In the second half of life, be less angry and live well.

In the second half of life, be less angry and live well.

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in this life,

hurried through the first half,

unwittingly reached the second half.

used to be too young, too bad-tempered,

too ignorant, not magnanimous enough,

always angry with others,

let oneself suffocate.

in fact, everyone,

will encounter unpleasant things,

will meet unreasonable people,

it is normal to have emotions,

if you are not well controlled, always angry,

is not good for you.

getting angry is the worst thing.

in anger,

words are often the most hurtful, and things

are often wrong.

because when you are angry,

will lose your mind and affect your judgment.

blurting out words are cruel words, and things decided instantly by

are all biased.

once you calm down and think about it,

words are hard to answer, and they have hurt people's hearts.

things have been done and there is no way to fix them.

getting angry is the stupidest thing.

when people are angry,

makes the body more angry, and

is easy to induce various diseases.

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and once people are angry,

do not have any appetite, do not think about food and tea,

is always wishful thinking, affecting sleep.

the spirit is not good, affect the work, will make mistakes,

state is not good, temper soars, annoying.

the body is so angry that others don't hurt.

if you have a problem with anger, you will bear it yourself.

being angry is the most useless thing.

don't solve the problem, sulk alone,

don't find out the cause, just complain.

pay for other people's mistakes,

help others punish themselves.

you are angry, but others are proud.

you are the most hurt, and

others are irrelevant.

the person who affects you most is yourself, and

others don't feel it.

so, don't be angry.

because there is no one or anything,

is worth your time to be angry.

it doesn't help to be angry.

will only make things worse.

it's no good to be angry.

will only make your life more tired.

people who are really smart never get angry.

everything can be smiled calmly, and

will not argue with anyone.

in the second half of life,

be less angry and more relieved.

Don't be angry about trifles.

Don't be angry with outsiders.

learn to love yourself and live a good life.

May you be less angry, more happy, less concerned and more grateful for the rest of your life.

everything is open,

live comfortably, happily and freely!