Let yourself go (good text in depth)

Let yourself go (good text in depth)

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some people say: most of the pain in life, in fact, you are competing with yourself.

fall into the failure of a relationship and collapse over and over again in sorrow.

because he was depressed because he failed to achieve his desired goal, he was in a state of self-remorse.

Life is like this. Nine times out of ten things go wrong, and no one knows whether fate will prepare candy or lemon for you.

if life is too difficult, try to let yourself go.


the people you meet in life

Sakyamuni once said: no matter who you meet, he is the right person in your life. It is no accident that he will teach you something.

people live a lifetime, meet countless people, some accompany you through life, some accompany you through a journey.

those who hurt you bring you growth; those who help you bring you warmth.

you can never predict how long the people around you will be with you, and you can't force a relationship with anyone.

the only thing I can do is to cherish every fate, neither making it difficult for others nor wronging myself.

getting lucky, losing my life, getting together and parting are the best arrangements.


it is difficult to overcome the hurdle. When we were young, we all thought that as long as we did our best, we would always get the results we wanted.

as I get older, I realize that there are always some hurdles in this world that are difficult to overcome, and not everything is what I want it to be.

Don't overestimate your abilities, don't add too much pressure to life, and don't let life lose its vitality.

there is a saying quite right: do your best first, then do your best, and then listen to your destiny.

work hard at the critical moment, try your best, and leave the rest to providence.

just remember: when the road is impassable, there must be a bridge to cross.


st of people's pain is just because the obsession in their hearts is too deep, reluctant to give up, and unwilling to lose.

when you think about it, all troubles come from three things: other people's business, your own business, and God's business.

if you want to live a thorough life, you must learn not to meddle in your own affairs, not to meddle in other people's affairs, and not to worry about the affairs of God.

those who are willing are tired, and those who don't care don't care.

the world has a big dream, and there is no more worry about being light.


endless desire to let go of

since the beginning of 2020, the sudden epidemic has changed the lives of many people.

in the past, we always wanted too much, and "fame and material" swallowed up our hearts again and again like a bottomless pit.

now that I have seen many sufferings in the world, I finally find that desire is nothing, far less precious than diesel, rice, oil and salt.

throwing away desire is another kind of acquisition; letting go of desire is another kind of possession.

one day, you will understand that there is warmth between a vegetable and a meal. If you are not driven by matter, you will not be so tired.

when it is broken, it is broken, that is, give up, so that you can regain your inner freedom.

as the old saying goes: when you cling to your thoughts, you are helpless; when you let go, you feel at ease.


can not let go of the past, tolerance

a glass of water mixed with a drop of ink, the whole glass of water color will change, but if this drop of ink falls into the sea, there is no change.

as big as your heart is, there is room for happiness.

the reason why people live too tired is to complain about the past, and the reason why life has not changed is because you always fall back.

then live forever in the past, never go back, never look forward.

understand that every day you can't let go of will be your bitter yesterday.

context is created by the heart, things change with the heart, no longer care, tolerance of others, but also tolerance of themselves.

forgive everything before going to bed, and a new life after waking up.


A life that cannot be repeated,

writer Cai Lan has a saying to the point:

when people reach middle age, they gradually return to peace of mind and look at everything in the world with an ordinary mind.

since you can't start over in this life, in the limited time, be grateful for yesterday, grasp today, and look forward to tomorrow.

just do everything with your heart, build what kind of house you have, and do the hard things as much as you can.

do not make do with life, do not dwell on gains and losses, contentment, can always be happy.


imperfect self, accept

how many people are unwilling to accept their own mediocrity all their lives, and always hate their own imperfections.

but in fact, 90% of the people in the world are ordinary people, and you can't make everyone like it, and you can't stand up to everyone.

who doesn't grow up through trial and error and admits that he or she is not perfect is a compulsory course in life.

to make peace with yourself is the greatest sincerity to life.

only by accepting the trivial arrangement of fate can there be poetry and distance after growing up.

Love yourself well. When you come to earth, always look down at your feet, but don't forget to look up at the stars.


Ma de wrote in "when I let myself go":

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"A person lives happily."Not happy, one depends on whether you can fall asleep, and the other is whether you want to wake up.

being able to sleep shows peace of mind and a clear conscience. If you want to wake up, it means that your heart is beautiful.

Life is just the joy of these six words. "

for the rest of my life, try my best to deal with life, try my best to face setbacks, and try my best to find every happiness.

letting go of yourself is the fulfillment of life.