In a lifetime, two things (profound)

In a lifetime, two things (profound)

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A person's life is like a long spiritual practice.

along the way, with all kinds of ups and downs, difficulties and obstacles, everyone has innumerable bitterness and untold suffering, and it is not easy for anyone to walk.

although the world is changing and everyone's sufferings are different, in the final analysis:

people live, nothing more than two things, being a person and doing things.

only by doing people and things well can we walk smoothly and steadily on the road of life.


be a man

Wang Xiaobo said: "if one lives in this world, the first thing is to be a good man."

there are two strokes of the word "human". It is easy to write, but not easy to do well.

many people still do nothing all their lives because they don't understand how to be a human being.

if no one can do a good job, no matter how smart and powerful he is, it will be fleeting and fleeting.

what is being human? Do things first to be a man, to be a man first to establish virtue.

there is an old saying: "the lady will insult herself, and then others will insult her."

people with bad morality will fail sooner or later, even if they gain a moment of prosperity.

Don't ruin your character for the sake of petty gain;

Don't hurt people's hearts for the sake of material wealth.

when you are alive, you don't have to be rich and famous, but you must live a clean and open life.

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be upright and upright.

No matter whether you have money or not, you will never cross the bottom line of being a man, go to deceive and cheat, and betray your friends.

be sincere.

A hypocritical person, it is difficult to win the sincerity of others, only sincerity can be exchanged for long-term truth.

be grateful.

the goodness of others, remember that we should cherish the efforts of others and repay them with gratitude, so as not to chill the hearts of others.

the world is changeable. Whenever you behave and do things, you must have good conduct and be worthy of your heart.

only in this way can we gain trust and sincerity, accumulate blessings for ourselves, and broaden the road ahead.


do things

if you want to live a good life, you must learn to do things.

how do I do things?

conscience is always the bottom line for people.

as Mencius said, "admiration is worthy of heaven, and does not bow to the earth."

only when you act according to your conscience can you be worthy of heaven and earth and feel at ease.

sometimes, don't think you've done something bad, you can cover it up, no one knows.

Don't forget that people are doing it and heaven is watching.

do things against your conscience, even if others don't notice it for the time being, you will be afraid of it all day long.

for a long time, when you are exposed one day, you are bound to be spurned and despised.

whenever and wherever you do things, you must live up to your conscience and the trust of others.

what you do in your life, you will bear fruit.

if you do good deeds, you will reap good rewards; if you do evil deeds, you will reap bad rewards.

those who do things with bad intentions will suffer the consequences sooner or later;

if they try to play a careful game, they will eventually harm others and harm themselves.

success by means, even if it is famous, will only keep people at a distance.

do things with less calculation, more honesty and a clear conscience in order to win the hearts of the people and be respected.

live at ease, live at ease.

remember that there is a good saying: "if you don't know how to behave and do things, you will eventually become a loser."

Yes, there are only two things in life. They can be human and know how to do things.

to be a man, you should be clean, do things, and do things in a down-to-earth manner in order to be correct and steady.

A person, no matter how much money, can not do these two points well, it will be difficult to gain a foothold after all.

A person, no matter how clever, always plays tricks everywhere, sooner or later the loss outweighs the gain.

in dealing with people and things, we do not seek to reach the people to save the world, but to be upright, down-to-earth, and at peace of mind for a lifetime.

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