It's expensive for the rest of your life. Don't bet on your body.

It's expensive for the rest of your life. Don't bet on your body.

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emotion, money and health are the most important things in life.

and health is the foundation of everything. if there is no health, then all good things are floating clouds.

indeed. In the face of life and death, everything is as insignificant as ants.

Yi Shu has a passage in Xi Bao: "I want a lot of love. If there is no love, it will cost a lot of money. If I don't have either, my health is good."

Life is like an one-way ticket. No matter what you have experienced along the way, remember to be kind to your body. If you are profligate, it will only speed you to the finish line, waiting for you to have nothing.

there is no next time in life. The rest of life is very expensive. Don't bet on your body.


Please do not overestimate your body. In fact, it is easy to get hurt

during the reign of Yongzheng, he was a real "overtime maniac".

he is diligent in political affairs every day, does everything himself, often stays up late overtime, and sleeps less than four hours a day.

during the reign of Kangxi, only more than 100 officials were able to perform notes every day, while Yongzheng directly opened up to more than 2,000. Every day, most of the notes from various provinces were 50 or 60, and as few as 20 or 30.

Yongzheng has been in power for 13 years, and there are as many as 35000 Zhu's notes in Chinese and 6600 in Manchu. On average, about 10 notes are read every day, with more than 1000 words on them.

because of Yongzheng's round-the-clock work, he often neglected his health, then gradually became weaker and weaker, and finally died suddenly in Old Summer Palace at the age of 58 because of overwork.

in Shangshu, it is pointed out that there are five blessings in life: "longevity, wealth, Corning, good virtue, and final examination", while the six culprits are: "short discount, illness, worry, poverty, evil, and weakness".

longevity is listed as the first of the five blessings, while early death is listed as the first misfortune.

it can be seen that the ancients clearly realized the extreme importance of human life from the concept, and linked happiness with the body at the same time.

Kou Jun, the famous prime minister of the Northern Song Dynasty, specially mentioned in his famous "six repentance inscriptions", "if you are at peace, you will repent when you are ill." It means that when you are safe, you are not good at maintenance, but you regret it when you are ill.

having health doesn't mean having everything, but if you lose your health, you lose everything.

if you think about the pain of illness when you are not sick, your state of mind will become peaceful, vain desire and pleasure will be reduced, and more than half of your anxiety will be reduced.

Health is the premise of everything. If you don't treat it well, in the end, all the good things don't belong to you.

the best investment is to have a healthy body

Academician Zhong Nanshan said: "Health is the cost of doing things, and health needs investment."

having a healthy body, you can achieve your ideal, achieve your goals, and get the life you want.

when we were young, everyone thought that they had the capital to squander their health and would be desperate to pursue everything they wanted.

however, in fact, everyone has to go through the same stage, from child, to youth, to middle age, it is a long process.

however, by the second half of life, the gap between people has obviously widened.

Professor Zhang Li of Tsinghua University, who is 95 years old this year, is also the oldest teacher at Tsinghua University.

although he is already old, every time the professor teaches, the content is very novel and cutting-edge, the professor's mental state is very good, and the logic of thinking is very clear and agile. Many people say that the professor can't see that he is over 90 at all.

Professor Zhang Li is able to maintain such a good state because he has been exercising for many years.

I began to exercise in 1977 and lasted until I was 90 years old. I didn't stop doing it all over again. I counted it carefully for 40 years.

every time after the professor has finished running, the theoretical problems usually encountered are easily solved. Later, on the advice of the doctor, it changed the habit of running in the morning to walking quickly around the school auditorium.

Professor Zhang uses persistent exercise to tell us that only with a good body can we support what we like to do.

where does healthy body come from? The answer is very simple, only self-discipline.

in the motto of court training, Kangxi taught the prince and grandson: "A diet and a careful living is the cure for illness." In other words, a moderate diet and strict daily life is really a good way to eliminate the pain.

Kangxi also said that we should "live regularly" and not be "sleepy" or "gluttonous", let alone "indulge in banquets." Only "when living, the diet festival, cold and summer is suitable, then the health benefit and longevity benefit".

in fact, it is to tell children and grandchildren to exercise self-discipline and maintain regular and restrained habits in order to stay away from disease.

but often people do not lack common sense of health, but more lack of self-discipline.

self-discipline is the only way to keep healthy.


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having good energy is the driving force for struggle.

the book "Energy Management" mentions: "how many hours in a day is fixed, but the energy we can mobilize is not like this."

A day is 24 hours. If you have 8 hours to sleep, whether you can stay energetic for the rest of the time depends on your physical condition.

so it is essential to have a healthy body. If the physical quality is poor, then how can we talk about mental or physical work?

only when you are energetic, can you have the motivation to think and accomplish what you want to accomplish, so that people can continue to learn and grow.

Bernard Shaw persisted in swimming, long-distance running and walking all his life, and lived to be 94 years old.Advanced age; Einstein takes a vigorous walk of 5 kilometers a day, commuting between her home and the University of Pullington; Madame Curie rides 12 kilometers a week when she is in Paris.

those big people in the scientific community know very well that only with good energy can they go further.

when you feel tired every day and come home from work every day, you lie in bed playing TV series and short videos until late at night.

while some people are so energetic that they persist in reading and studying when they get home.

so, the effects of the two are really very different.

therefore, the gap between people lies in your personal energy and daily persistence.