I've been busy all my life. What's yours? (classic)

I've been busy all my life. What's yours? (classic)

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have you ever asked yourself, after being busy all your life, what is yours? Is it money? Is it a house? Is it a lover? Is it a child?

is the money yours? When people grow old, money is paper, and you can't take a penny with you.

is the house yours? A hundred years later, the house is brick, which is of little use.

is your lover yours? Love is not there, the lover is a passer-by, true love is hard to find.

is the baby yours? When you grow up, all over the world is home, you can only look at it from afar!

busy all my life, exhausted myself, spoiled the body, often backache, a lot of problems, tired and pain, no one for you to understand.

at that time, you suddenly realize that there are only two words for the things that belong to you all your life: health!


in good health, we can live a full life, do what we want to do, and go where we want to go.

in good health, we can work hard, do our best for our family, and give them better care!

good health is a treasure! The body is not allowed to be ruined, the parts are not to be damaged, and the mood is not to be spoiled.

but how many people used their bodies to exchange money when they were young? they didn't save much money, but they exhausted their bodies. Old body can not bear the load, a body of pain, at that time, no matter how much money can not buy health!

there is a shelf life for things bought in the supermarket, so is this not the case with our bodies? Life is only a few decades, we consume too much in the early stage, and we can only maintain it constantly in the later stage.

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people, you must be in good health!

if your body allows it, make money again! Work and rest must be regular, diet must be regulated, no matter how busy life is, let yourself keep exercising.

No step in life is in vain. If you are good to your health, it will also be good to you and will give you satisfactory feedback!


people, be in a good mood! All diseases come from qi, don't be angry, don't be angry, be ambitious!

in this lifetime, no matter what others do to you, you must be kind to yourself.

Don't be paranoid, don't feel sorry for yourself, don't sulk, because when you sulk, the person you care about doesn't know and spoils yourself.

Don't spoil yourself because of unworthy popularity. After all, the world comes and goes, and the people in front of you who are angry with you don't know where they will be tomorrow.

A person's life is not easy. You should learn to please yourself. What you are happy is happiness, and what you are optimistic and comfortable is happiness!

what do we have in our lives?

every day, every moment.

it doesn't really matter that we get lost. What matters is what kind of mentality we take to complete the road of life.

work no matter whether you are happy or not, you have to stick to it, and you have to face the difficulties no matter whether you are happy or not. In that case, why not let yourself live happily? Make life as calm and calm as possible?