Join us for Girls' Day.

Join us for Girls' Day.

I can't find a reason. Why don't you come?

tomorrow's 3.7, is the annual Girls' Day.

but this time, we want to do a different activity in Dongguan.

when I was in junior high school, I saw a saying in a magazine, "relying on mountains will fall, but everyone can run." I didn't think this sentence was true until I met some girls who preached "find a rich man" in order to buy clothes and cosmetics, some girls who were emotional to rely on each other, and some girls who were willing not to pursue better themselves for the sake of temporary comfort.

how independent a girl is, determines how emotionally she is not easily tied up by each other. And how independent a girl is financially, she has the strength to choose the choice she really likes in her heart.

so this time, every detail of the disorganized activity includes every item, and we give them a meaning for only one purpose, which is to give you the courage to be a different girl.

I want to see you. From now on, don't be kidnapped by the environment in the four walls of the dormitory, a bed and a South Korean TV series, and go to some distinct college life that is different from the people around you. Use your reasonable income to give to the people you care about, or even yourself, and buy things that make you different. To make yourself different from what he knew before, you have to remember that when you don't love, you deserve to meet better, and when you love, you can afford to lose.

it all starts from the moment you make yourself different.

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