Less (this article is priceless)

Less (this article is priceless)

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Laozi once said: get less, get more, get confused.

there are many things, not the more the better, but the less the better.

less words, less calamity;

less things, less suffering;

less food, less disease;

less desire and less worry.

when people live to the extreme, they are very few and very simple.

only in this way can life get rid of negative fatigue and be at ease.


less words, less evil

the ancients said: disease enters through the mouth, evil comes out from the mouth.

the more words a person says, the more omissions they make, the more people they offend.

in the Sui Dynasty, there was a man named he Ruobi, who was the most talkative among the courtiers.

when the emperor appointed Yang Su as prime minister, he was dissatisfied and privately said that Yang Su could be prime minister even if he was so poor, and he didn't know what the emperor saw.

when the ministers knew about this, they asked the emperor to execute he Ruobi on disrespectful charges.

Emperor Wendi of the Sui Dynasty was generous and demoted him to the common people. Soon after, he took meritorious service and restored his knighthood.

he Ruobi did not rein in this.

when Emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty ascended the throne, he still talked under the court, saying that the emperor was extravagant and not a master of benevolence.

Emperor Yangdi of the Sui Dynasty had a bad temper and immediately ordered him to be executed.

when he Ruobi was young, his father he Ruodun warned him when he died: "I have caused a lot of trouble because of my words, so you must not learn from me!"

Silence is gold, kind words are silver.

only when one learns to be silent and shut up can one get himself out of trouble.

only in this way can we be safe and secure.


there are few things and less suffering

the poem says, "how happy life is since ancient times, stealing half a day's leisure from floating life."

the more things a person does, the busier he or she will be. As time goes on, the spirit will wear out and the body will be damaged.

so you must know how to rest and give yourself a holiday.

Westerners have had the popular weekend rest standard in the world for a long time.

in the Han Dynasty, officials were allowed to stay away from work for one day out of every five days. This holiday was called "Xiumu" and was still practiced in the Sui Dynasty. In the Tang Dynasty, it gradually evolved into a ten-day day off.

when Su Shi was the master of Hangzhou, he liked to work in high mountain pavilions. After office work, he must have a drink, have a look at the scenery of the mountains, and find a shade to sleep.

Liang Shiqiu said: people are most like a person when they are free

busy has the value of being busy, and leisure also has the meaning of leisure.

when a person is always busy, he will lose his spirit and gradually lose himself.

only if you have a heart that is idle to watch the pre-court flowers blossom and fall, can you have a body to do things with wind, wind and fire.


less food in the abdomen, less disease

food is the most important thing for the people.

eating is the most important thing in life.

but everything goes too far.

if you eat too much, you tend to have more diseases

Huangdi's Internal Classic says, "if you eat twice as much, your intestines and stomach will be hurt."

overeating can cause irreversible harm to the body.

in the Red Mansions, Shi Xiangyun once organized a crab banquet.

everyone ate a lot and had a lot of fun.

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Mother Jia reminds everyone to pay attention to abstinence and not to eat too much.

Don't overeat just because it's delicious.

so Lady Jia lived until she was in her eighties and was still in good health.

it's easy for us to lose control and eat too much when we're not careful.

when you eat, you must pay attention to timing and quantity, and when you are full, you should stop.

put down your phone and concentrate on eating, you can feel the stomach signal more easily.

you can chew more times in the mouth, which can not only reduce the burden on the spleen and stomach, but also bring a stronger sense of fullness.

only in this way can we protect the spleen and stomach and prolong life.


less desire and less worry

Laozi said, "No misfortune is greater than discontentment, and no guilt is greater than desire."

there is no disaster worse than discontentment.

with too many desires, such a life is doomed to come to a bad end.

Liang Ji of the Han Dynasty, when he was a general, made full use of his position to plunder money and amass wealth everywhere.

for a while, the people are living in poverty, and the people are in dire straits.

after he was greedy for money and took charge of the imperial government, under the banner of the emperor, he assigned his cronies to conduct a census of the wealth of the whole country, registered the names and addresses of all the rich and noble people, and then caught the target and framed him without discount in order to collect money.

for a time, there was a great chaos between the government and the opposition.

Emperor Hengdi of the Han Dynasty had heard of this for a long time and swallowed his anger all the time. Later, because of several things he could not bear, he decided to punish him.

when facing the encirclement and suppression of elite troops, Liang Ji knew that a great disaster was coming and was forced to commit suicide by taking poison.

the Book of changes Festival says, "June 3: if not, then give out." There is no guilt. "

means that if you can't control yourself, you will regret groaning.

desire is endless, life is limited, and you can only face defeat if you chase infinite desire with a limited life.

learn to restrain your desires and control yourself properly. Only in this way can you be simple, self-sufficient and healthy.

the ancients said: many words invite trouble, too much work, too much food hurts the body, more desire to kill.

the main road is so simple that it is complicated in the hearts of the people.

the best life is never complicated, but simple.Simple.

the world is complicated, and the best way to survive is to have less desire, speak less, do less things, and eat less.