In marriage, the man does not give you these three things, the husband and wife can not walk to the white end.

In marriage, the man does not give you these three things, the husband and wife can not walk to the white end.

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what is the most important thing in a marriage?

some people say it is character, some people say it is three values, and some people say it is material.

although it is true, it ignores the most important point, that is, to manage with your heart.

on the road to happiness, we will inevitably encounter all kinds of twists and turns.

if we don't cherish each other and don't pay attention to each other, we often break up halfway.

especially when a man can't give you the following three things, it's hard for a relationship to come to an end.


for your shortcomings, he did not give you tolerance

as the saying goes, no one is perfect.

in this world, no one is perfect, more or less, there will be some minor defects and shortcomings.

when two people are first together, they may also "hide" and "cover up" them, but over a long period of time, conflicts will arise when they no longer bother to maintain perfection and reveal their true colors.

at this time, the more you love, the more demanding you are.

as a result, dislike has become the norm, quarrels have become routine, and the fortress of marriage has gradually been destroyed.

Last year, a neighbor couple divorced on their second anniversary.

when they first got married, the two had a sweet relationship, smiling every day, which attracted a lot of envy.

but no one could have imagined that within two years, there were more and more quarrels between the two men.

once they quarreled, the woman came to me to complain:

"I don't know what happened. After getting married, he became more and more picky about me. Sometimes even if I didn't wash it clean, he would be furious with me. I really can't stand it."

finally, the two ended in divorce, and the love they once had ceased to exist.

Marriage results in tolerance and loses in complaining.

when a man only blames and dislikes you, it's hard to move on.

Sanmao said: "it is because two people are not half of half, so after marriage, the edges and corners of both sides grind each other patiently with sand."

I hope to be able to grind out a style in the near future.

if there is a day when two people are dangling around in a very small home, they won't hurt each other. "

between husband and wife, empathy and consideration for others is the only way for a long time.

only when we tolerate and understand each other, accept the imperfections of TA and tolerate the capriciousness of TA, can we be happy all the time.

at any time, the so-called Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling) is just one who understands, one who is generous, one who does not complain and one who does not blame.


what's the most poignant thing about a marriage that he didn't give you back for what he did to you?

A man said, "I always like to take care of each other, but he forgets that I need to be taken care of, too."

in marriage, I am most afraid that the other person will become taken for granted.

you wash clothes and cook all day, and he thinks that's what you should do;

you work hard to take care of your children, and he thinks it's the same for every mother;

you can't stop before and after you're busy. but he plays games leisurely.

Tu Lei said: "if a man is ungrateful and never grateful, he will not be truly happy and beautiful."

I remember watching the movie "Love call transfer", one of which was full of emotion.

when he got home one day, the man Xu Lang sat opposite his wife and suddenly said, "Let's get a divorce."

the wife was stunned for a moment and asked in surprise: "divorce?" Then give me a reason! "

so Xu Lang expressed all his dissatisfaction with his wife in one breath:

all he knows is to be noodles soybean paste every day, the toothpaste must be squeezed a little bit, and even the position of the cup makes him angry.

it was because he was so used to all this that Xu Lang ignored his wife's kindness.

he does not see his wife's contribution, nor his wife's kindness, let alone his wife's love for him.

turned a blind eye and became the biggest killer of their relationship.

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in the world of husband and wife, once there is less gratitude, the relationship will fade.

as Caigen Tan said, "the favor should be light and strong, first strong and then weak, people forget its benefits."

Marriage has never been fought alone, let alone to enjoy its success.

only by being considerate of each other and affirming each other's efforts with gratitude can life get better and better.

so, live up to your partner's efforts, a little more feedback, a little more respect, and more heart to heart.

after all, there is no such thing as giving for no reason. All giving comes from caring for love.


to your suspicion, he didn't give you sense of security

if you ask a woman what she wants most in a marriage.

the answer may not be love, but sense of security.

then what is what women call sense of security?

I think it's just that men are measured outside and don't give women a chance to be suspicious.