Life is a passer-by, why a thousand knots?

Life is a passer-by, why a thousand knots?

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

have you ever cared about a person very much, because he cared, so he was cautious; because he cared, he became submissive; because he cared, he began to worry about gain and loss; because he cared, he could be infinitely tolerant of concessions.

in fact, people are emotional animals after all. Although with the growth of age, it is no longer easy to be so emotional, so easy to go to the bottom of your heart. But there will always be exceptions, and then unwittingly, become some kind of inner preference. When the heart begins to care more, the whole person will become soft, emotional, tolerant, patient, and accommodating.

the world is so big that there are always people who embarrass you, people who care for you, people who chill you and people who give you warmth. People who love you always know how to love you, without exception; people who don't care about you, no matter what you do, can't occupy the most important place in your heart. In fact, in any relationship, understanding is not common, but misunderstanding is the norm. So I prefer the days when no one cares about me to the life where I am influenced by others' emotions.

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A thousand knot in life, there are thousands of robberies. Your knot is your robbery. Untie a knot and get through a robbery. Giving people's kindness and sincerity can never be wrong, what is wrong is that there is no clear distinction between the object. Learn to reflect on your vision and knowledge, instead of doubting your kindness and sincerity.

No matter what age you come to, you should give yourself a leisurely attitude, learn to look down on gains and losses, know how to gather and disperse, and let nature take its course. This is the best mood.

you should know that it is not because you are serious and sincere that others have to accompany and respond. So do not expect too much of others, you cherish, that is your own business, others are not equally valued, but it is the freedom of others. Whatever can make you happy must also make you miserable. Similarly, whatever makes you miserable will surely help you in the end.

when you decide to give up, you should give up cleanly, and those who decide not to meet again should never see each other again. Persistence is not a good thing. When a relationship comes to an end, you should calmly let go. Most of the time, we see the flashy, but can not see through the undercurrent under it; some people are very happy on the surface, but he hides unspeakable suffering; some people have smiles on their faces, but their hearts are full of silent tears. Some people seem indifferent, but they just want to better protect themselves.

but no matter what kind it is, don't force those who can't walk into their hearts, and don't force them to keep those who can't turn around. Life through every section of the road, meet everyone, in fact, will be a kind of understanding, read all kinds of things in the world, see the cold and warm things in the world, all experiences are a kind of mature medicine. Care is not the reason for binding, like it does not have to be together.

Life is short, be kind to yourself on the way to getting old, don't insist on fate, don't be confused, don't be angry, look down on everything, follow fate, life is a passer-by, why tie the knot.