If the summer vacation is not planned, there is a big gap between the beginning of the school year!

If the summer vacation is not planned, there is a big gap between the beginning of the school year!

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I once saw a copy of high achiever's holiday schedule on the Internet.

he wrote on it: "there is no winter and summer vacation in life. It's not that success doesn't come fast enough, but that it's not hard enough on yourself."

Children's every wasted holiday is a slide to a mediocre life.

the summer vacation is coming. If you don't want your child to fall behind, you have to make a good plan.


generally speaking, the summer vacation is divided into three stages:

relaxation stage-- relaxing in a moderate and regular manner, allowing children to do what they like and adjust their physical and mental state.

implementation phase-strictly implement the summer vacation plan, ensure enough study and exercise, and pay attention to the combination of work and rest.

the pick-up stage-reduce entertainment, adjust your schedule, prepare in advance and prepare for the start of school.

to make summer vacation plans according to these three stages, parents should communicate with their children as follows:

what summer vacation tasks do you have? Such as finishing homework, participating in social practice and so on.

what are your summer vacation goals? For example, when to finish the homework, which skills to learn, and so on.

how do you plan to improve your grades? For example, go to cram school, specialize in weak subjects and so on.

what do you most want to do during the summer vacation? For example, to travel, to cultivate interest and expertise, and so on.

any plan, just talking about it verbally is meaningless. It must be written specifically and let the child carry out the plan directly.

Plan by time

Plan by type:

parents and children can plan summer vacation together and make summer vacation plans for their children, so that children will be more motivated to implement them.



parents can help their children solve problems like this:

1 specify the time and length of homework, let the child form a habit, but do not feel too heavy burden.

2 remind children to be ready before they finish their homework, including stationery, the order of homework, and the state of quiet input.

3 parents should not disturb or ask too much of their children and let them finish their homework on their own.

4 provide a quiet learning environment for children and set an example for children not to play with their mobile phones and love to learn.

do not procrastinate on your summer homework. To put it off until the beginning of school is to allow children to be lazy and undisciplined.

but parents cannot expect their children to be self-conscious, because children's "self-discipline" comes from their parents'"heteronomy".

parents can help their children improve their efficiency in this way:

Tomato clock method: let children take a 5-minute break every 20 minutes of study to ensure a good state of learning.

"write a course first": concentrate on writing the homework of a subject, which is also the process of checking and filling gaps.

"divide large assignments into small projects": first, do the simple ones, interspersed with complex ones, and carry out them alternately to reduce fatigue.


pupils in Haidian District of Beijing will keep on studying even if they are on holiday.

if you don't study in the summer vacation, you will cry at the beginning of school and keep on studying is the most valuable thing in the summer vacation.

We need to check for gaps and make up for gaps. Read the textbook, figure out the examples carefully, summarize the methods of solving the problems, and complete the supporting exercises.

sort out the wrong problem books, do the wrong questions again, and try to eliminate the weak points.

you should review the old and learn the new. Turn over the textbook several times, sort out the knowledge of last semester, and use some tools to make knowledge vein diagram to form a knowledge system.

preview the new lesson. Buy textbooks for the next semester, or look for electronic textbooks on the Internet, preview them in advance, and the learning effect will be better after the start of the school year.


it may not have much impact in primary school, but in middle school, children with low reading can not win the hard battle of composition in the college entrance examination.

Reading is the most cost-effective investment in education. Summer vacation is the golden age of reading.

after the holiday, take more children to the library and go to places where everyone consciously holds up their papers and reads.

when children feel the influence of reading atmosphere, they can't help but pick up books and read them carefully.

if the child just doesn't want to pick up the book, parents must understand:

there are no children who don't like to read, only parents who can't guide.

parents should let their children choose their own books, choose the books they like, and first cultivate their interest in reading.

in order to keep their children going, parents should first set a good example and often read with their children.

to cultivate children's interest and habit in reading is inseparable from the demonstration and help of parents, because the family is the first scene for children to carry out reading.


exercise to persevere

after the holiday, children lie in the air-conditioned room for a long time to play with their cell phones and eat snacks, no matter how good the body will become weak.

the body is the capital of revolution, and children also need the support of good health on the way to grow up.

Tang Jiangpeng, headmaster of Xishan High School in Jiangsu Province, once said:

as parents, we should not only urge our children to study hard, but also accompany them to exercise well.

starting from simple exercise, walking and running with children every day can not only get closer to the relationship between parents and children, but also cultivate children's interest in sports.

If allowed, you can take your child to play basketball, football, swimming, rock climbing, etc., to enhance the child's physical quality.

an all-round child cannot be raised in an air-conditioned room. If a child wants to thrive, he must have a strong body, a strong will and a strong spirit.

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and health is the foundation that all children must have.


Entertainment should be healthy

the era of national mobile phones, the more holidays, the more likely children are to indulge in mobile phones.

they do not study, do not do homework, do not work regularly, live an unhealthy life, and devote all their time and energy to their mobile phones.

however, indulging in mobile phones can do great harm to children, ranging from damage to eyesight, mental damage and even life-threatening.

Zhao Jinyun, a member of the Chinese people's political Consultative Conference, once said: "parents who browse their mobile phones all day cannot cultivate children who love reading."

because parents who hold mobile phones all day cannot give their children companionship and education, they will only watch their children fall into the abyss of the online world.

parents should be an important line of defense between children and Internet addiction.

if you don't give your child a cell phone, don't give it to your child. Instead of scolding the child for being addicted afterwards, it is better to put an end to the possibility at first.

even if you have to, do a good job of restraint and guidance, and teach children to use the "double-edged sword" of mobile phones correctly.

at present, some schools have implemented regulations that primary and secondary school students are not allowed to use mobile phones on campus and in classrooms.

at home, we can only rely on parents to supervise their children and set a good example for them.

it is not as useful as the power of an example to make children play less on their mobile phones and tell the truth a hundred times.



in life, children learn about the world and constantly increase their knowledge;

in practice, children get exercise and improve themselves.

Mr. Tao Xingzhi, a famous educationist, said: "Life is education."

Summer vacation is not the end of study, on the contrary, it is the extension of study life.

encourage children to do more housework. Labor is a kind of ability, children who often do housework learn more new skills, cultivate a sense of responsibility and responsibility, and form good living habits and self-care ability.

cultivate children's interests. Children with hobbies are happy because they are more capable of self-healing, more likely to find the good things in life, and better than others because of their strengths.

bring children close to nature. Whether learning to plant rice seedlings in the countryside or enjoying the scenery in scenic spots, it is a kind of learning for children, which is valuable knowledge that cannot be learned from books.

take the children on a trip. Children can learn more from travel and gain more, and if parents rest assured, they can also exercise their children's ability of overall planning and apply what they have learned to their lives.

one experiential education is worth a thousand sermons!

take children to experience life during the summer vacation, so that they can learn, think, understand and gain something more.

A summer vacation lasts only two months, which is not surprising for a child's life.

but the child has at least 12 summers in his life, 7350 days. If he has a good life every day, the child will certainly have greater achievements.

the way a child spends his summer vacation hides his future, and every holiday can't be wasted.