If you also want to drive a Subscription account

If you also want to drive a Subscription account

You can read this article first.

yesterday, a teacher added my Wechat, and the first sentence was:

"Hello, I have been following chaos for a long time. I think you have done a good job, and now I want to make one myself, so I would like to ask you for advice. What should a new Subscription account pay attention to?"

at first I wanted to tell him that what I did was not good, and there was nothing to say, but on the other hand, although disorganized Subscription account was not very successful, there was still a little bit of "failure" experience. So if you can avoid all the mistakes I have experienced, then you may be a better Subscription account than disorganized.

❖ ❖ ❖  do your own original content

you can imitate, but never plagiarize.

there are so many Subscription account, if they are all the same, why should others pay attention to you? I have seen some friends' Subscription account before, and all the contents are cobbled back, either turning the hot topic on Weibo or reprinting Zhihu's high-ticket answers. As long as you can absorb powder, whether it's news or funny videos, you'll do anything.

but we are only 20 years old, is it really that important to rush to cash out the platform we have made? I have thought about this question before, whether I can write some soft articles for others, but I still give up this idea, because once others find out that I write soft articles, then how will others believe what I say? I think credibility is much more important than that little money.

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also, it's not impossible to be a marketing number, but can you grasp the degree in your heart? Earlier, a large account in Dongguan posted a tweet about the accidental death of students. In order to attract other people's attention, they even added several special death methods at the end of the article, including "scaring lun to death".

if this kind of article is shown to the relatives and friends of the parties concerned, how will they feel?

it's better to exercise your writing style well. Even if you can't write any attractive articles, you can at least exercise your logical thinking and expression skills. We are still young, so what's the rush? If you write well enough, others will find out.

❖ ❖ ❖

Subscription account must be "good-looking"

the word "good-looking" here refers not only to the text typesetting of the push, but also to the cover image, navigation map, transition map, and the QR code at the end of each push. If you want to make your Subscription account unique, then you need to design carefully and make your own style in all the places mentioned above.

the subtitle in my push will be bold with 16 characters, then 75% grayscale, and the text content will be 14 characters, black. You can also imitate some large typesetting according to your own characteristics, everyone starts from imitation, including me.

about typesetting tools

Xiumi, Subscription account and marketing numbers organized by many schools use it to typesetting, whether it is H5 or content, it can meet most of your needs, but I have never used it, because it is too fancy, but it makes people have visual fatigue, it will appear very low.

I typesetting is relatively simple compared to Xiumi, but it is the typesetting tool I often use. Its "indent on both sides" function is very simple, but special enough, and some of its "cards" and "small symbols" are also very practical.

❖ ❖ ❖

"recommend several websites"

if you want to add some images to your push to increase readability

please remember Be sure to put high-definition pictures

because if you put pictures

found from Baidu gallery

, we should choose this

(unsplash | https://unsplash.com/)

"A famous free HD picture website"

if you want to add some GIF

(Tumblr | www.tumblr). Com/explore/gifs)

"make good use of English You will find the beauty of the world

❖ ❖ ❖

Last words

Today I saw an article saying that the number of Subscription account is increasing at the rate of 1.5W per day, while the amount of reading has dropped by 20% and 30% compared with before. The author cites a lot of data to prove that "the official account of Wechat is in decline," and he wants to advise those who want to register on the official account not to be impulsive. In fact, a year ago, many people said that the Wechat fan dividend is gone, to "start from scratch" to make a large account is a very difficult thing.

but in fact, these are not questions that we should think about, because we have not yet reached the level of worrying about the decline of the official Wechat account.

what we need to think about now is what we can give to others if we are a Subscription account. Because I have seen too many Subscription account (including disorganized) pushing some "about myself" articles every day, and never thought that he could output any "useful" content.

but why should others pay attention to a Subscription account who is "useless" to himself?

so I hope everyone who wants to open Subscription account will think about what they are good at, what they can write, and what they want to get from Subscription account. So as not to rush in with a hot head, but the amount of reading keeps pouring cold water on yourself. I have seen many Subscription account who gave up halfway. At first, they were ambitious, but then they left silently, and afterwards they dared not mention that they had been a Subscription account.

and when you've figured it out, figure it out.Then don't stop thinking, go ahead and do something.