It turns out that tomorrow is not 2006

It turns out that tomorrow is not 2006

Do you think about this when you can't sleep at night?

I suddenly remembered that when I was a child, I used to ask my mother, why don't you have white hair? A few years later, when she was driving me to school, I spoke to her in the back seat and was a little surprised to find that she had started to grow gray hair, too. There was a sad feeling in my heart at that moment, but I still pretended to smile and said, "Oh, you have white hair. You see you are getting old!" Let me pull it out for you. What she doesn't know now is that I slipped that hair into the school card condom later, perhaps to remind myself of that truth.

everyone hopes to make money as fast as their parents grow old, and I hope to cherish this affection when we see each other. After all, I am not sure what the material conditions will be in the future and whether the person you want to love is still waiting for you when you really have rich material things. I remember that the year you were 34 years old, the year I first found that you had gray hair, and today, by 2016, you will be 44 years old. It has been a whole decade. A little ruthlessly thinking, if you have a life span of 90 years, are you already losing half of your life, and in the past four decades and 2004, you spend nearly half of your time turning a new life into a completely independent individual, and then you trade your own aging for the growth of another person.

forget it, it's cruel, don't talk about it.

roommates have recently developed wisdom teeth and it hurts so much that they can only cover their cheekbones with their left hand and eat with their right hand. When I asked her what was wrong, she said that her teeth were so painful that she was ready to pull them out. She also said that she was bored when she was in the fourth grade. She had nothing to do and pulled out the two front teeth she was going to change herself. As a result, she got a score of 100 at that time. I said, ah, you changed your baby teeth in the fourth grade, and now you have wisdom teeth. Time is really a pig knife. You have grown up all of a sudden.

well, in the fourth grade, we were all eight years old in 2006; after today, the wisdom teeth have come out, and 2016 of them have come.

and the decade when I suddenly looked back and found that there was suddenly no sound, it was like the end of the concert. I watched tens of thousands of people come by amid the hustle and bustle, and finally the music disappeared. The sound of the power supply of the background equipment also stopped.

I walked away quietly for ten years, and as soon as I opened my eyes, I thought I could still be wayward as young, but I found that the time of my mobile phone showed that it was 2016.1.1. Your "Happy New year" is all over the screen on Wechat.

@ eel whale

I lost sleep again after saying "it's not 2006 tomorrow" in the early morning.

if tomorrow is 2006, then I can tell my grandfather, who always says that he will be watching me go to college in ten years' time, that my university has lost the storybook you bought for me, crying and laughing at my smartphone like a fool every day; my university does not have so many revolutionary friendships, most of them are passers-by, not to mention ten years later, there will be no contact with buddies today and jokes. My university seldom writes with a pen. I take an exam at most once a semester, or to make a cheat sheet. But still happy, you know my temperament, finally do not have to be bound by rules and regulations, have the freedom to choose what I like, for example, I can choose my favorite major, no longer need to memorize the knowledge points in the textbook and then follow a set of patterns to answer questions; I can fall in love, do not have to hide in the dark to talk to boys; I can go wherever I want to buy a ticket and go without having to report to my parents. I must tell you these things tomorrow, because you are going to die.

the next road, I may really go by myself.

it turns out that tomorrow is not 2006. "Ten years" is not just a bad street, but it has really been ten years.

@ Zhang Jingshi

when we discussed the topic in the middle of last night, the eel whale said, "so tomorrow is not 2006."

Tong c and I clapped their hands in the group, and then Tong c asked, "in fact, what does this sentence mean?"

Look perfectly ravishing in elegant gowns with high neck style. Our unique selections would be the best gift.

she is the youngest of the three of us. No wonder he doesn't understand. So I found many friends who were as young as me but loved to write. I threw the topic to them and said, "Writing, this topic is very good. You must be very impressed."

Yes, you have to be so naughty to ask for a manuscript. I have known them for nearly a year, because of the disorganization, and because of the public platform, the only medium of our time, we all want to express ourselves in the spring tide, and we didn't think about changing anything at the beginning, but we worked conscientiously for a year. I have posted a lot of articles that no one has read, and I have also sold all kinds of things that I didn't think of a year ago, such as tickets to the music festival, such as AC's Gingerbread Man.

A year has passed, which is good.

but look back and think that tomorrow is the real 2016, not 2006. After the online spearhead shifted from post-90s to 00, no one called us a beat generation, and no one called us "bear kids". When I go home during the winter vacation, I have to carry two big duffel bags, a suitcase with only two wheels, and a mainframe computer on it. Even if I have cramps in my hand, I can't call my family and complain that your car hasn't arrived yet!

because no one is coming to pick us up, we have to go on our own.

although he marched forward with a big sword in hand, the blisters in the palm of his hand were also worn out and the blood continued to flow out.

although I was smiling when I parted, I couldn't help crying when I looked back. It was not because I was afraid of how difficult the road ahead would be. I just made up my mind and knew that I would miss a lot of time to get together with my family.

although we have to party tonight, there is also a lot of loss behind the collective carnival. I hope this moment next yearInstead of being lost, we straighten our chest and tell ourselves

"I'm ready, come on."

come on, 2016.