I'll only borrow one ride for your whole life.

I'll only borrow one ride for your whole life.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

when we are alive, we will meet a lot of people, but not all of them can accompany us to the end.

as the saying goes:

at every stage, we will meet and separate, and then go to our own lives.

but in any case, everyone we meet in life is meaningful, and it is these experiences that enrich our lives.

anyway, I'm glad you could come, and I'm not sorry you left.

I'll just borrow one ride for the rest of your life.


every encounter has meaning

Dong Qing once said:

every encounter in life is meaningful.

good encounters make you happy; bad ones make you grow.

the movie the True Story of Forrest Gump tells the story of Forrest Gump's unfortunate and lucky life.

Forrest Gump is a boy with an IQ of only 75.

in his life, he met three people, Jenny, Blackie and Lieutenant.

they not only changed Forrest Gump, but also taught him a lot and made him understand a lot of things.

Jenny is the only girl in the class who doesn't laugh at Forrest Gump.

other students tease and bully Forrest Gump, while Jenny protects him, comforts him, and plays with him.

this makes Forrest Gump understand: no matter how bad the world is, there will always be people who love you.

Xiao Hei, a comrade-in-arms of Forrest Gump after he joined the army, took good care of him at ordinary times, so that Forrest Gump really realized the value of friendship.

Lieutenant is the leader of Forrest Gump. After being demobilized, Forrest Gump went shrimp fishing with the lieutenant who lost his legs.

although the lieutenant kept complaining about his unfair fate, he finally reconciled with himself.

this makes Forrest Gump understand that if you want to live a good life, you must make peace with the depressed life.

the most impressive thing about this movie is that Forrest Gump has been running. He met a lot of people along the way, all of which brought him different experiences.

in fact, our lives are the same.

in life, we will meet a lot of people.

they will teach us something and give us a different experience.

all encounters are beautiful and meaningful.

they will teach you something, whether it is good or bad, it is a part of your life.


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the fate is scattered.

the Buddha said: "everyone has a plan for what he sees and encounters, and everything is fate."

fate dies, fate gathers and falls apart, and everything is providence.

when fate meets, it means meeting; when fate is dispersed, it means parting.

fate has come to an end, then stop nostalgia, bid farewell to the past, and greet a new self.

A Journey to the West records such a plot:

the monkey went to Fangcun Mountain in Lingtai to worship the Bodhi ancestor as a teacher to learn art.

the Bodhi ancestor named the monkey Sun WuKong and taught him the somersault cloud and the 72 change.

Sun WuKong was so stubborn that Bodhi knew he couldn't tame him and foresaw Sun WuKong's catastrophe.

he told Sun WuKong that their fate had come to an end and let him go down the mountain and go home.

even if Sun WuKong is reluctant to give up, she still can't stop the parting.

later, Sun WuKong met the Tang monk and worshiped the Tang monk as his teacher.

Master and apprentice traveled all the way to the west and finally achieved positive results.

this train of life, not only get on the train, but also get off.

some people will leave after a ride with you.

there is a saying: "predestined and cherish, do not stay without fate."

even if you are reluctant to give up in your heart, there is no need to force it. It is enough to have good memories of each other.

when you go around in life, you will always have something to gain and something to lose.

when you go through half your life, you will find that meeting is an accident in life, and parting is the normal state of life.

I hope we can all have a good mindset and face every difference calmly.


Thanksgiving to meet

each of us comes to this world alone.

on the road of life, even if you meet a beloved, you may not be able to stay with you forever.

because everyone has their own life, they can only be accompanied by one journey.

Milan Kundera said:

some people are destined to leave you.

it is not necessary to force a lukewarm heart to stay; for those who can't stay, it is better to let go.

the edge is scattered, everything has a fixed number.

in the face of Hu Lancheng's betrayal, Zhang ailing let go freely and easily before she made her life better.

those who leave you, say goodbye; those who accompany you, cherish them.

as Liang Shiqiu said:

"you go, I won't send you, you come, no matter how windy or rainy it is, I will pick you up."

every time we meet, it will bring different surprises to life.

there are very few people who can stay with you.

therefore, we should cherish the people in front of us and live up to what they have done to us.

when I meet you, I don't ask for a permanent position.

I just hope that I can leave all the good things in the process of getting along.

your life, I only borrow one ride, after this journey, may become strange.

I will be your past, and you will be my memory.

but also be grateful for this meeting, so that we can live up to our debts in this lifetime.

A person's life is either meeting or parting.

meeting each other is a pleasant surprise; parting is reluctant to part.

noneIn any case, we should face them with a calm state of mind.

Lin Xizeng lamented:

acquaintance and acquaintance is beautiful, but not obsession.

I'll borrow a ride for the rest of your life. If you like, this trip will be the rest of your life.