Keep your mouth shut, settle down, and you win.

Keep your mouth shut, settle down, and you win.

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there is a saying: "every excellent person has a period of silence, which is a time when he has made a lot of efforts but can not get results, and we call them taking root."

good people always talk less and do more.

keep your mouth shut, settle down, and you win.


it's an ability to keep quiet.

Silence is sometimes for better thinking and better solitude.

if you control your mouth, you will be able to control your life.

the famous comedian Zhou Xingchi played funny on the screen, and everyone was amused by his acting skills.

but in fact, his real life in private does not like talking and being funny.

he prefers to be alone, less sociable and less talkative.

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since he was a child, he likes to be alone. When his mother asks him if he wants to go out with him, he usually shakes his head and looks at the scenery by himself.

when he signed up to be an TVB artist, his mother was shocked and asked him, "you haven't said a word for three days. Do you really want to be an actor?"

for the next six years, he ran a trap without lines or names.

until A Chinese Odyssey, Zhou Xingchi still wanted to shoot with the director, but instead of talking to him directly, he stuffed a note in the door of the director's hotel room.

also because of this opportunity, he became famous.

there are many people on the Internet who comment on him, denigrate him, and attack him.

but he didn't respond and focused on doing his own thing.

he also did it, making many works classic.

A person who knows how to control his mouth has a strong heart, not to be disturbed by external temptations, not to be bothered by other people's words.

those who understand naturally understand, and there is no need to say more, argue, or gossip about others.

be yourself and let your heart be clear.


sinking down is a kind of wisdom

life. Only when you can stand loneliness can you keep prosperity.

Jiang Shuying was once admitted to Shanghai Theatre Academy with the first result of her major.

after graduation, many friends have worked hard in show business.

but she felt that she needed to improve herself, so she chose to go to England for further study.

but when she arrived in England, she found that her English was so poor that she could not even read an examination paper.

in order to improve her English listening, she got up at 7: 00 in the morning and went to work in a restaurant, which even her mother thought was incredible.

she said: "in order to have a language environment to practice oral English, I don't care if my feet are worn out after standing all day."

usually she will memorize and learn English words one by one.

but even though she worked hard, she didn't make much progress. She would cry in the room and continue to recite words after crying.

in two and a half years, she clenched her teeth and got a master's degree in media economics from the University of East Anglia.

also hosted the then British Prime Minister Theresa as an ambassador for a project.

settle down, time will give you the answer you want, and life will have tears of joy.

sometimes people are too impetuous, which will affect the mood and the actual effect of doing things.

settling down is a necessary practice for everyone.

it takes a process to cultivate yourself. There is no casual success, only down-to-earth strivers.


only by relying on yourself silently can you be reliable

get along with others. Sometimes you can learn to be silent and keep your heart in order to better control your life.

when my friend Shi Yu was in college, he didn't realize the importance of studying hard. He squandered his time every day, watching dramas, eating, drinking and sleeping with friends all day long.

at that time, she didn't have any ideals and plans, so she just wanted to live one day after another.

later, after graduation, reality hit her hard in the face. She often made mistakes at work, there were many things she didn't understand, she could only do the most basic things, and her salary was half that of others.

also because of his low work efficiency, he was criticized by some colleagues.

in the face of the ridicule of others and the insufficiency of her own ability, she chose to work hard silently.

she realized the importance of learning and regretted the time she had wasted in the past.

so she made up her mind to study from scratch, keep going to read books and improve her cultural level.

every morning, Shi Yu makes a detailed plan for himself and completes it step by step.

if she doesn't finish the day's task for some reason, she will write down the reason why she didn't finish it and do a self-reflection.

she said: "I don't want to live like this. If I want to live my ideal life and not be laughed at, I must try to be good. If I don't succeed, I will become benevolent."

in the end, it took her a year to double her income, surpass her colleagues who laughed at her before, and they dared not speak ill of her any more.

calm down and do things, so that you can firmly grasp what you want in the rush and busyness.

when no one applauds for themselves, be their strongest backing, and one day they will change from quantitative change to qualitative change.

rely on yourself silently and work hard quietly to make yourself an outstanding person.

as the saying goes, "you have to be at the top quietly and surprise everyone."