In a word, so that you do not struggle all your life!

In a word, so that you do not struggle all your life!

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

in this life,

there will always be ups and downs,


there will always be ups and downs.

if you think too much, you will add to your troubles.

if you think too much, you will suffer deeply.

in fact, in life,

most of the troubles come from

wishful thinking and self-distraction.

I am not reconciled to what I cannot get, and I do not want to forget the feelings I have lost.

be bitter about the past,

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be nervous about the future.

it is precisely because the state of mind is not normal that

makes life impermanent everywhere.

when something goes wrong,

instead of wasting time in hesitation and entanglement,

it's better to calm down, seize the opportunity, and

do the thing at hand.

when your life is confused,

instead of worrying in wishful thinking,

it is better to have peace of mind, live the present, and

live the life at hand.

in this life,

move forward boldly, retreat

bravely do things, and don't be afraid of anything.

if you are tired, change your way of living.

if you are wrong, change your direction.

know how to turn, life will be desperate,

appropriate adaptation, life will be broad.

troubles are all thought out,

happiness are all boiled out, and

life is all out of it.

Why is it difficult to be happy?

as long as you don't rest assured that you are sad,

as long as you don't always worry about the future,

your life will be relaxed and

your life will be happy.

be a person,

who has not had troubles and sorrows,

what is important is never the result,

but to learn the truth in the process,

but to figure out something during the experience.

when you think about things,

put aside your worries,

can you dispel the haze in your mind, and

see the warm sunshine.

Life is short and things change.

Don't be tired and disappointed in a limited life.

those who know how to turn will be happy.

those who learn to be bearish are the easiest.

No matter what happens,

No matter what age you are,

remember one sentence:

look down on everything and live well in the present.

you can stop worrying and worry less.

make your life go better and better.