If you don't go through one thing, you don't know a person.

If you don't go through one thing, you don't know a person.

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there is a classic saying on the Internet:

when you are hungry, some people will give you half of the steamed bread. This is friendship;

some people will give you the steamed bread first, this is love;

some people will give you all the steamed bread, this is kinship;

some people will hide the steamed bread and tell you that he is hungry, too. This is society.

I think so.

as the saying goes: in a boundless life, true feelings are precious; Piaoping passers-by are really rare.

in this hurried and real world, there are many people who share blessings, few people who share difficulties, many people who are unkind, and few people who can cherish company all the way.

without going through one thing, you don't know anyone.

there are so many things in this world that you don't know whether they are warm or cold until you have experienced them. Too many people only know whether they are true or not until they have experienced hardships.


time knows people.

in our lifetime, we will meet all kinds of people.

when some people first come into contact, sweet words seem to be sincere, but after being together for a long time, they find that this is only rhetoric and hypocrisy.

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some people are not false, clumsy, but when time turns, they always walk with you, know what you need, give you what you want, even if not around, the heart is not separated.

as the saying goes:

only when something happens, will you know who is worried about you and who is turning around to you. Only when you are in trouble will you understand who is helping you in the snow and who is turning a blind eye to you.

some people, just passing through cameos, will not act passionately; some people will only gossip and will not solve problems.

time knows people, but adversity knows them.

only through the test of time can you recognize the true face of a person; only through difficult difficulties can you understand the authenticity of a heart.

like the sentence: "time doesn't lie, it tells the truth."

so, believe in time, it will eventually tell you: who is the false face, who is the true companion, will leave is the scenery, can stay, is the most true and best.


heart to heart, warm with affection

Mencius once said:

the communication between people should pay attention to heart to heart, warm affection with affection, throw it with peach, and return it with Qiongyao.

it is said that feelings are a balance. If you are kind to others, others will regard you as a confidant; if you are hypocritical, others will silently stay away.

all relationships in the world are mutual, some people are passers-by, some people are bosom friends, the difference lies in whether they exchange their hearts with their hearts and warm their feelings with their feelings.

therefore, only those who are sincere can walk into their hearts; those who are hypocritical are always far away from them.

people, not afraid of going the wrong way, are afraid of staggered people; heart, not afraid of too serious, afraid of knocking on the wrong door; affection, not afraid of too hard, afraid of using the wrong person.

the feelings of two people, only when they sincerely treat each other, can they never give up; only by caring with their hearts can they be warm and dependent on each other.

when the wind rises, block the wind together; when the rain falls, cover the rain together.

so and so support each other, two people's hearts can be maintained, love can Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling).


A person

some friends are usually unknown, but they can become the most powerful pillar when you suffer.

as the saying goes, it is hard to draw bones when painting tiger skins, but it is hard to know people but hearts.

do not care about things, do not understand people, through the matter, distinguish the heart.

the person who is really nice to you is willing to give you a hand no matter what kind of predicament you are in. People who are benevolent and righteous, no matter how much you pay, it is in vain.

so when you run up against a wall and spare no effort to help you, don't forget; when you are in adversity, don't lose those who still don't give up.

if there are not many friends, the most important thing is to go through the wind and rain. No matter how long it takes, the most important thing is to respond to every request.

anyone can share your wealth with you, but only the one who shares your troubles and hardships is worth making a deep acquaintance with you all your life.

and those who avoid you when you are in trouble are just passers-by in your life.


the world is cold, don't be too kind, human feelings are cold and warm, you must distinguish between true and false.

on the way of life, it is important to choose the right person to accompany yourself.

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