If you win more than 5, it means that you have a high EQ.

If you win more than 5, it means that you have a high EQ.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Daniel Gorman, the father of EQ, said:

people with high EQ are like a Wang Qingquan, nourishing each other's hearts;  people with high EQ are like a breeze, caressing each other's cheeks;  people with high EQ are like a ray of sunshine, illuminating each other's hearts.

people with high EQ always make people feel like a spring breeze and have an inexplicable sense of intimacy.

the following characteristics, if you win more than 5, it means that you are a person with high EQ.

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keep a good mood at all times

people often say:

there are always trivial things in life that affect our mood.

since we can't avoid the external environment, let's keep a positive mood all the time.

Life is like a magnifying glass. The more smiles you smile, the more joy life will give you; the more good mood you have, the more joys life will give you.

people with high EQ understand that only by keeping a good mood and not being influenced by the outside world, their lives will always be full of light, and the scenery where they can see will be more charming.

keeping a good mood at all times is the only rule for people with high EQ to live a good life.


be good at tolerating others

it is not difficult to find that people with high EQ usually have a heart that accepts all rivers.

when faced with difficulties, they can always ignore with a calm smile;

when faced with disputes, they can always communicate and solve problems in a gentle voice;

when faced with entanglement, they can always take a step back and take harmony as their priority.


over time, for people with high EQ, the bad things around them are just a speck of dust in the sea, never mind;

and the beauty around them, excellent people will cast admiring eyes because of their high EQ, and everywhere they go are flowers and applause.


keep the good habit of listening

I have heard the saying: "listening is the best way for us to caress others."

listening is also a way for us to express our kindness.

if you look closely, you will find that people with high EQ are popular in their own circle of life because they can achieve something in their field of work.

it's not because they are funny and humorous, but because they always listen to each other quietly and make them feel valued and needed.


not complaining and blaming others at will

nothing in life is solved by complaining and blaming. Moreover, if a man is not a sage, who can make mistakes?

when we are in a different situation from others, it is difficult to understand what they are doing.

when you encounter something, try to change your mind and think from each other's point of view. The fog of the moment may be bright and transparent the next.

people with high EQ know that when things happen, if they understand each other more, they complain less; if they are more considerate, they blame less.


have a sense of responsibility

since we were born in this world, we must assume our corresponding responsibilities:  as parents, we must assume the responsibility of raising children;

as children, we should assume the responsibility of filial piety to parents;

as husbands, we should assume the responsibility of taking care of the family;

as teachers, we should assume the responsibility of teaching and educating people.


Liang Qichao said: "you must know the hardships of being responsible in life before you know the joys of doing your duty."

people with high EQ have a sense of responsibility, because only when we bravely assume our responsibilities will we be respected and admired by others.


know how to refuse at the right time

there is a saying circulating on the Internet:

refusing is not blindly shutting others out, but is able to distinguish between what can be done and what cannot.

people who really have high EQ know that only by refusing at the right time can they have a free and untangled state of mind and better live a gorgeous self.


there is always a group of people in life who keep on saying that others are old when they know that they care about their age;

know that they are short of money and always laugh at each other for being too frugal;

knowing that they are unhappy at the moment, they still want to provoke each other.

to put it bluntly, such people have low EQ and have no vision.

as the old saying goes: look in all directions and listen in all directions.

people with high EQ can quickly step down when others are embarrassed and make people laugh when they are aggrieved.

if you take care of each other's mood and face, the other person will naturally be grateful and remember you for everything.


know how to let go

what can be held tightly in the hand all the time?

just like the fine weather today, it may rain cats and dogs tomorrow, and the good mood of today may be extremely lost tomorrow.

it is written in Shi Shuo Xinyu: therefore, there is no doubt.

people with high EQ understand that only when they let go now can they go all out towards tomorrow and better meet every moment of the future.


praise others

praise is actually very simple. Just a simple word can inadvertently change the mentality of others and bring joy and emotion to others.

the power of praise is infinite. When we are praised, there will always be a surge of joy and joy in our hearts.

while praising others, you also make yourself a person with love and light in your heart, which is the way for people with high EQ to deal with the world.


be good at communication

Communication is the bridge of the soul, dredge obstacles and clear up misunderstandings;

Communication is the cure, conflict resolution and wound healing.

only by knowing how to communicate can you enter into other people's inner world, and only by being good at communicating can you narrow the distance between them.

people with high EQ are good at communicating and communicating, and are able to get along with others, politely and honestly.

people with high EQ, no matter where they are, can maintain friendly relations with each other and make their lives more comfortable.

female writer Li Xiaoyi said in her book what is EQ:

IQ is determined by heaven, and EQ is cultivated by oneself.

with high EQ, you will have more courage to face the ups and downs and difficulties in life;

with high EQ, you can slowly find that every day in life is full of laughter and laughter.

High EQ is like a ray of light in our lives, which brings us infinite warmth and brightness, and fills our lives with infinite possibilities and hopes.