Life is full of tastes, life needs to laugh right

Life is full of tastes, life needs to laugh right

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"if I go back to the past and all this happens again, will I understand the key points of life, not afraid of setbacks, no empty complaints, and let me see further …..."

Yes, life is like this, a little busy, a little bitter, a little tired, a little annoyed, the trivialities of life, spit out hypocrisy, swallow a spicy throat, sometimes unconsciously feel aggrieved, sadness pours into my heart, and the words are not worth mentioning.

when Pushkin, a Russian poet, was exiled to Odessa, South Russia, he still did not lose hope and fighting spirit. he loved life, pursued ideals persistently, and believed that light would come and justice would prevail. So he wrote: "if life deceives you, don't be sad, don't be impatient!" The immortal poem.

A person's life will inevitably encounter a lot of wind and rain. Don't be discouraged and move on. When you look back a few years later, you will find that you have endured those hardships one by one.

all over the world, no one's life can be said to be complete. Maybe everyone has a little regret more or less. It's a small opening that God drew on the ring of your life. You don't want it, you always want to repair it, but you don't get it.

everyone has their own stories and legends. Don't envy others. Cherish the grace that God has given you. You will find that what you have is much more than what you don't have. The missing part is not lovely, but it is also a part of your life. Accept it and be kind to it, and you will find that your life will be open-minded.

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"Life should not be too perfect. It is also beautiful to have a gap to let happiness flow to others."

take it easy, let go, don't embarrass yourself, don't fight blindly, do not try your best, don't torture yourself, love yourself, there are not many people in the world who love you.

Life is not a battlefield, there is no need to compete. Life is not a draft, so there is no need to compete with each other. Life is like a glass of boiled water, cold or hot, as long as it suits you.

if life does not spoil you, you should be kind to yourself. The purpose of this life is to meet the best of yourself. It's expensive for the rest of my life, so try to live the way you want.

"I go to life with a smile, no matter how life pays me back." This is a poem written by Wang Guozhen, "do you repay me with happiness?" I am a swallow flying in the sky; report me as misfortune? I am a strong bamboo that can withstand thousands of blows. Life can not be without laughter, the world without laughter should be how lonely. Nothing can change my love of life. I smile and go to a hot life! "

Life is not perfect, happiness is not full, time is quiet, do not imagine, do not expect, always smile to warm, good stay in the bottom of my heart, regret dispersed with the wind.

Life tastes in many ways, and life needs to laugh right.