If you don't want to go to strawberries alone.

If you don't want to go to strawberries alone.

Why don't you come with us?

@ Zhang Jingshi

after a tweet last week, the eel whale and I have been thinking about this these days, how to set up the content of the activity so that we can participate together and improve the sense of participation of those students who come alone. And it's more interesting. To tell you the truth, we have been distressed about this for a long time.

then look at the weather forecast in recent days, which shows that the minimum temperature of 28.29 is only 9 degrees. We broke our original vision right now. This is really a very whimsical thing, from the simple love at the beginning, to gathering everyone to play together, and then to being contacted by the organizers, we really did not expect such a result.

I will be "crazy" with you in less than two weeks. I don't know if I will be in the cold and will lose my fans as soon as I see me.

. But it doesn't matter, with the lowest expectations, prepare for the worst, we wait for you to come.


if you are at the scene of the 28.29 Strawberry Music Festival, you will really put on

"Black or White clothes + Red Accessories"

before you scan into this group. Please think clearly

our purpose is to let you at the music festival see this sign and know that the other person is also a disorganized fan, if you want to know him /her. Being so disorganized is a good excuse.

if you really "get things done" because of this, please tell me, maybe it will be a good love story.

Note: red ornaments can be red watches, bracelets, bracelets, shoes, hats, or all kinds of accessories, as long as they are red. Then the upper body clothes (one or more) must be white or black as the main color.

Are you overwhelmed with the number of flower girl outfits for wedding when shopping online? Our huge collections of are better than the rest.

and also need to accomplish a small task

write the words you most want to say on the back of your hand with a red pen

hold high the love and peace gesture. The background is the star on the stage

love&peace on the left

@ Tsai Fanshuo

, send it to the clutter.

We will choose the best joker, and then we will send out the CD.

whose CD, forget about it.

finally, we really have to get the tickets.

if any of you want to buy with us,

add eel whale Wechat, and the deadline is set at 0 o'clock on the 20th.

@ eel whale

A long time ago, I advanced this month's original cost of living and bought a two-day pass for the music festival. It was a bit annoying to talk about accommodation these two days, and the editor-in-chief asked me, "how did you think about buying a ticket so early?" I said, "I don't know!" I always buy it first. "

thinking of 13 years, my favorite singer held a concert in the Red Pavilion at that time, and the performance began in July. There was a grapevine in February. I was excited for a whole hour without any guarantee or plan. I went to an unknown store on Taobao and booked tickets. In fact, I didn't know anything at that time. I didn't know if I had the funds to go there. I didn't know what would happen from February to July. I didn't know what would happen if a person ran so far from his hometown to another city. I didn't know what would happen if he was absent for a week during the make-up class in the third year of high school. I went, but subconsciously I felt that if I missed his live, I might never have this chance again. Although Zhang Zhiming said, "some things don't need to be done in one night," I dare not bet. I always feel that life is impossible.

that year, I went to the Red Pavilion alone and watched everyone take a picture while waiting in line at the door. I also wanted to take a picture, but I felt embarrassed no matter how much I took it. Sit down in the 23rd row of the yellow entrance on four sides. The Red Pavilion is the holy place where I grew up. I'm a little excited, but I don't know who to tell. I noticed that the girl next door also came alone. I guess she came from Guangzhou. Because when the singer on the stage talked about Guangzhou, I sensed that she was hesitant to speak, maybe because she was alone. When the prelude to a song began, I guessed that it was her favorite and most anticipated song. I sensed that she wanted to shout and scream, but as soon as she opened her mouth, the volume slowly dropped to the lowest level, perhaps because she was alone; another song sang slowly to the emotional place. I guess it hit her heart and sensed that she was secretly wiping away tears and not crying bitterly, maybe because she was alone. Why am I so clear, because I am alone, ah, when she wants to scream, I also think, when she wants to cry bitterly, I also think, it's just that a person's carnival is really a little awkward, although I can go to a lot of places alone, but there are always moments I really want to share with others.

I have been hesitant to talk to that Guangzhou girl, wanting to know which story she thought of when she was happy, which story she thought of when she was sad, and what kind of story it was when she came to the concert alone. But the whole show was over, and I didn't open my mouth until I watched her leave.

I feel so deeply because on the other side of me, there is a couple sitting in front of me. There are five people in a line in front of me. They have endless common topics, and they have the same touching and exciting points. I also thought at that moment that I was a loner. What if I'm not the only one here?

they asked me why you are so enthusiastic about forming a team to go to strawberries, and your major is so busy with so much work every day. In fact, it's really troublesome. The WeChat group exploded after the tweet, because Wechat also exploded when we wanted to organize unified ticket purchase. We found a group of enthusiastic volunteers, and we had to explain the same thing many times. We have to have a meeting and think hard about how to get everyone together, how to make everyone happy, and how the whole activity gives people a sense of belonging. How to make everyone feel different when they are busy because they are doing it with us. You're gonna call me sentimental again, right? Actually, I do.Said, I am not so great, but I do not want to let myself at the same time, do not want to leave you alone.

that day, when I was beating the side stove and putting a box of fat cattle into the pot, I received a message. A girl came to me to ask me about forming a team. She later learned that she had come a long way to see the music festival, alone. But because there are too many of us, there is no way to charter buses in every place, and everyone arranges accommodation. We can only provide a platform for people from various areas to organize and play together voluntarily, but people in remote areas may not be able to find a companion. At that time, they put down the bowl and called the editor about this problem. When they came back, the hot pot got cold. Why are you so excited about asking yourself about other people? No, maybe I just think of myself in high school. You love it very much, but whether to do it or not will be a problem. I want to try my best to help you, just like I wish someone could help me.

Last week, the organizer Nanfang 289 contacted me through the article "classmate I'd like to ask you to see strawberries" and said that he would like to be the media support unit of the Southern Strawberry Music Festival. He also invited us to interview the artists performing that day, pinching himself hard, not dreaming. The starting point of doing a lot of things is purely a hobby. I don't know if it is because I don't have a strong purpose, but I can accidentally gain something special.