It is better to be silent than to talk too much! (depth)

It is better to be silent than to talk too much! (depth)

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in life,

We all have to deal with people.

in interpersonal communication, the most important thing is to speak.

because the mouth is a hurtful axe and the tongue is a killer knife,

learn to speak in order to avoid trouble and trouble.

A true wise man,

knows how to judge the hour and size up the situation,

knows what not to say, and

knows what to be silent.

will never chatter endlessly, and

will not be aggressive or embarrassing.

I would rather be silent than talk much.

shut up in time to reduce disasters. 01

knowing people without comment is the greatest kindness to people


is not to help others,

but to know people not to comment.

know how to take into account the feelings of others,

always safeguard the dignity of others,

will not casually judge others,

will not reveal the shortcomings of people's scars.

does not embarrass people, leaves room for people,

does not embarrass people, and treats people most kindly.

people are all mutual.

people treat you the way you treat others.

No matter who you get along with, you should keep your mouth shut.

know others without comment and be convenient with others.

is the kindness to others, and

is also the protection to yourself. 02

it is the best way for people to cherish

there is a kind of wisdom.

means to see through and not to reveal.

to speak out, affect feelings,

expose, will make a falling out.

instead of letting the relationship stalemate and the relationship break up,

it is better to shut up and

at least in terms of face.

to get along with others,

to see through and not to say is wisdom and treasure.

when you are quiet,

don't say much, don't say much,

reduces the harm and avoids hatred.

will also make the other person feel your magnanimity,

so as to correct the mistake and return it with true feelings.


tolerance is the most expensive quality of life

getting along with others.

it is impossible to be calm all the time.

there will always be quarrels and quarrels.

if you don't give way to each other and compete with each other step by step,

will deepen the contradiction and disperse the feelings.

if in the course of the quarrel,

can't control your mouth and burst out cruel words,

will undoubtedly stab the knife in the heart and hurt each other's heart.

so no matter who you are with,

never speak harshly or angrily.

more tolerance and understanding,

less quarrels and evil words,


tolerance, mouth control,

is the most expensive quality. People live a lifetime,

speaking is an instinct,

can speak is a skill,

sometimes success or failure lies in the language.

good words are warm in three winters,

bad words hurt people in June,

be a person with a good heart and a warm mouth,

don't expose people's shortcomings, don't hurt people's hearts.

remember at all times:

I would rather be silent than talk too much.

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I would rather be silent than say anything!