It was only when I grew up that I realized I was wrong.

It was only when I grew up that I realized I was wrong.

Do you like beautiful things?

Last week J and I planned to go out for dinner. I said I wanted to write an article called "the Truths I once believed in", but it didn't feel long. J told me his story, so I had this article today.

in the third year of high school, J's head teacher often said, "the college entrance examination is the only and fairest way to choose the best. It does not rely on other efforts to screen out different kinds of people." I answered and said, "I feel like my head teacher has said the same thing." Then I remembered that once in a notebook, I found a line written on the cover of a classmate's notebook, "as long as you work hard, you will get something." At that time, I was almost sacred to these words, because I knew that as long as I tried to silently write down the outline, remember the standard answer template, and constantly change the data and repeat the examples, the value of my test scores would certainly increase, and the ranking would be closer to the top of the pyramid.

but when I grew up, I found that I was wrong.

it turns out that this society, most of the time, looks at the face.

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J, who used to be a minister in the Ministry of Information Technology, said that at the beginning of the interview, two younger brothers had to join the equipment debugging group, but there was only one spot left. Brother A had worked as a volunteer in the theater before. know the basic operation of lighting debugging, Brother B has no experience and is not in the computer department, and he knows nothing about machines. "guess which one I finally chose to come in." "I don't know why, but I know you asked me that. You must have chosen the one who knows nothing." "that's right, because B looks clean, at least compared with the glossy behind A glasses frame, B's face is clean-shaven, and he looks comfortable in a solid-color shirt." I said, "how could you do that? although I would choose B, it is a bit unfair in terms of technical level and strength."

when I wanted to say half jokingly and half seriously that J was from the appearance Association, he pointed to the two restaurants on the other side of the intersection and asked me which one I would like to eat. I took a look. One was a fake restaurant that had been decorated at a glance. The pale fluorescent lamp shone on the greasy table, the bright red plastic chair, and several big men who ate with their legs crossed. One is a Japanese-style small red lantern with the word "sushi" written outside, the door is an antique wooden door, and behind the porch is a curtain of dark blue gauze. Although it is not very high-end and elegant, it is much better than the former. So the day before I said I wanted to eat hot food, I did not hesitate to say that it must be a sushi restaurant.

Sorry, I'm not from the appearance Association, but that one looks really, better.

I see that this is the case.

when you don't know anything about a new person, his appearance is always your first criterion for judging him, and this criterion has a great impact on the next position. This is why people say that first impressions are very important.

I have read a column introducing black fairy tales, which says that all princesses in fairy tales can live a happy life with the prince, not because she is a thrifty and industrious wife, but because she first has a good face and a good figure that can look good in a dress, so the prince will be interested to know whether she is a thrifty and industrious wife.

"appearance determines whether it is possible to be together, and character determines whether or not to be together." Put these two factors in a priority order, what to look at first and what to look at later. You will know why someone flipped through the photos of WeChat moments after adding Wechat friends and then no more.

the story ends before it begins.

sometimes I really have to sigh, this face-looking world.

at this time J said, No, you are wrong, you can't say that.

because it's not "sometimes", it's "all the time".

by the way, recently, I have a deep understanding that opportunities are more important than strength, but without strength, opportunities are bound to be lost in vain, and we should note that

opportunities must be based on the accumulation of strength.

you might as well talk to us backstage about your thoughts. I'm Tong C, and I'll be waiting for you backstage.