It is better to fight with a wise man than to talk to a bad man.

It is better to fight with a wise man than to talk to a bad man.

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Yakos once said: "90% of the misfortunes in our lives are caused by unwillingness."

when others casually say something unpleasant, others forget it, but they feel sad for more than half a year because they are not reconciled to it.

when people with low quality deliberately do something offensive, because they are not reconciled, they do not hesitate to spend a lot of energy and money to compete;

when a relationship, knowing that further progress will be a quagmire, there will be no result, but still repeatedly entangled, unwilling to get away.

in life, many times you will encounter difficulties and injuries caused by bad people and things. The more you care and the more you pester, the more painful you will be.

until the end, he hurt a thousand enemies and destroyed himself by eight hundred, so that he could not get real happiness because of his negative energy.

the meaning of life is the pursuit of good things one after another, not exhausting in the struggle with enchantments.

when you encounter bad people and bad things, don't pester, get out in time, do more meaningful things, embrace a better life, and become a better yourself, is the best way to fight back.


when you encounter bad people, you don't fight.

Zeng Guofan said: "Men do not fight for fame with gentlemen, do not fight for profit with villains, and do not fight skillfully with heaven and earth."

in life, there are always some impassable dead ends, unreasonable losers, turn a corner and get around it.

if you want to be happy for a while, you will not only waste your life and worry yourself, but also cause bad luck.

if you want to have uncompetitive wisdom in life, you will not be swayed by negative emotions, make too many enemies, or cause yourself unnecessary trouble.

in the movie "Wild Story", a man is driving. Because a strong man in front of him is deliberately changing lanes to annoy him, he immediately drives forward and opens the window to insult him.

I had planned to go away, but I didn't expect to be overtaken by the strong man and smashed the glass. The male car owner angrily roofed the strong man's car into the lake.

after the male car owner left, he became more and more angry. The car turned around and went back to struggle with the strong man. The two men caused a fuel tank explosion in a fierce fight.

by the time the police arrived, both of them had become charred bodies.

male car owners pay an unbearable price for a fight.

it can be said that it is better to compete with the superior than with the bad.

Raptors do not fight with evil snakes, and male lions do not compete with mad dogs for food. Hierarchical people never struggle or confront bad people, which not only affects their mood and wastes time, but also lowers their quality of life.

if you have the misfortune to meet a bad person, you can ignore him, stay away from him, don't let him affect your mood, get out in time, and meet the beauty that belongs to you.

he is strong by him, the breeze blows the hills; he lets him cross, the moon shines on the river.


in the face of all the troubles in the world, you might as well learn to let go, not to be entangled with trifles, bad things, and unpleasant things, stop the loss in time, and get out. It is a kind of wisdom.

painful emotions and unpleasant memories will make people depressed and depressed if they are allowed to fill their hearts.

just like a dirty room, regularly sweeping the floor and removing dust can brighten the gloomy heart and make more room for sunshine and happiness.

Zhang ailing and Hu Lancheng were the most famous female writers in Shanghai at that time, and the other was an important member of Wang's puppet government. The two who were passionately in love got married in August 1944.

"Hu Lancheng and Zhang ailing signed for life and became husband and wife. May the years be quiet and stable in this world. "

it's just that the good times didn't last long. Not long after the marriage, Hu Lancheng, who was unfaithful in love, fell in love with Zhou Xunde, a 17-year-old nurse. Hu Lancheng then had another wedding with him and seemed to forget the existence of Zhang ailing.

in March 1945, Hu Lancheng told Zhang ailing about Xiao Zhou. Zhang ailing's heart was badly stabbed, but she still loved him, so she chose to bear it silently.

it was not long before Hu Lancheng, a flirtatious man, attracted Fan Xiumei again. After a while, the two became husband and wife, and they were also husband and wife to the Fan family and neighbors.

Zhang ailing, who was so low in love at that time, also had to admit that this most beautiful love has come to the end of bitterness, and there is no room for redemption.

in June 1947, Hu Lancheng received a farewell letter from Zhang ailing:

"I don't like you anymore, you don't like me anymore. It took me a year and a half to consider my determination this time. "

as a famous saying goes, "No one can go back and start anew, but everyone can create a new future from the present."

although we can't change the world, we don't have to let ourselves fall into pain, entanglement and unhappiness for the sake of people who are not worth it.

A lot of times, giving up is another kind of persistence. No matter how bad the situation is, let go in time, stop the loss in time, turn the story in time, you can meet the next beautiful journey, treat yourself well and love yourself as always.

even if you miss the splendor of summer flowers, you will surely walk into Qiuye Jingmei. Take the initiative to adjust yourself, start anew, and do what you like, so that you can live a more and more transparent, happy and beautiful life.


people who are not entangled had better

in ancient Tibet, there was a man named Huba who made a living by farming.

he has a very strange habit. Whenever he conflicts with others, he will quickly run home and run around his house and land.

after running, like nothing else, he began to mind his own business, working harder and harder.

A few years later, he became the man with the most land in his town.

everyone was curious about Huba's secret to getting rich, and finally found it in his conversation with his son.

once, his son was quarrelling with others outside. He came home with a grievance on his face and asked his father to vent his anger for him.

Huba taught his son: "when I was young, I often quarreled with others, but after the quarrel, instead of taking revenge, I went for a run, running around my house and land." When I run, I think:

Wear stunning sparkly hoco short dresses and flatter your body. Stop here and you will feel lucky to enter this catalog.

my house is so small and there is so little land that I don't have time to get angry with them.

as soon as I thought of this, I lost all my anger and went to work at once. So the reason why I have so much land now is because I don't get entangled with these things and concentrate on doing my own thing. "

on the spur of the moment, he is willing to get himself into entanglement and wrangling, and he loves to be entangled with small things all day long, so his quality of life must not be high, and the pattern must not be big.

the greatest absurdity of people is entangling with bad people and bad things. The smaller the pattern, the narrower the field of vision, the more it will drag life into a dirty quagmire.

the rest of your life is not long. Don't waste it in a mud puddle. Seize every good time and spend it on all the good things.

spend the limited time in your life on self-improvement and live out your own splendor and value, and you will eventually be strong enough to be invincible without fear of the wind and rain of the world.

May we let bygones be bygones and let go

Don't fight with villains

try to manage our lives

live a good and happy life

after all, living a good life

is the most important thing in this life