If there is no virtue, there will be disaster.

If there is no virtue, there will be disaster.

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there is a cloud in the Book of changes: "A gentleman carries things with virtue."


those who are virtuous can look up to the sky and bow to the ground;

those who are not virtuous will miss the whole life.


Virtue is the root of the world. If the root system is not correct, even if there is talent in the world, it will be nothing.



those who are virtuous have a later blessing


in A Dream of Red Mansions, the life of Grandma Liu's family is depressed, and the days are about to go on.

 for the sake of making a living for her family, Grandma Liu had no choice but to lose face and go to Rongguo House to play the autumn wind.  
  Granny Liu and the Jia family are not serious relatives and have not moved around for many years.  

at that time, the grandfather of grandma Liu's son-in-law, Wang Baner, once recognized his son and nephew in front of Mrs. Wang's father, so the two families intersected.


after she stumbled to Jia's mansion, Grandma Liu originally wanted to find Mrs. Wang, but Mrs. Wang was not interested in greeting her at all, so she pointed her to Sister Feng.

 after seeing Sister Feng, Granny Liu, who was dressed in rags, was restless and made a fool of herself.  

but instead of giving up, Sister Feng put aside her usual bitterness, smiled, and gave her 20 taels of silver.

this is not a small sum of money, enough for a banker to live on for a year.

it is this money that has solved the urgent needs of Grandma Liu's family.

after receiving the money, Granny Liu was beaming with joy.  

to Grandma Liu's surprise, Sister Feng gave her another hanging money and asked her to hire a car to go back.

the T-shirt and temperature contained in this drop of money made Granny Liu even more grateful.  
  Sister Feng, in a moment of kindness, gave Granny Liu a helping hand and saved blessings for her daughter.  

kindness flows through time. When the Jia family was defeated, Grandma Liu rescued Sister Feng's daughter Qiao Jie from the crisis and protected her all her life.

just as Sister Qiao's judgment said: "Lucky Niang, accumulate Yin Gong."  
 everything in the world is cause and effect;  

but don't worry about the future when you do good deeds.

  Life is a cycle. Those who love come back, those who go back are blessed.  

although sometimes good deeds are not immediately rewarded, they are not donated after all.

people who are kind, good luck and surprise are on their way.  


those without virtue must have disasters


if you say that the Qin Dynasty is the "number one villain", it is Li Si, the prime minister.

 throughout Li Si's life, Li Si is brilliant and intelligent.

Unfortunately, if virtue does not coordinate, there must be disasters.

  Li Si rose from the grass roots to become the confidant of King Yizheng of Qin, and the scenery was boundless for a moment.  
 A series of important decisions of the Qin Dynasty, such as abolishing the enfeoffment system and carrying out weights and measures, were all made by him.  
  according to Lisi's ability, he could have become a minister of governing the world, but he made a mistake and became a traitor full of evil.  

in order to strive for fame and wealth, Li Si did not hesitate to frame his brother Han Feizi and send him poison to commit suicide;


in order to protect himself, Li Si and Zhao Gao conspired to tamper with the imperial edicts of Yizheng and gave the dead son to help Su.

this bottomless approach can only suffer the consequences in the end.  

later, Li Si, who was over 70 years old, was pulled to the street of Xianyang to be halved. After his death, he wiped out the three tribes, and the end was extremely miserable.

 as the saying goes, "if virtue is not appropriate, its misfortune will be cool."

Li Si's character has long been doomed.  

coincidentally, at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Dong Zhuo became a powerful minister with one man above ten thousand people, but his conduct was really embarrassing and important.

 in the imperial court, he covered the sky with one hand and killed innocent people indiscriminately.  
 in the harem, he was profligate and obscene.  

 after Dong Zhuo's death, the people sang and danced and shouted long live.  

those who are popular win the world. Although Li Si and Dong Zhuo are in high positions, they do not have the corresponding virtue to match them, so they are doomed to failure.

positiveAs the old saying goes, "if you get rich profits without virtue and without deeds, there will be strange disasters."

A man has a hundred lines, and virtue comes first.


unscrupulous people act recklessly for a moment, thinking that they are omnipotent, but do not realize that all the gifts of fate are secretly priced.

when disaster comes, you can only regret it.  

born human, it is better to live a pure and beautiful life than to haggle over pennies.


A small victory depends on wisdom, and a big victory depends on virtue


Last year, two newcomers came to the department.

both of them graduated from prestigious universities, and their resumes are equally excellent.  

not long after entering the post, Xiao Chang mingled with everyone, revealing his alertness all over his body;


while Momoh was not so eye-catching and didn't seem to know how to do things.


strangely enough, after the probation period ended, Xiao Chang failed the examination. Instead, the wooden Momoh stayed behind.

colleagues have expressed their confusion about this.


when HR talked about this during the training later, everyone understood the whole story.

it turns out that Xiao Chang and Momoh were in charge of bidding for the event at that time.

one of the links is an on-the-spot investigation, which needs to be investigated by a shortlisted company.

because of the large number of companies that need to be examined, after a simple division of labor, each of them becomes busy.  
 the company that Momoh is going to go to is scattered all over the city. He runs the scene during the day and works overtime at night. He is very busy.  

while Xiao Chang is much smarter, he says hello to each other in advance and asks them to take some photos and videos, even if the task is completed.


it is said that Xiao Chang also secretly received coupons from a company.

 unexpectedly, the company failed to win the bid, and the other party blew it out in a fit of anger.  
  Xiao Chang got short-term benefits, but ruined his career.

small victories depend on wit, and great victories depend on virtue.


those who play clever tricks may win for a while, but in the long run, the losses will outweigh the gain.


those who keep their feet on the ground, with awe, will be blessed by heaven sooner or later.

Sima Guang said: "the talent is the capital of virtue, and the virtue is the handsome of talent."

A person's virtue is far more important than ability.


A wise man can only go far if he does not do anything in the dark.


on the contrary, if you grab the benefits by all means, you will pay a heavy price in the end.



stay away from those who are wise but not kind

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people without virtue are bound to suffer disaster;


people are blessed with virtue.


those who are virtuous will be welcomed wherever they go;


those who are not virtuous will betray their relatives over time.


A person's virtue is a person's feng shui, which determines how far a person can go.

 as written in the book  

virtue can make up for the lack of ability, but ability can not make up for the deficiency of virtue.

in life, you must stay away from those who are smart but not kind.  
  because you never know when they are sincere, when they are fake, and they are very tired to get along.  

and socialize with kind people, treat each other sincerely, and never worry about being set up.

 Life is short. May you and I keep our character, cultivate a pure and good heart, please ourselves, and light up others.