Instructor, sing "Green Flowers in the Army" again before you leave.

Instructor, sing "Green Flowers in the Army" again before you leave.

You must bring three sets of stools, raincoats and mineral water when you go out every day.

I heard that the instructor who took our company last year came back this year. I saw on Wechat that someone specially went to bring them water, some secretly took pictures, and some people turned up last year's military training group, the more they were abused, the more they missed it, and they always thought it was Stockholm syndrome. recently, there is a new saying called Milan Kundera's "fawning on vulgarity", that is, trying to create the false impression that he has been integrated into this group.

when you go out, you must take a three-piece set of stools, raincoat, and extra-large mineral water

military training, take positive steps back and forth, change legs, punish stations, and even do push-ups on a track that is hot enough to fry eggs in the hot September sun. At the opening ceremony, the whole grade stood on the playground in the rain and gathered in the central penalty station of the playground in the scorching sun at noon. There is never enough water to drink. What I see most when I pass by the trash can every day is the mineral water bottles of different sizes. When I get up at six o'clock in the morning and run like a dog until ten o'clock in the evening, it's not enough to go back and write about military training. I scolded for eleven of the twelve days, but stopped scolding on the last day.

"because I don't want to give up"

when I wrote my experience of military training in primary school composition, I really rolled my eyes, which was meaningless at all, and the things that were so hypocritical as to cry were even singled out to post the bulletin board. It was very humiliating, okay? But when we write our experiences, we sit in a row and write together, discuss together, complain together, and really have a sense of high school. At the end of my freshman year, I unexpectedly reaped six lessons when I packed my bags. I remember once forgot to hand it in, and my roommate said I threw it away. I wanted to secretly save it so that I could give them a surprise when I graduated. I really saved it to this day. Everyone in the dormitory was still competing for circulation on that day, and it was my last day in this group.

(a roommate who racked his brains in military training in just one or two hundred words)

what are push-ups?

is it like lying down and holding your head up?

only after being punished by the instructor to do push-ups did I know the difference between sit-ups and push-ups. When I did push-ups for the first time in my life, the ability to cut corners also depended on the fact that the instructor always pretended not to understand. Every time I was punished for squatting, I did no more than ten out of twenty, and I was complacent in thinking that I was smart enough to hide from the world. Only later did I know that the instructors had a clear picture of the overall situation.

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do you still remember the military song sung during the break? "Unity is strength" and "Green Flowers in the Army" sing about love and incompetence every day. Now I occasionally hear someone broadcasting at a roadside stall, but they will unconsciously slow down a little bit and turn around in three steps. We even can be regarded as the more fun kind, playing songs to the next door all day, and being driven by the instructor to "flirt" them with nothing to do. Once the superior happened to visit and got into trouble. That night, I heard that the instructor had been fired, and the boys were aggrieved and planned to protest. The girls cried foolishly in the dormitory, and the next day many people went to military training with swollen eyes. The instructor came late, although he did not know what was going on behind him, but every day after that everyone had a tacit understanding to maintain a state of super-seriousness.

(the instructor who picked up bullets for us at the shooting range)

saw the last picture of the instructor

it was a picture of them sitting on the bus waving out the window

the party on the last day of military training, there was a chorus. We even had no tacit understanding, no rehearsals, no tricks, and even didn't decide what song to sing. We casually sang a military song during the rehearsal. As a result, before we went on stage, we changed it into a military training version of "Ten years" that we had secretly practiced for our instructors to bid farewell. Without a chorus, we were pushed onto the stage without remembering all the lyrics. Later, turning on the lights of the mobile phone, peeking at the lyrics, singing "Ten years", inexplicably singing and crying a lot of people, but also moved the instructor to a mess, although in the end could not win half a prize.

the next morning, the final military parade was held on the playground. At the end, the instructors suddenly ran back to assemble, then disbanded, without saying goodbye, and left without even getting a chance to take a picture. In the last picture, everyone threw their military caps up like a group photo at the moment of graduation, and there was not a single instructor's figure.

the only one who feels useful

is the waste aunt who collects thousands of mineral water bottles a day.

what's the point of military training? It doesn't make any sense. In fact, I have never felt that a short period of 12 days of military training can have any effect on our lives. The only thing that can help is the waste collector who collects thousands of mineral water bottles a day. What does the instructor mean to us? You'll know in two months that it doesn't mean anything. Although he was reluctant to give up at that time, chanting "drillmaster, don't go", thinking that you can never see each other again and cry like a fool, you will know that even the best friends in high school who have been together for three years can break up as soon as they graduate. People who have only been together for 12 days, no matter how good the relationship is, they just meet by chance and have their own way.

I will remember them, just because the group of people around me at each stage are really supporting me through the journey, and the instructor is the first teacher to enter the university. He will not hypnotize you to sleep with a bunch of theories blowing cold air and mouth foam in the classroom, and will not carefully advise you or reason with you. In their eyes, the only truth and criterion is military orders. They may have read less than half of our books. I still remember that during the break, the instructor sat on the playground grass and sighed, "it's better for you to read."

(Gary instructor's talent show booed by the Smurfs)

at that time, there was an injury company, and people who were sick or did not want military training could serve as backup in this company when they went to the hospital to open a certificate. Although they felt that they could not make it through several times, I am really glad that I was full-time and did not run halfway, because now or in the future, when I think of college, the first thing I can think of is that battered military training. Whether it is Stockholm or "fawning on vulgarity", the righteousness of those who meet by chance still think it is worth it.

but how many times do you give me?Opportunity,

I don't want to do it again.

what's your military training story?