I'm not like you.

I'm not like you.


"what hurts you the most"

when I want to cook for others

he says, do you do it? Can I eat it?

Let's eat out.

when I was in the first year of junior high school

after winning the award

I photographed the certificate and sent it to my family. They asked:

"how much did you buy it?"

I can't do a project with my ex-girlfriend during the summer vacation.

the last sentence you said to me before breaking up with your ex-girlfriend was

that you were a poor student, messing around every day

"aren't you working so hard as I am?"

hiding in bed and writing a novel in high school

only to be found by my roommate

come and see, he is actually writing a novel

trying to exercise, but I am asked

"do you want to lose weight?"

once I was working on a plan in the dormitory

I wasn't ready when I was off the Internet at 11:30

so I complained:

"my heart is so tired"

my roommate suddenly replied to me coldly:

what's the point of you working so hard early all day?

what's the point of doing something with enthusiasm?

how can you like this kind of thing? I asked a question backstage yesterday

The main idea is: "when you are doing something you like, how do others beat you with one sentence?" Before posting, I didn't think this question would resonate with so many people, because there were nearly 200 responses in one night.

there are many stories in the 200 responses, but all of them are slightly depressed.

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some people say that the person who answers this question is too "glass-hearted". If he is hit by one sentence, it can be seen how low the ability to resist pressure is. But I don't think so, because being hit doesn't mean all of them give up what they're doing, maybe it's just a little sad. A friend told me backstage this morning that he got up every morning to study English, but his roommate, who had not even passed CET-4, said at dinner, "what's the use of learning English if you don't go abroad?" He knew that English was useful, but he didn't know how to answer his roommate, because he couldn't prove it yet, so he had to digest the bitterness alone.

sometimes the people around you open their mouths and draw out the sword, and then slowly enter the scabbard with your blood.

some of them may not be intentional, but when you say that, when you hear it, it becomes "the speaker doesn't want to listen." I have seen an advertisement called "have something to say", which tells us that we do not inadvertently use verbal violence against our families in our daily life.

but in fact, there are some people in our lives who use their common sense to measure what you do, thinking that as long as you add "I am for your own good", they can crush what you want to do with a few words and step on it under their feet. They are not disdainful of you, just afraid that your existence proves their laziness. Frankly speaking, I really have this mentality, but I didn't show it.

so maybe now you are hiding on the other side of your phone to tell me how bad he is, and then continue to play what they think of as "you" in life.

but I think more of you are gnashing your teeth now and are still indomitable after the blow. Maybe to others we are the Don Quixote who hit the windmill, Tyler Durden who punched himself in fight Club, but it doesn't matter, because it's time for you to accept another reality:

you are not like them.

I am not like you.

but it's different. why?

I squeeze my part-time job into all kinds of time slot every day like a dog, so what's wrong with my poor student? I use my hard-earned money to buy books and CD and watch live go on a trip. What's wrong with my affectionate art dog? I like to go to the cinema alone to sit in the last row to watch movies, like to scream in my heart, do not like to bury my head in the popcorn to sleep, I just go alone and pretend to be deep. why? I just like to try my best to be good to the person I like 365 days a year, even if I am not good-looking, each other is not good-looking, we are "in the eye of each other", "beauty is in the eye of the beholder", "ugly is destined to be together", so what? I may not be able to afford a SLR in a short time, or I may not be able to go abroad all my life, but I just like to shoot everything with my mobile phone. I don't go abroad. I like to learn English, Korean, Japanese, French, German, even Cambodian. Why?

unlike you, I am different in that I never comment on others in areas where I feel powerless, because I know that every sentence that seems "as light as a feather" is actually "as heavy as Mount Tai".