Life is not a laughing horse.

Life is not a laughing horse.

If you are not there, you might as well read this article.

I got up at 05:45 this morning. Although I am not a runner, as a runner, I don't want to miss the morning when my city hosts its first international marathon.

the beginning of the week was almost rainy, and even on Wednesday night, temperatures plummeted to a record, the coldest March in more than a decade. So on a rainy day on Thursday, we all took out the down hidden in the wardrobe. When I went out, I unconsciously clutched my clothes and thought about a question that had been entangled for a long time: when will spring come?

at 07:30 this morning, I stood outside the fence, watching runners continue to pass the check-in to the starting point, where there was a stage where the host kept talking to warm up.

but we all know that as long as the blue sky appears with the sun, the warm up of

becomes superfluous, because the long-awaited spring has come.

the smile horse was chosen on March 27, which happens to be an unprecedented sunny day. The temperature is neither cold nor hot. It is more appropriate to describe each runner as "valiant and valiant". When the music and the countdown of "321" sounded, they all seemed to run with the wind, and everyone raised their hands as they passed the camera to show that they were ready and grateful at the same time.

I am glad to be in good health and able to run.

I am glad to have fine weather today and be able to run.

I'm glad Dongguan has its own marathon and can run.

as a former runner, I have a clear understanding of the charm of running. It's not a difficult thing, but you can't make it easy for you to run. Because every runner will encounter the bottleneck period when he or she runs, and this bottleneck period often occurs in the middle of the run, you will feel that every time you lift your foot is torture, and you will start to think about whether you have reached the second half of the running. maybe you can stop a little bit. But you also know that once you stop, you are at a standstill.

so all your thoughts are thrown out of the cloud, and you focus all your attention on your calf muscles and knees until you give up the idea of giving up.

because, you know, it's not just a marathon.

the number of participants in the smiling horse is 16000, but that doesn't mean you have 15,900 opponents, because when you run, you always have only one opponent, and that is you.

those 15,999 people and those standing outside the runway cheering for you are your comrades-in-arms. They are in your direction and stand side by side with you, and when you waver, when you want to stop, they will try their best to stop and encourage you with cheers and applause.

and when you really succeed and cross the finish line, they are excited as if it were their success. Everyone in the Dongguan International Marathon at 08:01 in the morning on March 27th, 2016, are our comrades-in-arms.

Life is never a smile horse,

but a struggle between all people and themselves.

just now, a friend sent me a picture taken when she clapped her hands with an athlete.

she said: "my hands, who have clapped with more than 100 athletes, are obviously people I don't know. At the moment of the high-five, I was inexplicably moved into a mess, as if I were in it."

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she is a member of the cheerleading team of Guangong. In my circle of friends, there are many volunteers like her who are ready to leave at 4: 00 in the morning. I can see from their photos that they are not tired, full of excitement and painstaking efforts. There are smiling horse staff and security personnel, no matter which link is missing, this event will be much inferior.

seeing the commemorative plaques posted by friends and Mayong bananas with Dongguan characteristics, I also heard a friend who often went to various places to participate in marathons comment that Guan Ma had completed marathons in some places in terms of scale and preparation. Pride as a Dongguan native arises spontaneously.

CCTV is broadcasting the laughing horse live, and countless pedestrians stop in front of the big screen, breathing at the same pace as the contestants in the camera. When the live broadcast of the first half-horse runner to cross the finish line, all the voices disappeared, everyone clenched their teeth and sprinted with him, and after passing through the cloth, all were able to breathe a sigh of relief.

those who go to work continue to go to work, those who go to buy breakfast continue to go at their own pace, the sanitation aunt continues to pick up the broom, I continue to look for a place to write, everything seems to return to the origin.

but you can clearly feel that they are not as anxious as they used to be, perhaps because the big stone in mind has fallen. In the past two days, my circle of friends has been viewed with a smile, but I am not disgusted at all, but proud.

real pride.