Instead of pouring chicken soup, I might as well pour cold water on you.

Instead of pouring chicken soup, I might as well pour cold water on you.

Have you ever heard the phrase "the window is only closed by those who are cold"?

he walked up to the girl who had rejected him for five years and asked, "if I like you for another five years, will you like me?"

she has an awkward look because he asked this question two years ago. She decided to end it, though she had done it many times like this: "even if you chase me for another hundred years, I won't like you."

he asked timidly when it began to rain: "Why?" Because it's touching, not love? "

"Don't be silly. I rejected you for this reason two years ago because I didn't want to hurt you. But I really don't want you to bother me anymore, making me look like a bitch and treat you as a backup. In fact, you're not even a backup, okay?

I don't like you because you are still who you were two or even five years ago. Your mind, your knowledge, just move from junior high school to high school, and then from high school to college. I didn't like you five years ago. How could I like you who are still standing still five years later? "

after saying that, she turned away on her high heels, feeling as if she had accomplished a great thing, and a boy seemed to know what a man should look like tonight.

"A year later"

is still a rainy night, but a year can change a lot of things, such as the girl's style of high heels and the boy's so-called "vision". The two of them stood face to face in the square, but the boy was already the regional manager of a restaurant chain and drove a white Mercedes-Benz. They talked a lot that night, including how the boys managed to get to this position step by step in a year. He has indeed grown up a lot, and within a year he has completed the accumulation of contacts and expertise that others need five or six years to complete.

"by the way, how did you get into this industry?"

"after that night, I went back and thought for a long time, and the next day I promised my father to go to his company to help. And then.

Cold Water one: only the rich second generation is qualified to stand still for five years.

I went to work as an assistant teacher at a summer camp during the summer vacation. My job is not only to help teachers do a good job, large and small, but also to make a guest appearance as "discipline director" from time to time to teach naughty students a lesson.

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but there is a student, I really do not want to communicate with him, because he is so naughty that all the teachers know him, speak foul language in class, take the lead in booing, scold the teacher, drink, and try to fight. In just 21 days, he did it all. So that every week, some teachers go to talk to him, some teach him lessons, some pour chicken soup, some talk to him, some want to "be friends" with him, and some earnestly hope that he will correct his evil ways.

even his head teacher came to me and asked me, "should I be the deputy monitor of our class?" Maybe it will awaken his sense of responsibility. "

I am puzzled that the student got so much attention because "he is very naughty". Look at the class, a large number of good students, although their grades are mediocre, do not have any special skills, appearance is also medium-level, but at least, they will not go wrong, they are very good. But few people take the initiative to pay attention to their needs, and it even takes a week to remember their names.

Yes, it is because they are so good that they don't get the attention they deserve. And that naughty student, because he was naughty, got the attention that no one else could enjoy.

"Cold Water 2: clever ordinary people are not entitled to be valued."

"Cold Water 3: there are a large group of people around you who are going to pour cold water on you."

before graduation, the four of you agreed to travel to Xiamen. In the WeChat group, one of them jumped out and said, "I'm not going. My mother found me a summer job."

so it seems to throw a basin of cold water on the red-hot stone, there is no new record in the group, only an inexplicable sour smell.

# Travel #

I chartered a car to Dongguan City with several people last week, and one of the fat boys came up and asked if we could pick him up. We said it was OK to squeeze, but as soon as the car came, he said he was a little carsick, so he sat down in the passenger seat. The remaining eight people were huddled in six seats, and there was no room for their hands. The most exasperating thing is that the boy left half the window open and drained all the air conditioners, and the back was as stuffy as an oven.

although carsickness is not his fault, he does pour cold water on our hospitality.

# chartered car #

organized a high school party before. Before the party, I kept asking them where they wanted to eat, and they all said it was all right. So I booked a more affordable Hunan restaurant. But after knowing the place to eat, a classmate jumped out and said, "can you change it?" I can't eat chili. "

another classmate added: "I can't eat either. I've had a lot of pimples recently."

so I blocked the message.