Letting nature take its course is the most advanced form of health preservation.

Letting nature take its course is the most advanced form of health preservation.

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the Book of morality says: "Man is the law of earth, the earth is the law of heaven, the law of heaven is the law of heaven, and the law of Tao is the law of nature."

Water flows low, sunrise in the east, all things are born according to the trend, and life ends with fate.

letting nature take its course is the healthiest way of living and the highest level of health preservation.

Mo Yan said: "to come is accidental, to go is inevitable, to take its course, to let nature take its course."

the road of life is long, but it is natural to live every day of the rest of your life.

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only by letting nature take its course, can you be safe, worry-free, and have no major mistakes in life.


means that if you conform to the nature of all things, you can take care of your body, preserve your nature, preserve your spirit, and enjoy a hundred years of happiness.

nowadays, people deliberately pursue health and longevity, and they are careful everywhere, and all kinds of health products emerge one after another, but in fact, there is no recipe for longevity and nourishing medicine at all.

the true sutra of health preservation is that there is no way on the road, no upbringing, let nature take its course, eat well and sleep well.

Zeng Guofan, a famous minister in the late Qing Dynasty, was weak when he was young, suffered from minor and serious illnesses, and had almost no healthy years in his life.

but he was sick and weak, sealing Hou by imperial examinations, establishing Hunan army, managing families, and educating children, almost everything.

what is even more rare is that in the Qing Dynasty, where the average life expectancy was said to be only 33 years old, Zeng Guofan lived to be over 60 years old.

it can be said that Zeng Guofan's way of keeping health by letting nature take its course played a great role.

Zeng Guofan is very regular in his diet. He only eats eight percent of every meal and is not gluttonous. He also insists on taking a walk after a meal.

sleep every day is also done at sunrise, rest at sunset, get up at dawn, and never love bed.

keeping a timely diet can not only improve the spirit, but also cultivate one's self and mind.

Let nature take its course, put into practice what should be done, forbid what should not be done, do not indulge their desires, and do not over-protect themselves.

respect the physiological laws, control their own desires, in the long run, the body can be safe and sound.



"Yangzhen Collection" says: "since ancient times, there is no other way for immortals to be happy without sorrow."

there are unexpected events and misfortunes and misfortunes in the weather, and no one can control the arrangement of fate.

most of the time, angry struggle is to punish yourself for other people's mistakes, and you end up paying for all the bad emotions.

as the saying goes, all diseases are born of qi, and health is the first to nourish the heart.

the wisest way to live is to adapt and take your time.

there is such a short story in Zhuangzi Tian Zi Fang.

Sun Shuao of the State of Chu in the Spring and Autumn period had three ups and downs in the political field, three times from official to Ling Yi (prime minister), and three times he became a civilian.

I asked him, "what do you think when you have been relegated to high office three times without showing glory, and you have been demoted three times without worry?"

Sun Shuao replied, "I can't control the gains and losses, so I don't refuse when the official position comes, and I don't stop it when I lose it, so I don't have to worry about it!"

just as Zhuangzi said, "it is the most virtuous to know what it has to do."

there are some things in life that you have no choice but to do. To let nature take its course and accept the arrangement of fate is the highest state of life.

so, regardless of joys and sorrows, or cause and effect of gains and losses, just let nature take its course.

not in love in the past, not miscellaneous in the present, not welcome in the future, build a leisurely heart and be a free person.

in this way, there can be no worries in mind, a clear breeze and a bright moon, coming uninvited.


there is no great mistake in life

Xunzi said: "the way of heaven is constant, not for Yao, not for rebellion."

everything in the world has its own law of operation, and many things in life have their own arrangements.

the more you ask, the less you get; the more you do, the more mistakes you make.

instead of making a hopeless struggle and ending up with a counterproductive outcome, it is better to let nature take its course and not strive for everything to be satisfactory, but at least there are no big mistakes in life.

once read a story.

A young monk asked Master, "Master, why is it that the more I want something, the less I can get?"

Master smiled and said, "probably because you are so obsessed with it, it is hard to avoid losing your ground and getting nothing."

the young monk was puzzled: "Master, what am I going to do?"

Master smiled and said, "Let nature take its course. Don't worry. It should be yours sooner or later."

the young monk realized from this.

the Mai family said in the Sea of Life: "there is no perfect life, imperfection is life."

it is true that no one's life is perfect, so we are always drawn by countless desires, and if we have grievances, the wind is rain.

moreover, between heaven and earth in life, it is up to man to think of things, but to get things done in heaven, who can guarantee the success of his life.

as a man, only by knowing God's destiny and fearing human feelings, not being disturbed by external things, and not trapped by gains and losses, can we have a good beginning and end.

May you not indulge in gains and losses for the rest of your life, do not indulge in desire for fame and fortune, and live a life of letting nature take its course.

accept the gift of fate with a smile, believing that everything is the best arrangement.