Keep yourself safe (deep and good text)

Keep yourself safe (deep and good text)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

there is a saying in Daojing:

stick to your own standard, so that there will be no disasters in life.

throughout his life, the more you experience, the more you will understand. Don't always want to get something that doesn't belong to you, even if it's right in front of you.

I think so.

Buddhists talk about karma.

at any time, only those who can keep these three points of duty can raise wealth and noble life.


keep your heart safe

there is a saying in the Huayan Sutra: "do not forget the original ideal and ambition in order to accomplish the mission." The phrase

was once popular because of its admiration by Jobs.

what is the first heart?

the first intention is the dream that each of us sets for our own life, and it is the goal that we aspire to achieve all our lives.

in this materialistic world, there are too many temptations; in this era of conformity, there are too many pandering.

only by not forgetting our original thoughts can we fulfill our dreams from beginning to end.

when Jobs was invited to give a speech at Stanford University in 2005, he recalled his past life like this:

"I always made a mess of everything and even thought about running away from Silicon Valley. But gradually, I began to have the idea that I still loved what I had done in the past, so I decided to start from scratch. "

Life is a process of constantly fighting against fate. If you want to live a better life, you must stick to your original mind before you can get things done.

see someone ask a successful blogger:

"Why can you succeed easily when you do something, but I can't get a good grade no matter what I do?"

the blogger asked him, "what have you done?"

the man replied:

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"I wanted to learn to draw, but every time I spent a long time drawing, people said I didn't have the talent to draw, so I gave up.

later, I wanted to be a pianist, but the sound I learned for a long time still didn't have any artistic conception, so I stopped playing the piano.

later, I wanted to be a writer, so I read a lot of books and wrote a lot of articles that I thought was good, but after others read it, they said that I could not be a writer, and in the end, I didn't write any more.

. "

as Mr. Hu Shi said:

"instead of meditating on the meaning of life all day, it is better to try this life to do something meaningful."

as long as you stick to your original heart and be a person with light in your heart, there will always be unexpected warmth and hope in life.


keep your mouth shut so as not to cause trouble

as the saying goes, "good words keep warm in three winters, while bad words hurt people in June."

the way you speak can best reveal a person, and every word you say is actually what other people think of you.

in dealing with the world, we must never forget the precepts of "illness comes in from the mouth and evil comes out from the mouth".

the mouth of a man can make things happen as well as fail.

Zeng Guofan has been in a high position for decades, thanks to his ability to have both sides.

but in fact, when he was young, Zeng Guofan was straightforward when getting along with others, did not know how to turn with others, and even often slandered others.

because he can't speak, Zeng Guofan has been demoted, disgusted by his friends, and framed by his colleagues for no reason.

later, because of all the disasters encountered because he could not speak, Zeng Guofan woke up and realized the importance of keeping his mouth shut.

he wrote down the words "live in groups and keep your mouth shut, live alone and keep your heart", often warning himself.

Zeng Guofan also often warned his children in life that they should be kind and prudent in what they say and do.

whenever you leave room for others, others will be grateful to you.

to accumulate morality is to respect not only others but also yourself.

according to legend, Zhu Yuanzhang was born poor in his early years.

one day, when he was hungry, he saw a potato, ate it hungrily, and accidentally choked.

at this time, two of his friends saw it and handed him a glass of water.

later, when Zhu Yuanzhang became emperor, these two friends came to him.

when he saw Zhu Yuanzhang, he did not kneel and carelessly called his nickname. Zhu Yuanzhang was very unhappy.

then he said, "do you remember?" When you were a child, you almost choked to death when you ate potatoes. Without me, you would have died! "

Zhu Yuanzhang was so embarrassed that he was so angry that he ordered someone to pull him down.

on the contrary, another good friend saw Zhu Yuanzhang and quickly knelt down in awe of him.

in the end, he was appointed official by Zhu Yuanzhang and was rewarded with a lot of jewelry.

the two people have completely different results because of their different words.

you should know that a truly wise person with a ruler on his mouth and a virtue in his words will go further in life.

keep your mouth shut, keep your mouth in line when talking to others, don't let your mouth become a sharp weapon to hurt others and yourself, and be a person who can talk and talk.


keep your own path and make no mistakes

if we live in the world, we cannot do what everyone likes, nor can we do everything.

there is a good saying: "whoever speaks behind his back, no one behind his back."

No matter what you do, no matter how friendly you are, there will always be people in the world who gossip about you and slander you behind your back.It's free.

No matter what others say or do, the most important thing is to be ourselves.

I have seen such a passage:

No matter how you live your life, there will be regrets. The key lies in how you understand, give this regretful part a higher yearning, and then respect and tolerate it. On the contrary, this regrettable part will become the perfection of vitality.

so, going your own way is actually a great ability for everyone.

Dante once sighed, "go your own way and let others talk."

Tao Yuanming resigned and retired, so he had the leisure of "picking wild flowers by the fence and accidentally seeing Nanshan."

Zhou Dunyi rejected the corruption of officialdom, and only then did he have the cleanliness of "getting out of the mud without being stained".

when Beethoven first learned to play the violin, he was not good at it. At that time, he would rather play his own music than learn more about his playing skills. The violin teacher once asserted: "he is by no means a composer."

when Darwin decided to give up practicing medicine, he was reprimanded by his father: "what are you going to do in the future if you don't do serious work and just hunt and catch rats all day?"

Darwin later revealed in his autobiography: "when I was a child, teachers and elders thought that I was mediocre and had nothing to do with intelligence."

Einstein can't speak until the age of four and can't read until the age of seven.

the teacher commented on him: "slow, unsociable, and full of fantasies are unrealistic." He was also treated as a dropout.

if they were not "going their own way" and were swayed by other people's ideas, they would not have made achievements that attracted worldwide attention.

there is a saying in Caigen Tan: "years are long, but you are busy promoting yourself; romances are idle, and those who disturb you are redundant."

take your own path and take your own steps, so that you can live better and better.

there is a saying in Huai Nan Zi:

give him whatever position he has, let him do whatever position he has, have enough strength, hold nothing heavy, have enough strength, and do nothing difficult.

keep your heart and ignore gossip.

keep your mouth shut and stick to principles and bottom lines.

keep your own path and stick to your choice.