I'm afraid this place will become a cultural desert.

I'm afraid this place will become a cultural desert.

What about you? are you afraid that Dongguan will become a cultural desert?

I'm afraid that when I'm 60

I'm not interested in books and music anymore

I'm afraid that when I'm 40, there's only

tuition  and my child's pocket money  

I'm afraid that when I'm 30, I

look at the tall building opposite  and have no desire to climb.

I'm afraid of  when I'm 25. P>

spend two hours every day meaningless look out of the window

I'm afraid I'll lose my spiritual pursuit

I'm afraid I'll become a "boring" person

60-year-old you. Do you feel like you have stumbled and can't keep up with the pace of this era? Do you ask yourself, does this really belong to me, home?

when you are 40 years old, you are halfway through your life. In the face of elderly parents and rebellious children, you are tired of seeing your partner. Do you ask yourself: is this the result of so many years of hard work? Has passion become your luxury? Curiosity is synonymous with childishness?

when you are 30 years old, are you still entangled between comfort and adventure? When the price of your dream is so realistic, are you shy away from the unknown? And then often see the winners around, and severely blame their own cowardice?

when you are 25 years old, are you afraid that if you take one wrong step, you will be doomed forever? Do you know a lot of ways to become more powerful, but are stuck with the so-called procrastination and can't move forward? Do you don't like life, and you think life doesn't like you?

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did you not like this city once? Because talking about it outside, others will always respond with ambiguous eyes and unclear smiles.

but I know that every time you talk about the word Dongguan, you always feel a sense of belonging, and every time you argue with others about "not understanding" about it, you will avoid blushing meaningless quarrels, because you know, only those who know it are qualified to give it an objective judgment, and they just haven't contacted Dongguan yet.

have you ever tried to feel the gifts of this city with all your heart?

do you know that it is this history that keeps you from having to wear a military uniform today?

have you ever tried to spend your time asking questions reading?

do you know that what you protect is a city, but what you stick to is the humanities?

do you know that the so-called trend

you worship is also derived from these cultures that have been hidden for many years?

close your eyes

where is Dongguan not Cultural Desert ?

when we spend all our time asking questions

, we are not afraid that Dongguan will become a cultural desert


is coming again

remember the activity

TEDxxichenglou annual meeting "see" last December?


We have planned

, and at the beginning of 2016

we will bring more different things to Dongguan  

We are not bulls and do not have an extraordinary education

We just hold a belief that we have adhered to

as long as you love the city enough. So

everyone can participate in the change of the city


January 3, we will hold the second annual TEDxXichenglou conference in Taiku Cultural and Creative Park, and the theme of this conference is" against the current ". Today we don't want to elaborate too much on how interesting this conference will be. We just want to tell you that

We can all really participate in the change of this city.

they are already supporting TEDxXichenglou

what about you? Would you like to change the city with us