It is instinct for a child to be undisciplined, and it is a skill for his parents to let him exercise self-discipline.

It is instinct for a child to be undisciplined, and it is a skill for his parents to let him exercise self-discipline.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

was recently fancied by an 8-year-old boy.

he is a pupil. He gets up and washes at 06:30 every day, and then reads in the morning.

at first, the child could not stick to it, but his mother reminded him and supervised him every day, and he slowly formed a habit.

in the past, children especially liked watching TV, so the mother took the book and read it herself to set an example for her children.

later, under the influence of the family atmosphere, the children gradually fell in love with reading, and the TV at home has not been turned on since the first grade.

when I come back at noon every day, the child reads by himself on the sofa, sometimes crying, sometimes laughing.

he would also chase his mother with a book and say, "this book is very good. Mom, you can also read it."

psychologist Saedez said:

every child is born with a lust for pleasure and the pursuit of comfort, especially in the process of learning, children are used to fear difficulties and always want to give up, but parents must not let it go.

self-disciplined children are not born, but are nurtured by their parents.


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parents do not push behind

Children will never take the initiative to learn

once there was a father who secretly photographed the whole process of his child's homework.

push the door, dot the wall, wander, daze, go to the toilet, do all kinds of tricks, but don't do your homework.

for a full 9 minutes, the time that children really spend on homework is only more than 2 minutes.

many parents sigh: "it's like seeing their own children."

Yes, this child is exposed, in fact, is a common problem of countless children.

they have poor self-discipline and low ability of autonomous learning. once they are lack of parental supervision and discipline, it is easy to control themselves.

Weibo once had a vote on "how primary and secondary school students spend their holidays". The results showed that 80% of children chose to sleep, eat and play games to fill their lives.

laziness is human nature, and children are no exception.

it has been proved that before the age of 6, the prefrontal cortex of the child is immature, the learning motivation is not clear, and the self-control ability is very weak.

there is a sentence in the Tsinghua high achiever Godson Sutra:

so it is normal for him to be lazy in reading, procrastinate and do not want to do his homework.

if at this time, parents, as the "first responsible person" of their children, choose to let go, their children will only become more and more unscrupulous and indulgent.

if parents don't push their children behind, they will never learn to learn on their own.

there is a mother who always thinks that her child has a sense of responsibility for herself.

so she never cares what time her daughter gets up, when she goes to bed and when she reads books.

with regard to her daughter's academic performance, she also does not force or ask questions. She thinks that it is more important for children to be interested.

in less than three years, my daughter's grades plummeted and she was at the bottom of the class.

during this period of time when she indulged her children, her daughter was addicted to playing games, was late for school, was distracted from class, and spent most of her day playing games.

even her daughter secretly charged thousands of yuan to the game behind her back.

there are no naturally conscious children, and every child has inertia more or less.

an education expert once said:

the reason why a child is a child lies in his lack of self-consciousness.

they always feel that they are not as comfortable as sleeping in in class and doing exercises are not as easy as browsing their mobile phones.

therefore, there is a greater need for parents to make rules and constant supervision to help children get rid of their wayward and sloppy nature.


every child who is consciously self-disciplined

is in charge of

A second-grade child, how self-disciplined can he be?

she insists on getting up at 06:30 and begins to read in the morning.

she doesn't need her parents to stare, so she takes the initiative to finish her homework as soon as she gets home.

she keeps practicing, exercising, and reading every day.

these habits have been going on for several years.

but her good habits are not from the very beginning, but it is actually her parents who take great pains to discipline, restrain and urge them.

her mother made a series of family rules for her from an early age, requiring her children to strictly abide by them.

she will also make a study plan for her and accompany her children to finish it every day.

slowly, girls develop the habit of self-discipline.

every child who takes the initiative to learn and self-discipline is actually under the "control" of his parents.

as the mother of Yang Chenyu, the top student in the college entrance examination, said:

the process of supervision is very painful, because you have to keep an eye on him all the time;

but after being stereotyped, the child's future will be easy. "

the starting point of children's self-discipline must depend on their parents'"heteronomy".

Yi Qianxi's mother signed him up for more than a dozen interest classes when he was 2 years old, regardless of rain or shine.

that's why he is now a young man with excellent singing and dancing, excellent acting skills and extreme self-discipline.

Dong Qing's father asked her to copy idioms and recite ancient poems every day from an early age, and let her get up and run before dawn.

so today, she still reads for an hour every day, and there are no electronics in her bedroom, only books.

their parents' educational style is very strict, but behind this ruthlessness and ruthlessness is actually the parents' greatest vision:

Let their children turn self-discipline into a way of life.

how can children know that if they refuse to bear hardships and study now?How many people will be looked down upon and suffering from life in the future.

there is a saying in Reading Notes:

the reason for the difference lies in whether their parents try their best to raise them or just watch them grow up. "

behind a self-disciplined child, there must be a strict parent.

giving children too much freedom is the greatest irresponsibility to children.

because an undisciplined child will only run more and more slowly on the track of life, and finally be left far behind.


Children's habit of self-discipline

the sooner it is cultivated, the better.

Liu Xuan once caused controversy because of "iron blood education."

the schedule she gives her son is full except for sleeping. Cartoons are only shown to the child for 15 minutes a day.

many netizens accused her of being too hard on her children. after all, her son is only 4 years old.

but Liu Xuan believes that this is to establish rules and self-discipline for children. Children can only be self-conscious when they are under control when they are young.

Calvert's Education says:

conversely, if children have a lot of bad habits when they are young, they will be difficult to get rid of when they grow up. "

therefore, the sooner children develop the habit of self-discipline, the better.

habit of active learning

if children want to develop the habit of active learning, the key is not to be urged by their parents, but to set up rules in advance.

Guo Jingjing is a very strict "tiger mother". She pays special attention to the cultivation of children's habits.

the rules she laid down for her children are non-negotiable.

even if Grandpa Timothy Fok comes to see the children, she also requires the children to finish their homework before they can play.

she said:

when their children are young, parents should make corresponding rules and strictly implement them with their children, such as they can't play until they finish their homework, they must check after they finish their homework, they must review and preview every day, and so on.

letting rules urge children to take the initiative to learn is more effective than parents nagging and urging.

the habit of managing time

many children are always used to procrastination:

homework due on Monday is always put off until Sunday evening;

parents don't rush to get up. I think it's okay to be a few minutes late.

Children don't know when to study, when to play, and what to miss when they are late.

so parents must cultivate their children's ability of self-management early.

Deng Mingyang, the gold medalist of the 60th International Mathematics Competition, once shared his holiday schedule.

he arranges his study, reading and exercise time in good order, and sets several small goals for himself every week, such as reading a few extracurricular books.

and the reason why he has such a strong time management ability is inseparable from his mother's education.

his mother taught him to make a daily schedule when he was very young.

when making plans, my mother will fully respect his ideas and give only some suggestions.

his mother is responsible for supervising him every day, and will give him corresponding points and rewards every time she completes a plan.

he feels that he has a sense of achievement every day, and he also unwittingly has a good sense of time and has formed the habit of managing his time.

stick to the habit of reading

Bai Yansong once said that he liked reading very much when he was a child, and he would read books of adults and children.

he also borrowed books everywhere with his mother's two reading cards, so he slowly formed the habit of reading, which has been with him to this day.

is reading, which makes him who he is today.

under the influence of Bai Yansong, his son has also become a small book fan, and the room is full of all kinds of books.

teacher Yin Jianli said that to cultivate reading habits, parents should work hard with their children.

there is a father in Hunan who specially built a family library in order to make his son fall in love with reading.

by the time my son was 2 years old, his collection of books had reached 20,000. Now, ten years later, my son has become the most loyal reader.

accompany children to read together, create a good reading atmosphere for children, and cultivate children who love reading.

Sergei Mikharkov said:

knowledge affects the horizon, the vision determines the pattern, and the pattern affects the child's future life.

good reading habits can benefit children for a lifetime.

then when he grows up, he will completely lose his competitiveness and fall into mediocrity.

A child's lack of self-discipline is an instinct, and it is a skill for his parents to let him discipline himself.

to help children form good habits and let self-discipline be rooted in their hearts, this is the great love that parents really plan for their children.