is more important than anything else to build a happy heart in life.

as long as you let yourself have a good state of mind and an open mind, learn to advance and retreat, know how to choose, and be kind and calm in everything, then life will be warm and full of peace.

to know that people are alive, life is a process.

as long as the mentality is young, do, do and cherish, then our days must live and work in peace and contentment; life must be enjoyable!

as the saying goes: only when you live calmly can you be at peace; only when you have a calm mind can you go far.


We will live like this for the rest of our lives, and we will never start all over again.

in this short life, if you want to be happy, you must first forge a good state of mind; if you want to be happy, you must let nature take its course.

because happiness is the pleasure of the heart, and happiness is the satisfaction of the heart, as long as you practice an indifferent and peaceful state of mind, life will be naturally pleasant and relaxed.

only by making ourselves happy, optimistic and free and easy is the state we should have when we come into the world.

in fact, everyone has his own helplessness.

Life is not plain sailing, and it is not perfect. Only by being pessimistic, open-minded, and knowing how to cherish and treat well, can we have unexpected happiness and splendor in our days.


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as Yang Shuo said:

Yes! When people come to the world, who doesn't want to live a rich and colorful life? Who doesn't yearn for a happy day?

but in real life, everyone has their own helplessness, as long as they are not discouraged; hold up their self-confidence, do not fail when they are lost, and smile to face all the trivialities and trivialities. I believe that no matter how difficult the hardships are, they can survive.

because flowers do not have a hundred days of red, people do not have a hundred days of sorrow, if they fall, they can only start all over again. Only by putting their hearts flat and not afraid of rough and muddy, there is no hurdle that cannot be overcome.

Life is to taste all the joys and sorrows of the world, to see all the joys and sorrows of the world.

Let yourself be a qualified tourist and live up to the world. As long as the family is safe and healthy and live a magnanimous life, it is the best time in life.