It turns out that this is self-cultivation.

It turns out that this is self-cultivation.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

A person's external appearance determines whether he wants to know his heart, but a person's self-cultivation can directly reject his external appearance.

your good manners are hidden in every detail of your life.


Don't think highly of yourself

there are people outside the sky. Humility is not only an attitude, but also a kind of self-cultivation.

A camel toiled across the desert. A fly lay on the camel's back and said sarcastically:

"silly camel, thank you for carrying me."

the camel said disdainfully, "when you were on me, I didn't know at all. You left, and there was no need to say hello to me. You have no weight at all. Don't take yourself too seriously."

as the saying goes, "low water is the sea, and low man is king."

the sea is low-lying in order to achieve its own vastness, people can put themselves in the lowest state to accommodate more things.

put yourself in the right position, the body is your own, and being a man is long.

check if there is anything wrong with yourself before accusing others of their mistakes.


Don't blindly promise

keep your word

. Sow actions and you will reap habits; sow habits will reap character; sow character will reap destiny-habits make a person.

promises are easy to say, but difficult to do, so reliable people never make promises easily, just show them with actions.

because Ta understands the truth of a promise.

promise is not light, so I do not fail others; promise is not credulous, so people do not fail me.


Don't make fun of others

Life is not easy, don't make fun of others.

every family has its own difficulties, and everyone has its own songs that are difficult to sing.

No matter how beautiful it is, there is cold pain behind it; no matter how happy it is, there is helplessness in the heart.

No one's life is easy. To laugh at others is to laugh at yourself, and to respect others is to respect yourself.

the whole of life is interdependent, please learn to be grateful.

be grateful for the bliss of nature, the upbringing of parents, the sweetness of food and the warmth of clothes.


Don't lose your temper

people are equal at birth and death-come and go with crying.

pay attention to take a step back and put up with calm for a while. If you complain too much, you should keep your eyes open.

there is a group of people who can't find any clues in the face of unpleasant things. They still work and live calmly, and their smiles are always bright.

this smile can infect the people around you, so everyone is very happy.

so such people are always very popular.


Don't interrupt others

listening is a kind of wisdom, a kind of self-cultivation, a kind of respect, as well as spiritual communication and mental maturity.

Marshall Luxembourg points out in "non-violent Communication":

"in people's waking time, 80% of their time is spent on interpersonal communication, of which 45% of the time is spent listening."

it can be seen that a person's popularity depends to a large extent on his ability to listen.

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people who are good at listening encourage their frustrated relatives and friends to move forward with silent words.

some people say that the power of listening is equivalent to a loving embrace, strong and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

I think so.