Let go of your tiredness (well written)

Let go of your tiredness (well written)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Life is like clouds on the horizon, gathering and scattered like this.

the world is changeable, and everything in nature has its own law of survival.

Don't be obsessed with life too much. Thanks to the flowers in the field, thank you.

there will be times when it will bloom again, so you don't have to keep thinking about that flower.

those who should forget will also forget that they still hurt themselves when they think about things that are out of reach.

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as the ancients said, "if you have a big heart, you will know everything, and if you have a small heart, you will get sick."

people are tired because there are too many things in their hearts.

as the saying goes, "Road width is not as wide as heart width, life is not as good as heart."

take off your tiredness, let bygones be bygones, and drink to the past.


people suffer because we are all born with a blank sheet of paper for pursuing too much


it's never easy for people to be the one they aspire to.

some people are too obsessed with wishes that cannot be realized, blindly pursue things that have passed away, can't let go of the past, and can't see the future.

how can you be happy when you are trapped by these things? How to enjoy life?

We have only one heart. If we pretend too much, we will be tired.

Life is short. If you pursue too much, you will hurt yourself.

Let bygones be bygones.

what is left is very precious.

three thousand weak water, take only one ladle.

cherish the present, people all their lives, how to pass, rather than frown, it is better to smile.

those things that have passed away, though beautiful, are not as good as sealing dust, savoring them carefully, and making peace with themselves.

Happiness is something you can't get without giving up something.

only when people are open-minded can they be truly happy.


people worry because they don't forget

, but only add to their troubles.

sometimes we worry because we have a good memory.

some people say: accept what cannot be changed, change what can be changed; forget what should be forgotten, and remember what should be remembered.

the moment of life, such as running water between fingers.

Why should you be melancholy and ask for trouble all day long?

if people do not choose to forget, it is tantamount to imprisoning themselves in pain and unable to move on.

only by forgetting the past can there be a future.

forget what you should forget, every day is a new beginning.

if you look down on it, things will be lighter.

Life is like a month, there is a period of profit and loss. With an indifferent heart, take it calmly.

in the journey of life, disappointment or homeopathy should be faced naturally.

Don't think too much about life, so that you won't be too tired, and you can live happily every day.


get rid of the tiredness in your heart and drink to the past

Life is like smoke, why a thousand knot?

Life is complete with imperfections. Let bygones be bygones. There is no need to hold grudges or force them.

get rid of the tiredness in my heart, let the past be cleared, and drink to the past.

if the heart is clear, life is full of scenery, if the heart is sad, life is like frost.

with a magnanimous mind, let go of the past, life will set sail again.

get calm, lose indifferent.

people who do not belong to you, do not need to retain, do not belong to your interests, do not have to fight for.

A man should be like water, follow the good and flow, and be safe with fate.

meet, welcome from the heart; leave, best wishes.

born a human being, don't embarrass yourself and wronge yourself.

only by being bearish can you really be broad-minded.

give up

Life, break up.

get what you want and give up what you want.

Life is heavy, but life is light; life is brittle, but heart is strong.

Let go of the tiredness in your heart, let go of the past, live the present, and focus on the future.

Life is actually very simple.